Day 57, or something?

Last week felt like a rough week, mentally. I think we were all struggling. And so many friends were, too. It was week 7 (I think??) of being home. I think, for me, it was starting to wear on me. The constant togetherness. The uncertainty of when things will open up again. The fear of things opening up too soon. The sad news from Georgia. The frustrating politics. The seeming disregard for public health and safety with the protests…

Friday I decided to take a half day off from work. I had a holiday day I needed to use some time from and the weather was nice. I needed a mental break.

So I worked for a few hours in the morning and then went for a bike ride by myself. It was 80 degrees here in Portland, sunny and beautiful. It was also windy, which was unfortunate on the bike! But I still enjoyed it!

I did part of the 205 bike trail and then the trail ended and I did some of the highway out towards Mount Hood (not ideal) and then picked up the trail again and did a loop on bike trails back home.

Despite the beautiful day, I didn’t see a lot of people out! Just a few other bikers. It was such a nice break. I felt really good on the bike, too. Going out for small rides once a week since this started has really helped. I didn’t have low back fatigue or shoulder/neck pain like I have had before, so that means I am getting back to conditioning!

The ride was hilly at times. And I was getting hungry and thirsty (I only brought 1 water bottle, next time I’ll bring more) so I didn’t end up doing 15 miles like I wanted to.

I’m still happy with my ride! I got home and then took a bath in the jacuzzi tub with some sparkling water, relaxing and decompressing, then Logan woke up from his nap and we went out to Lake Oswego for a nature walk as a family. It was a nice little afternoon.

(Not sure if I mentioned that Logan got a quarantine haircut a few weeks ago…that did not go well. So Michael had to fix it. LOL)

It felt silly to take a “vacation day” when we are in quarantine and can’t go anywhere but in the end it turned out to be just what I needed. A mental break, a break from responsibilities, some alone time, some sunshine…

Too Much To Do

I had a day off on Monday because I thought my parents were going to stay a few days but they ended up having to go back to Seattle that Sunday night. I decided to keep my day off and try and enjoy myself and relax. Yeah right. Sadly, when I take time off I end up doing a bunch of stuff that’s not usually that fun. I wish I could say “the laundry, etc can wait for another day” but I can’t. 🙁


I did get to go to the Warrior Room and that was good. It was a morning class and one I hadn’t attended in a long time so that was good. We did a bunch of burpees, two kettle bell swings, high pulls, lots and lots of squats and upright rows. (I was very sore the next day!!)


The Warrior Room is doing something new–Boot Camp! I signed up for a Boot Camp class in a few weeks and I’m excited to check it out. I will review it after I give it a try. After class, iced coffee from The Painted Lady (it was salted caramel!) was a must. It was going to be a hot day! On a side note, our roses are so pretty and in full bloom right now:


I was glad I went to the class first thing. The day was going to be really nice and I wanted to get outside to enjoy it. Unfortunately, I had a really bad headache all day so it kind of put me in a bad mood. I got started with some gardening after my workout and at least I got rid of most of the blackberry bushes in the yard! Check out the calorie burn:


So with the Warrior Room and gardening, I burned over 800 calories for the day! I got cleaned up and had lunch outside on the deck while I read my book and listened to some music. That part was nice. I got to relax and enjoy it a little bit. But then of course my mind starts listing all the things I had to get done and couldn’t enjoy just sitting there anymore.

I ended up running a bunch of errands and doing not very fun stuff. SIGH. It put me in a bad mood and on top of my horrible headache that wouldn’t go away I was just grumpy! I did treat myself to something that improved my mood a little bit:


I stopped at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone! 150 calories and it was worth it. It was a nice, cool treat and something I don’t get very often. That did cheer me up a teeny bit. I went home and relaxed with Bella for the rest of the afternoon.


She is so funny. She was having puppy dreams and would twitch and flex and it is so hilarious to watch! Michael and his dad were out for the day golfing (poor Michael could only tag along because his back is still in bad shape) but when they got home Michael and I made dinner.


I picked up some fresh cod and Michael blackened them in the skillet. I baked asparagus with some fresh parmesan cheese on top and we put the cod on top of a bed of lettuce. On top of the cod I put some peach mango salsa, which is a great combo! Dinner was really tasty. Michael’s dad loves to eat seafood when he’s visiting and I was happy to oblige. It’s been ages since I had cod.

My day wasn’t really what I wanted it to be and I wish I had forced myself to skip the chores and errands and just relax. I have such a hard time doing that. 🙁 Even though I was grumpy I’m still glad I took the day off. At least now I can relax a little this weekend and not have a TON of things to do…right? Right. Pffft!