The “After” – 6 Year Anniversary

6 Years

When I think back to when I started my journey to lose 100 pounds, I don’t think I ever thought about the “After.” Not really. I think part of that was that I’d never really been skinny and part of it was that I doubted whether I’d ever reach the “After.” I had a goal in my mind and I naively thought that all my problems would thus be fixed when I was “skinny” and while they weren’t magically improved, there was a lot of improvement in my life. The biggest improvement, obviously, was my health. I was no longer pre-diabetic and I didn’t have high blood pressure. Mission accomplished. But when I was steadily truckin’ along, losing a pound here and a pound there, I couldn’t really see my future as a “skinny” person and now that I’ve kept the weight off for 6 years, I have a hard time picturing myself as I used to be. It’s strange how your reality and perception changes.

Over the years I’ve had ups and downs in my weight. I gained 15 pounds a few years ago and it took a really long time to lose that extra 15 pounds but I did it. Despite the occasional body image issues I still struggle with, my weight has been maintained in the same 4-6 pound range. Sometimes it’s more of a struggle to keep myself in that range. I am no longer naive about weight loss and I KNOW it takes hard work and honesty.

Honesty is the hard part. When you’re obese you’re not honest with yourself, or others, not really. When I was obese I would sneak food,  I’d eat in private, I’d make excuses as to why I wasn’t losing weight, I’d make excuses to other poeple– “No really, I don’t eat that much…I don’t know why I can’t lose weight…”  (Read these posts: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?An Excuse to Eat, and Overcoming Exercise Obstacles.) Once I faced that I was lying about everything and that I hadn’t REALLY tried to lose weight, I had renewed desire to really succeed this time.

I had to change the way I thought about food.

I had to change the way I thought about exercise.

I had to change the way I thought about MYSELF. No more excuses. 

Was it easy? Hell no! There were so so so many plateaus. There were set-backs. There were some very frustrating times where I felt like I was being punished because I couldn’t eat the same things everyone else was eating. Is it easier now that the weight is gone? Nope. It’s still hard. I still have to make an effort. I can’t just let things slide. I will probably always have to count my calories or do some sort of food tracking. I don’t think as a reformed binge-eater I can just stop doing what worked to lose the weight and keep it off and not expect to gain it back. So the hard work continues.


Don’t take that as a negative. Sure I’d love to not be AWARE of how many calories are in foods and wouldn’t it be nice to just sit down and binge eat a carton of ice cream? Or half a pizza (or, ahem, a whole pizza) like the old days? But I can’t unlearn that knowledge and I know how my body feels when I eat junk and when I eat good, healthy foods. I dislike that feeling of overeating now and when I go too long without eating fruits and vegetables I feel ill. Most of the time my healthy choices are second nature and I don’t give them any thought. On those times when it does feel like my willpower isn’t as strong as I’d like, I try to cut myself some slack. It’s ok to take a break sometimes.

It’s my 6th year anniversary of reaching goal weight. I’m now at the “After.” It feels like a lifetime ago, but at the same time I still feel that same giddy joy when I remember that moment when I stepped on the scale and saw GOAL WEIGHT. That feeling is still there and it helps keep me motivate to keep trying when things get rough.

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Things are changing in my life. Priorities are shifting, goals are changing, but the fact remains: I love my fit life and I will always make myself and my health a priority. It has to be that way. If I’m healthy, my family is healthy. In a little over a month I will be marrying the love of my life. I expect we’ll start discussing family planning in the next year or two and that will most definitely effect my weight loss/maintenance journey. My sincere hope is that I can maintain a healthy weight for the rest of my life and hopefully pass on my love of healthy living to my future children.

For now, I keep truckin’ along. Another day, another week, another year goes by and I can happily say “I’m at goal weight.” That’s enough for me. Skinny isn’t necessary. I’d rather be healthy and fit.

Thanks for reading all these years!

February Weigh In

Wednesday I had a training for work I had to attend. It started later than my normal start time so I decided to try and workout BEFORE work this time. My alarm went off at 6am. I groaned. It was painful. Too early! Oh my god. I stumbled in the dark to get dressed and I weighed myself for February (more on that later).

It was dark outside, freezing cold and I was so tired. But I made it to the gym and had my pick of treadmills.

That poster inspires me every time I see it at the gym. Cheesy? Yes. But it’s true! No matter how much I DON’T want to workout…I feel 1000% better after I do. I had a good run on the treadmill (watching an old episode of House) and enjoyed the quietness of the mostly-empty gym. It was almost meditative being there by myself.

There are two downsides to working out in the morning before work: First, I hate getting up early. It’s a struggle. Second, I am short on time. Even with a late start at work I still had to hustle. I finished my 3 mile run and tried to squeeze in some weight training.

I was disappointed that I didn’t have more than about 25 minutes to spend on my weight lifting but I had to make a choice. Cut my run short and lift longer, or vice versa.  Since Tuesday night I had done some weights I figured I made the right decision by getting in my full run.

I was a bit sore from last night’s session. I REALLY noticed it on the Ab Machines. Ouch. No pain no gain!

I had a good workout and discovered that working out before work meant I didn’t need coffee. Another bonus! I was wide awake.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:05

Calories Burned: 555

I hurried home to shower, eat my oatmeal and head into the office. The rest of the day I felt like I was chasing my hunger though. I was hungry pretty much all morning (despite the banana, water and string cheese I snacked on).

QUESTION: If you’re a morning gym rat, do you find that you are chasing your hunger the rest of the day?

February Weigh In

Now onto the big news… my January 2011 Weigh-in had me at 147.2 pounds. I was dreading February’s weigh-in. I KNEW I gained. I just knew it. I felt like my stomach was bigger. I measured myself and the measurements were way off compared to last month. I was just dreading it. 🙁 All the birthday celebrations, the food I indulged in, the serving size slip-ups, the CANDY I went nuts eating…I tallied it all in my head as a reason why I probably gained.

Before I stumbled to the gym in the dark this morning I stepped on the scale to see if my dread was warranted. And guess what? I WASN’T! I stood there in shock looking at the number.


144.2? I’m really DOWN 3 whole pounds since January?

Holy Moly!!! I was doing a little victory dance in the bathroom (trying not to wake up Michael) and inside I was squealing! I am now 1 pound away from the LOWEST I’ve ever weighed. My goal is within reach!

I took a moment in my rush to get to the gym to savor the moment. This time last year? I weighed 159 pounds. 14.8 pounds gone. That was the 15 pounds I gained on Celexa. I am so happy and so proud of myself for almost getting rid of those 15 pounds. 😀

QUESTION: Have you had a surprise weight loss recently? Brag about your successes!