Work it Out!

Sometimes animals have a sixth sense. I think Fat Kitty instinctively knows when I’m not in a good mood and he tries so hard to cheer me up. It always works too. Friday night when I crawled into bed exhausted emotionally, mentally and physically, Fat Kitty crawled in between Michael and I to cuddle. He stretched out his whole body to lie in between us. It was so cute. I am such a sucker for that little furball. He was purring and staring up at me lovingly. I fell asleep petting him.

Saturday morning it was 65, sunny and warming up nicely. I headed to the gym first to kick my butt into gear. I warmed up with the plated weight machines and then quickly switched over to the free weights. Thanks Lori for reminding me how much fun they are! Someday I will meet Lori in person and I bet she will kick my ass at both weight lifting and cycling!

I increased the amount of weights I was lifting on every machine. It was time. It’s easy to get too comfortable with the same old routine and weights and then you aren’t getting the same benefits. I have Suzanne to thank for this reminder!
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So that’s exactly what I did. And I FELT it! Ooof! I’ve been getting way too lazy. Doing the same amounts. When I worked out with my friend Robyn on Monday she reminded me of that too. I pushed myself then to lift more.

After that I switched to the free weights and grabbed the 12, 10, and 7.5 pounds weights to do the following routine:


When I do this routine my heart is POUNDING. It was up there pretty high Saturday morning. It felt so good to sweat it out. I added a new move (triceps) and then focused on ab work before leaving the gym:

I spent a decent amount of time focusing on my weight routine Saturday morning before heading home to run the track. It was just TOO NICE out to be stuck on the treadmill.

Gym Stats:
Time: 50 minutes
Calories Burned: 373

The track wasn’t too crowded by the time I got home and down there. It was a nice, sunny day and I just ran as much as I felt like it. I had no goal set in my mind. I hoped that I could run at least 3 miles.

My legs felt good. I often wonder how they’ll hold up after doing a bunch of weights and squats at the gym beforehand. Saturday I did all right.

I ran 1 mile without walking and then the remainder of my run was somewhat slow with some walking breaks. It made my average pace pretty slow but I’m just happy to be out there running again. Speed is not something I’m focusing on right now.

Do you see how perfectly blue the sky is? This is the kinda weather that reminds me that I love Oregon. Of course, ask me again in six months when it’s dark and gray every single day and I might have another answer for you. But summers in Portland are delightful!

I finished up a few more laps around the track and then ran the half mile home. It was a good morning filled with fitness that makes me happy. Exercise really does fix dark moods.

Run Stats:
Time: 52 minutes
Distance: 3.93 miles
Calories Burned: 508 

The rest of Saturday’s agenda: house chores, gardening, and then Saturday night Michael and I have a benefit to go to. More on that later!

QUESTION: What is your go-to mood fixer?

A Two-fer

Monday after work I headed to the gym. It had been almost a full week since I lifted weights and I didn’t really exercise much during our romantic weekend getaway. Mondays are not usually a fitness day and I realized quickly that it’s also a crowded day at the gym. I decided it was too nice out to run inside on the treadmill. And I think my successful run around the track last week reminded me how much better it is to run outside!

I decided to do my weight session at the gym and then go home and run the track. Having two separate workouts in one day was not ideal, but I wanted to see if it was doable.

I felt the fact that I hadn’t lifted immediately. My arms were shaking as I lifted weights. It felt good to be back at it, though. I did the plated weight machines — arms, chest, back and shoulders.

Then I spent some time doing free weights. I did a few routines, some squats, shoulder shrugs and my heart rate spiked pretty high. The free weights are a great workout!

I finished up with a couple sets of the Russian Twist with an 8 pound medicine ball. I wanted to get some good ab work in before leaving for home.

I felt like I was productive in the gym in the short amount of time I allotted myself to do weights. I skedaddled as soon as I could and headed home to run.

Gym Stats:

Time: 43 minutes
Calories Burned: 241

I was also getting hungry. The Chobani pre-workout didn’t hold up. Back to the drawing board for pre-workout snacks. When I got home I had a quick snack (3 Ritz crackers with Peanut Butter on them) and then headed out to the track.

It was 77 degrees and humid as hell. It felt like I was running through water. That was not great. I ran one mile without stopping and the second mile included a lot of walking breaks. Not only was it muggy out but I was having side cramps too. I wish I hadn’t had to walk so much.

I was using the new app (new to me) “Nike+ GPS”. I love it! It’s so much better and more ACCURATE than the plain ol’ Nike+. Check out the map of my route:

Haha! The flag is our house, going left around the backyard to the school track and then it shows that I ran around the track. I got a chuckle out of the picture. I headed home on the road and down our long street to the house. I LOVE love love the new app. It worked so much better than “Map My Run” ever did!

It wasn’t a fantastic run. The heat, the humidity, my side cramps, hunger all made it kind of a “blah” run but I’m glad I did it.

Run Stats:

Time: 42 minutes

Calories Burned: 393

Mileage: 2.82

I’m not sure I liked splitting my workouts up. Maybe if I did the weights early in the morning and then ran later in the day it would have been better. It just felt like it took MORE time than if I’d just stayed at the gym and gotten it all done.

QUESTION: Do you ever split your workouts during the day? How do you do it?