Another Surprise on the Scale

Let’s recap February, shall we? I was sick for a week with no appetite but at the same time ate a lot of comfort foods. I also didn’t exercise for a week. Add to that lots of stress eating because of various dramas I’d rather not share with the whole world. I did do something right, though: burning tons of calories snowshoeing, weight lifting a lot and eating really good whole foods (less junky meals).


The night before weigh-in I ate tons of salty tortilla chips with guacamole, one beer and not enough water. I was dreading my monthly step on the scale but decided I needed to just accept responsibility for my actions (and overeating) and just DO IT. Once again I was completely surprised by the number I saw.


I am officially back to the lowest weight I have EVER been. Ever. 14 months ago I weighed 159.5. I have now lost ALL of the weight I gained on Celexa. 16.5 pounds gone! Yippee!

I also measured. I have no idea how I screwed up the measurements in January and February. But I will compare the numbers to November instead.

Date: 11/10/10                Date: 3/3/11

Weight: 146.5                   143

Waist: 32                            32.5

Hips: 35.5                           35.5

Thighs: 18                          18.75

Biceps: 11                          12

I think it’s safe to say that I am very happy with the scale today!


QUESTION: How are you doing on Week One of Losing Weight? Have you done any of the steps?

Now for the heart-to-heart. If you haven’t read Beth’s post on Motivation and taking responsibility for her obesity, I suggest you read it asap. It was heartfelt and honest and I could relate to everything she said–I’d experienced it!

165 Pounds


If you’re looking for a little boost of motivation today maybe this story will inspire you. I touched on it a little bit a year ago, but I didn’t go into it much. I thought I’d open up a little bit.

3 years ago I weighed around 160 pounds.  I’d worked so hard to lose 90 pounds and I was so close to my goal weight. That’s when it happened: I felt a lump in my breast.

I freaked out immediately, of course. I had that sinking, cold feeling in the pit on my stomach and somehow I just knew it wasn’t something to be ignored. I leaped out of bed and called my doctor. I couldn’t get in to see her for about 3 days. I contemplated calling in sick to work and staying in bed but decided not to–distraction was needed.

I’d been dating Michael for maybe a month at this point. I’d known him for about 5 months though as we’d been email buddies that “talked” every day. So even though it was only one month into our relationship I felt like we’d been together for months. Yet I didn’t tell Michael about the lump. I just couldn’t.

I was scared.

I was afraid that I had breast cancer.

I felt all alone.

And I was afraid of how Michael would react. Some guys are super shallow. And I know that if a guy didn’t want to date me because of something like this he ISN’T worth it! But I wasn’t thinking rationally at this point. Luckily this experience brought us closer together. Michael turned out to be The Rock. I discovered that he is 100% the Knight in Shining Armor. He will selflessly help and support anyone in need. He’s good that way.

Knight In Shining Armor


You want to know what my FIRST thought was after the doctor confirmed that I had a lump in my breast?

I should have lost weight sooner.

WHY didn’t I catch this sooner? Why did I let myself get to 250 pounds? Maybe this would have been caught sooner. Those thoughts plagued me. The surgeon couldn’t confirm or deny whether or not the lump could have been caught sooner if I hadn’t been obese. I’m positive it would have been.

So many times since that experience I’ve been thankful that I got my act together and lost the weight: not just for the obvious reasons. What if it HAD been cancerous? And I never caught the lump because I was obese? I’ve wondered that many times and I still kick myself sometimes for waiting so long to lose the weight.

I never want to feel like I’m living my life with regrets. I don’t regret losing weight. I don’t regret changing my life. I don’t regret running Hood to Coast! Even injured! It was a once in a lifetime experience.

There’s lots to be grateful for.


QUESTION: What is holding you back?

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  1. Wow Lisa. I had no idea about the lump in your breast – I don’t remember reading it on here. That is so scary – I can’t even imagine.

    Thank you for linking to my post. 🙂

    And wow – I can’t believe what a skinny minny you are!!

    1. It was a weird experience, that’s for sure. It was about 1 month from finding the lump and having it removed. So for a whole month I was anxious and it was ALL I could think about. I saw my doctor, had a biopsy with another doctor, saw a specialist, then the surgery. I was worried about the scarring too. It took about a week after surgery to get results that it was NOT cancer, so that’s good but man talk about being preoccupied.

  2. Wow. I am so impressed at your weight loss and the fact you are such a strong survivor!!!
    This is an AWESOME post! Thank you for sharing and congrats on 143!!!!!

  3. WOW!!! Look at your and your crazy low weight!! That is so awesome!!!! It sucks being sick but sometimes throwing off your metabolism really pays off!!! I am so sorry you had such a scary experience! I remember the threat of cervical cancer and hysterectomy after my 3rd miscarriage and I was terrified. Luckily everything was taken that was bad and I even had my miracle baby after all of it! I know what usually holds me back is fear of success failure….succeeding and then falling off the wagon and having to admit failure. I am determined to go slow and steady to be sure I change the habits that would lead to failure!! All change helps and I am maintaining my motivation even when there are setbacks 🙂

    1. It very well could have been taking a week off. Sometimes the body needs a “reset.”

      That is really scary about your cervical cancer scare. I can imagine that your baby is a miracle baby. Sounds like it turned out in a blessed way!

  4. As I was reading this I thought, I am SO glad I am training for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. Hopefully we can get to a point where there are less and less women having the scare that you had. So glad it turned out ok.
    Uhm, as for your Knight, LOVE that picture.

  5. Gosh, this post was another reminder/wake up call for me. I’m really glad it turned out to be nothing and that you have a Knight (and not a flake). I agree with Laurie’s comment – great pic!

    I have been counting my calories diligently for about a month now. It is so eye-opening. I think I’m starting to get a handle on how to manage my food/hunger and what works for me. I still need to do the body measuring like you mentioned in the week one post. I have done the other steps though, and I am looking forward to week 2.

    1. GREAT job Joanna on counting calories. I hope that you do measure as soon as you can because once you start seeing changes each week/month it will help with motivation!

  6. WoooHOooo!! That’s great you managed to hit a lowest weight after being sick & having those setbacks! Major confidence booster! Don’t let this let your guard down though. You’re doing awesome maintaining that weight loss, and staying healthy.

  7. Congrats on the loss – look at you being all thin and fit!

    Health scares really do make us question a lot of things, don’t they? We can only move forward from each moment, though, and try not to do “if only”

  8. So glad to hear the lump wasn’t cancerous! That must’ve been a very scary time for you. I kinda know how you feel because it was a doctor who told me that I was very, very close to developing diabetes that finally (finally!) led me to lose weight, eat more healthfully, and exercise regularly. I still have work to do (at about 228 right now…want to get down to 175 at least), but I know I’ve avoided some huge health risks by losing weight and changing my unhealthy habits. Congrats to you on reaching 143!! And, most of all, being such a healthy inspiration!

    1. Thanks Jennifer. Like you it was a doctor telling me I was becoming diabetic that kicked my butt into gear. I just couldn’t deal with being diabetic and insulin dependent. I’m glad I was able to avoid a lot of health risks by losing weight.

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