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Here is the first post: Goals This Week, and the update: Report Card. I think these goals are basic goals for losing and maintaining weight loss but I needed the reminder and the motivation. I am very goal-oriented. If given a task, I succeed. I need that focus. It helped knowing that I wrote down my intentions and would be reflecting on my efforts afterwards. I’ve been trying to be really good at tracking ALL of my calories–even the nibbles and the snacks. I’ve also been trying to limit the liquid calories (for example a few weekends ago I had 1 beer on Saturday night instead of 2 or 3).


I also went back to the birth control I was taking before I switched in November. I’d gained about 4 pounds from the new birth control (which fixed my acne but the weight gain sucked) and about 3 pounds from stress/holiday eating. So I was up about 7 pounds this winter. I wanted to lose that weight and get back down to 143/144 like I’ve historically been. Changing the pill was the right move–I saw the scale move almost immediately. That first month on the old pill I lost a pound.

I’m happy that I am finally seeing some movement on the scale! It’s slow going but at this rate, I should be BACK to my normal weight by the wedding.

I went to Vegas and didn’t eat great OR consistently. We were too busy to eat at normal times/meals and when we did eat it probably wasn’t the best food. I missed eating vegetables! After Vegas I was determined to get back on track and continue this forward motion. First step: getting back into the gym routine. I went to the gym and did some weight lifting and followed that with more training for the Couch To 5k.


It felt good to be back at it! As for the food, I immediately went back to eating what I normally eat at normal times! It felt so good to eat fruit and vegetables again! For example, dinner the other night was baked lemon-pepper and dill salmon, baked sweet potato and brussels sprouts and a green salad. It felt good to eat something healthy!

Robyn's Birthday

The sugar cravings were pretty much gone for awhile because I didn’t eat any dessert or sweet stuff in Vegas. Amazing what a few days off from that will do. I hope I can maintain that. Speaking of sugar, have you read this article? 12 Surprising Foods With More Sugar Than a Krispy Kreme Doughnut–while I shouldn’t be surprised at all,  there were a few things on that list that shocked me!

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  1. What are you tracking your weight with? WW has a good graph but I feel it doesn’t give you enough history to look at nicely like you have there.

    You’re so close to goal. Should be no time at all.

  2. Glad to see you tracking your weight and blogging about it. I also use MFP to track my weight and sometimes my food. It’s a key step in me detecting trends and reversing gains.

    Kudos for taking steps and identifying foods/behaviors that will keep you from your long term goals. My actions change over time. What I ate in my 30’s is different from my early 40’s and now i my late 40’s and menopuase- all I can say is that I have a lot of food/mind/body tools that I use.

    Keep up the great work and those good habits!
    Karen P recently posted..Memorial Day 2014 – in Weight Maintenance

  3. Oh, to see movement on the scale! Congrats to you.

    I hate tracking, but need to do it once in a while just to make sure I’m not too off-track.

    I HATE MFP – they use “motivational” sayings that just trigger me. But a whole of tracking is having a place with your whole database in it.

    Off to the gym!
    Deb Roby recently posted..Just Breathe

    1. I track almost every day (I take a break once in awhile) so I am used to tracking. By “motivational” do you mean the projected weight loss thing?I hate that too. It’s NEVER accurate. I mostly ignore it. I think there is a setting to turn it off, too.

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