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Back in February I posted T is for Truth where I admitted I have been struggling this winter. There were a lot of reasons (excuses) for the weight gain–I’ve been more sick this winter than any other (getting a cold/sinus infection three times!), I took a month off from weight lifting due to an injury, the typical holiday eating packed on some pounds, there was some stressful bullshit going on (those issues have since been resolved) and that led to some stress eating. I also changed my birth control–which cleared up my acne but caused some very unfortunately weight gain.

I was up to 149. 1 pound from goal weight. That buffer area is important to me. I like having some wiggle room between my current weight and my goal weight–it allows me to indulge once in awhile and not see the scales tip. I usually fluctuate between 144-146. That 149 was scary. I decided I needed to get my act together.

I wasn’t feeling good about myself and that was making me not feel good about everything else in my life. It sounds whiny, I know, but feeling uncomfortable in my skin colors how I see the rest of the world/go through my day. I wish I was stronger and didn’t let the self-esteem issues effect me in such a way. But when none of your clothes fit, it’s hard NOT to look in the mirror and feel disdain. Then Lori at Finding Radiance confessed that her self-esteem had taken a beating lately. It was nice to read that another maintainer was feeling similarly and it was comforting in a way.

I cleaned up my diet in a number of ways. I reduced or eliminated the liquid calories I was consuming. Having one glass of wine on a Friday and Saturday night is sufficient. Drinking during the week isn’t necessary and just packs on the pounds. I also took a look at my sugar habit. It was a little out of control this winter! I finally finished that tub of Nutella (it only took me 4 months) so that temptation is out of the house! I’ve stopped buying ice cream and other desserts. I do have dessert but I’m trying to make better choices and not eat it every night.

Last week I weighed myself for the monthly check-in. I was anxious. I’d been doing well with my food for weeks but my pants were STILL TOO TIGHT. Like skintight. I didn’t have high hopes. I was happily surprised! I’d lost a few pounds; weighing in at 147. I’ll take it. Progress is progress, even if it’s just a little bit.

I’m confused and frustrated that my pants don’t fit. I’m only 3-4 pounds higher than I was this time last year when my pants all fit. I find it hard to believe that 4 pounds could really make such a difference that my pants won’t button now. What is up with that??

set and reach goal concept

For awhile I will try to post once a week discussing my progress and making goals. I think I’ve gotten out of my funk and I’m ready to get serious.

This Week’s Goals

ACCURATELY track my calories each day–this means all the bites, nibbles, sips, snacks. It also means not lying to myself when I KNOW I ate more than one serving of something…

Drink at least 3 water bottles of water at work in addition to the water I drink at home and at the gym.

Strive to leave 200 calories left for each day in my “bank.” On days I work out I do eat more calories and I often justify the extra treats. Many days I have less than 100 calories leftover for the day. That’s not creating any kind of deficit. I think 200 calories is a good number to be left for the day.

I will check in next week!

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

12 thoughts on “Goals This Week”

  1. I like that you are making small, reachable goals for yourself. It’s a good way to get back on track. I wish you luck. It’s amazing how a few pounds can make such a big difference in how you feel.
    Mary Ellen Quigley recently posted..Confession

  2. %body fat makes a huge huge difference for me! It can make at least a clothing size in difference. If you’ve stopped weight workouts that might be the explanation (i.e., same weight but higher % body fat). 1 pound of fat just takes up more space than 1 pound of muscle.

  3. I, too, saw a number I haven’t seen in a while and it’s bothering me. I’ve cut out a few of the things that have crept into my diet and was happy to see a couple pounds less on last week’s weigh-in. It’s still 5 pounds over where I was last year at this time, and a current problem with my foot and hip make it difficult to run the pounds away. I admit I’m feeling pretty nervous about it, but I just need to track calories carefully, just like you said, and keep working out on my bike (yay Spring!) and the elliptical. It’s scary, though, because I see me putting it all back on overnight, though I know that’s ridiculous.

    Good luck with your goals, Lisa!

  4. Well, the pants fitting issue could be that you lost some weight, but it didn’t come from the lower half of your body. We don’t necessarily lose weight all over or even from the same place each time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to say “Okay body, please take the next 2 pounds off my butt” LOL!

    I just finished Yoni Freedhoff’s book and I think it really fits well with a maintainers life and gave me a bit of a kick in the pants as to what some of my struggles have been.
    Lori recently posted..Windy Riding!

  5. It’s funny what a difference a few pounds can make. I’m glad that the scale is moving in the right direction, and I’m sure you’ll be where you want to be very soon.

    I think gaining a bit of weight once in a while and re-learning how to deal with stressful situations is part of maintenance and normal. The key is not to let it go out of hand, which you didn’t. I also know that a small gain can have make quite a difference in how you feel about yourself and life in general. Whenever I gain some weight, I know something in my life is “off,” and it shows up as a small gain. It’s nothing like what it used to be years ago, but it’s still there and noticeable, probably more to me than to others. It’s a reminder to fix what’s going on, become more mindful again, and make me a priority.
    Andrea@WellnessNotes recently posted..Chili con Carne to Feed a Crowd and Some Easter Fun

    1. I like that you use it as a barometer for something being off in your life. I think you are right on there. Things were unsettled, not the normal routine and the scale reflected that.

  6. Glad you are making a plan and acting on it, Lisa. One thing I learned over the 40 years of yo-yo weight was to change things up. What worked in my late 20’s/early 30’s didn’t necessarily work in my late 30’s and by the time mid- 40’s hit- I had to try a different approach all together.

    I cruised Yoni Freedhoff’s book ( I love his blog and tweets!) at the book store. I agree with a lot of it.

    Good luck and keep going. I know the hormone response (insulin/glucose) really really helped me to lose weight once I got into being a fat burner rather than a fat storage sort of hormone system. I had no idea that I could actually be leaner in my late 40’s than in my mid-20’s. Keep finding what works. It takes a while. And it does change…

    Getting your nutrition dialed in is key if you may start a family soon ( or not) . Kudos.
    Karen P recently posted..Part 3 – Non-food emotional eating triggers- avoiding decisions, problems,and dreaded discussions

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