Leach Botanical Gardens

One rainy Sunday I went out to practice with my camera with my friend Kat. She’s got a similar camera–a Canon Rebel–but hers is a different model than mine. We’d been talking about getting together to play with our cameras for ages and finally made a date of it. I knew the weather would be unpleasant at best but it was time to just suck it up and get out there instead of waiting for a nice day. It could be months away!

We picked a date and agreed to stick to it. I had rain gear so I knew even if it was pouring out, I’d at least be dry(ish). The day arrived and of course it was pouring. I wore my hiking boots and rain gear and packed an umbrella for us to use.

We drove to Leach Botanical Gardens and the clouds cleared. The sun even came out! We had a good three hour stretch of dry weather while we took out pictures and played with Kat’s camera toys. It actually turned out to be the perfect afternoon for a photography session. The rain earlier that day remained on the plants in delicate drops and the coming spring was evident in the tiny blooms of flowers popping out of the earth.

The following pictures are what came out of that day. You can click on each individual picture to see a larger version. Enjoy!

I had such a fun day and really had a chance to experiment with my camera.

QUESTION: Have you picked up a new hobby recently? What is it?