Working Out With My Dad

This weekend Michael and I drove up to Seattle for my family Christmas party. I was born and raised in Seattle and escaped to Portland when I was 19. It’s only a 3 hour (or less if I drive hehehe) drive North.

It’s funny because whenever I make that drive to Seattle and make that one curve on I-5 where downtown comes into full view I get choked up and homesick. The Space Needle, Safeco Field, the old Kingdome…I definitely miss the city.

I’d made pumpkin bread for the party–which turned out to be a hit–and then we hit the road. Michael and I arrived Friday night. Saturday morning I got up early to go to the gym with my dad.

We’ve never worked out together before so this was a nice treat. My dad turned 60 this year.

Can you guess when this picture was taken? If you guessed 1981, you’d be right. 😉

Like most daughters, their Dad is their hero. My Dad really is a hero! He is a Vietnam Vet and a Marine. You can still tell today that he’s a Marine, too. He was a biker back in the day–hard to tell now–and still has his Harley’s. When my Dad was in the Marines he was apparently a runner too. He told me this weekend that he’d run “a quick 10 miles to warm up” during lunch. Um, what? Impressive!

When I was a teenager I remember my Dad was overweight, had high cholesterol and high blood-pressure. He also had a very stressful job that was a heart attack waiting to happen. His doctor told him to lose weight and get healthy asap. So he did.

I remember he lost a lot of weight and worked out at the gym 5 days a week. He turned his life around regarding his health. As a kid I never realized the positive impact it had.

He once told me never to compromise on workout time. He said having kids, a spouse, work, family obligations, house chores…everything in your life will conspire against your workout time but DON’T let it! Always try to make time to work out in some way because it makes a positive difference in your life. So true.

So Saturday morning we went to the gym. We warmed up for 10 minutes on the exercise bike.

Then Dad and I lifted weights together. I don’t normally workout with other people so it was interesting to say the least. I let my Dad kind of plan our weight lifting. He uses the REAL weight machines…not the girly ones I usually use. 😉

It was kinda cool to do a workout-swap. It was my dad’s day to do Chest and Back weights so that’s what we focused on.

He challenged my normal workout, which was good. We spent about 40 minutes focusing on chest and then back to keep balanced.

We started with light weights for me and with each set I increased the weight by 2.5-10 pounds.

So we took turns on the machines. I’d do my set, then Dad would do his and while I was waiting I’d hop on a nearby machine for arms or ab work. It was cool because my heart rate stayed up for the whole workout.

After our weight lifting we went to the treadmills. I did 2 miles on the treadmill. My dad was focusing on speed instead.

I had a great run! I as a bit nervous about how my body would hold up but I did well.

I had an excellent time with my Dad and got in a great workout. It was preemptive because I knew I’d be eating a lot at the Christmas party!

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:34

Calories Burned:  775

It was fun hanging with my Dad!

QUESTION: Tell me about your Dad. And have you ever done a workout swap with someone?

So Much to Be Thankful For

Wednesday at work was a bit of a sad one. We got word that two of our coworkers had passed away. The first one was a security guard that worked in my building and he had a heart attack in the morning. He was in his early 50’s. Then mid-afternoon we got word that another coworker had chest pains and went to the hospital BUT he was okay and back at work (thankfully). Then in the afternoon we got the sad news that a coworker from another department that had also had a heart attack passed away. He’d had a heart attack at the office, coworkers gave him CPR and he went to the hospital to no avail. He was 44. It was a very, very sad day. This all happened in one day, not even a month since the deaths of two other coworkers.

It was pretty sad. All I could think about was the coworker who was only 44 and how he had two teenage daughters. It hit me in a very personal way. It brought up memories of when I was 17 and lost my Grandfather unexpectedly. I was very close to him and it hurt like nothing else ever had. On Wednesday all I could think about were those two girls and how it was almost Thanksgiving. They would forever associate the holiday season with their father’s death.

It made me really stop and think about all the things I have in my life to be thankful for.

Michael is wonderful. I love him with all my heart. He’s goofy. He gets me. He can (sometimes creepily) read my mind. He supports my goals and he’s been my Knight in Shining Armor many times.

He makes me laugh. I’m happy and content living with him. Love you babes!

I am thankful for my goofy kitties. Even the cry-baby that just hides under the bed. 🙂 Fat Kitty is the most lovable cat I’ve ever met. He’s a snuggling, purring machine!

I am very thankful for my lovely friends! My friends who were there no matter what I weighed, supported me through my weight loss journey, listened to my complaints when it “wasn’t working” and loved me just the same after I lost it all!

Rachel and Me, Chicago 2006
Robyn and Me, Vegas 2008

I’m thankful that I have such a cool family. It’s a big, Catholic family with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles and second cousins…you name it. Our family is big, close-knit and most of my happy childhood memories involve family parties and functions.

Me and Mom

It’s sad that death has to be the reminder of what is important in life. Certainly not calories. Or whether I missed a workout at the gym. Or 5 pounds. So Wednesday night after I tearfully told Michael what happened at work, I told him how much I appreciate him and love him. His response? Feed me alcohol and chocolate. 😉

Just kidding. He hugged me and said some very sweet things back to me. He did give me chocolate though. And it did make me feel better. 😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their friends and family. Mine was perfect. 🙂
QUESTION: What are you thankful for?