“This Is Why You’re Fat”

Saturday night I went to the Gypsy Lounge in NW Portland with Michael and Jeremy to watch the UFC show. I’m a fan of Anderson Silva and he was fighting.

Anderson Silva

I ordered a diet coke and skipped the beer. I just didn’t think my stomach could handle it. We ordered a bunch of appetizers for dinner and splitting them between the three of us meant there wasn’t a chance of over-eating. Now I love greasy bar food as much as the next person, but this place had nasty food!

First, Michael and I got some sushi: a Spicy Tuna Roll and a Philly.

I didn’t try any of the Spicy Tuna Roll. I thought the seaweed would be too chewy for me to eat still. Michael said it was pretty good. I stuck with the Philly Roll.

It was probably the worst Philly Roll I’ve ever tried. There was cilantro in it! Like a lot of it, too. I was so disgusted I only ate like 3 pieces and just gave up. Why would you ruin a good Philly Roll with cilantro? All I tasted was the cilantro and it was nasty. 🙁

Everything else we ordered was icky in my opinion. The first set of Sliders we got were okay. They were a tad overcooked and lacked flavor but they were alright. The second set of Sliders were undercooked and I had two bites and gave up.

The mozzarella sticks (the picture was too dark) were flavorless. The spicy chicken and bean quesadilla was pretty good. I was disappointed with the food. I had high hopes that we’d have some yummy, greasy bar food. Not so much. I guess it turned out to be a good thing because I ate 1 slider, 2 mozzarella sticks, 3 sushi rolls, and 1 quesadilla slice. I do not feel bad about my calories for the evening!

This morning Michael got up early and drove Jeremy to the airport. He’s flying home to Ireland until he returns again in October. I slept in and then went to the pool. It helped me get back into the groove of things. And sitting in the hot tub felt good after yesterday’s long run!

This is why you’re fat!

I happen to love that website. It’s pretty funny (and equal parts disgusting) to see some of the food showcased on the site. Well Michael and I went to Chevy’s for an improper lunch date on Sunday. I thought I was being healthy ordering a salad. I got the Tostada salad with carnitas and the salsa vinaigrette dressing. When the plate came to the table I almost fell over in shock!

Yes the salad is bigger than the plate! Oh my god! I just kept thinking “This is why you’re fat”! It’s just like the website!

I have to admit, it was pretty darn good. The Carnitas was pulled pork with a sweet sauce and the meat was deliciously prepared. It melted in my mouth (which was good because I still can’t eat really chewy foods). I ate half of the Carnitas, the salad, some of the beans and I will admit: I ate all of the sour cream and guacamole. Those are two things I cannot resist! I skipped the shell and saved the rest of it. Here’s the “After” shot:

Salad usually doesn’t keep very well. If it’s still okay tomorrow I’ll eat the rest of it for lunch. I left the taco shell at the restaurant–definitely don’t need that! I am still shaking my head at how humongous that salad was.

Tonight’s agenda: First Hood to Coast Meeting!

QUESTION: What is a bar food that you have a hard time resisting? Have you ever tried to make it yourself but make it healthier?

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

6 thoughts on ““This Is Why You’re Fat””

  1. OMG on that salad. And what really scares me is how many of those types of things I ate (finished) before starting a life of disciplined eating.

    I love quesadillas! And you really can make them healthier, yet still tasty, with some smart substitutions at home.

  2. Wow that salad is ridiculous! I love reading your posts about restaurants because I’m a portlander, too! One trick I have learned over the years is to order the dressing on the side — that way you can portion out what you’re going to eat and it will keep fine the next day 🙂

    I love to get hummus and pita (especially from the McMenamins pubs. I know it’s not good for you but man it’s so tasty and warm… mmm)

    1. Hey! Fellow Portlander! I was just telling my boyfriend last night that I should make another website just about Portland Restaurants and which ones have bad service. 😉 I like McMenamin’s a lot and yes, dressing on the side is a good trick. I usually never use all of the dressing when I do that.
      Thanks for checking out my blog. 🙂 -Lisa

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