Do you have temptation in your life?

I have a lot of temptation. What is my worst temptation? THE CANDY ROOM at work. Did I say “Candy ROOM”? Why yes, I did. People don’t believe me when I try to describe the candy room in my office. If you have a sweet tooth, I DARE you to try and resist this room.

The Candy Room

Don’t have a sweet tooth? That’s okay. There’s a DRAWER of crunchy, salty things too!

Drawer of Nuts, Pretzels and Such

Are you craving chocolate instead of candy or nuts? There’s a drawer for that too!

Drawer of Chocolate

Not only that, I have to walk into the Candy Room about 12 times a day to use the label printer that happens to be in that room. So no, I can’t just avoid that room.  I walk by temptation every day, all day. Most days I’m pretty good about resisting. Some days, I’m not so great…. 🙁

QUESTION: Do you have temptations? Do you resist them? How do you feel afterward?

Portland Hill Walk and Lunch

Portland is a good walking city. Since I work downtown, I get to explore lots of places I normally wouldn’t since I live on the East Side. One of my favorite walks is up to Washington Park by way of Salmon St. It’s a good walk because I can do the entire walk to Washington Park and back to the office in my hour long lunch AND since it’s practically straight up, it’s a great workout.

Salmon Street to Washington Park

It was gorgeous out at lunch today. Since I wasn’t feeling great I took it slow. I stopped to take pictures of some of the beautiful (but unattainable) houses on my walk.

Fancy House

Salmon Street to Washington Park is part of the “fancy” neighborhood (Vista).

Fancy House #2
Steep Road

I think you can tell from some of my pictures how much of an incline Salmon Street is. I showed my walk to Michael and he said there’s no way he could make it up it on his bike!

House at the Top

I got to Washington Park and turned around to go back.

Washington Park

Washington Park is one of my favorite features of Portland. It’s the first thing I show people from out of town. It’s something crazy like 400 acres in the middle of the city! It houses the Japanese Gardens, The Vietnam Memorial Garden, The Portland Zoo, the Hoyt Arboretum, like 40 miles of hiking/running trails, the Rose Gardens, and an amazing view of Portland! Here is a link to a map: http://www.washingtonparkpdx.org/map.htm

Back at the office, after burning about 200 calories from my walk, I am feeling a tad better so it’s time to eat.

Today’s lunch is very bland (exactly what my stomach needs). Smart One’s Fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli florets. It’s 240 calories (or 4 WW points).