S is for Support

S is for Support

Something that I have always been thankful for was the amount of support and encouragement I received during the time it took me to lose 110 pounds. The supportive comments from friends, family and coworkers were motivating and honestly kept me on track.

My biggest cheerleaders were my parents and brother. They were so positive about what I was doing. Obviously it was because they wanted me to be healthy and at 250 pounds I was not, in fact I was developing diabetes and had high blood pressure that gave me dizzy spells. I was sick. I needed to lose the weight.

My parents have (almost) always been into fitness. As a little kid, I have fond memories of going hiking and backpacking with my dad. I think I was 4 or 5 years old with my very own little red backpack when the two of us went camping for a night. When I was a little bit older, my dad started going to the gym five days a week (he had a very stressful job and high cholesterol and needed to get in shape). My mom has always been into whatever the fitness fad was — step aerobics, aerobics, jazzercise, Curves, etc.

So you would think that I’d grow up with a love of fitness as well. As you know,  I did not. Fitness came into my life as a way to lose the weight and I grew to love it. Now I cannot imagine my life without some sort of exercise in it!

Something that occurred to me with a recent vacation was that my parents (and most people in my life) have been very accommodating to me. They have never once given me grief about wanting to find time to workout when I visit them, or when we’re on vacation together. It’s just assumed that “Lisa will workout sometime.” I try my best to never make it a big deal, if it doesn’t happen it’s not the end of the world. And I do not want MY desires to impact everyone else. I have no problem getting up earlier than everyone else to go for a quick run before we start our day’s activities.

That being said, part of living a healthy life is FINDING THE TIME to exercise even when life is busy, hectic, crazy, stressful.

My family has also joined me. We go hiking together, which is a fun activity and an easy way to fit in exercise. I also get a chance to workout with my dad. Having time together just the two of us is pretty special. We’ve lifted weights together and we’ve gone running together quite a bit. During one run in Tucson, we saw a Diamondback rattler snake!

On my last trip to Texas, I got a chance to run with my brother! That was really nice and we had a chance to catch up just the two of us. And it was a chance to explore the crazy fun dude ranch we were staying on.

I guess it turns out, some of my happiest memories have involved fitness! I am so appreciative of the people in my life who have supported my efforts to lose weight and keep it off. Really, all us weight “losers” want is support and kind words to keep us going!

QUESTION: How supportive are the people in your life?


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Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and Glamour.com.

16 thoughts on “S is for Support”

  1. Having support is SO important. When I starting looking into certification to become a health coach, I thought people would think I was crazy. But, instead, they were incredibly supportive, which was such a big relief and made all the difference for me. It’s made everything so much more enjoyable than it already was! 🙂
    Michelle @ Eat Move Balance recently posted..Butternut Squash Fries

  2. Absolutely, support is very, very important. I only became a fan of regular exercise, just for the sake of exercise and not just weight loss, once my husband and I met. I’d had periods of trying to lose weight and going to the gym, but those periods lasted for about 3 to 5 months at a stretch and then I stopped. With my husband’s support, not only have I succeeded in making exercise a part of my daily routine, I’ve also encouraged my sister and my parents to make exercise a part of their life that they all look forward to!
    I ❤ 2 Eat recently posted..Bangalis Will Eat Anything…

    1. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s great that your hubby’s gentle encouragement and leading by example made you find your way to a fit life on your own. And it’s very true, it totally brushes off on people in our lives! Have you considered doing an event with you parents and sister? Maybe a 5k or a walk for charity?

  3. My family is super supportive, especially my mom and sister. I find the men in my life don’t really bring it up much, almost like it’s one of those “women things” which is discouraging. I don’t think my dad has ever once said anything about my weight loss until after I bring it up first. But I don’t need their support, and I need to learn how to do it without support, because it wont always be there when I need it. I’m not saying support isn’t important, just saying I’ve learned to cope without 🙂
    Daphne recently posted..Broke a speed record after a running hiatus!

    1. Good point. It won’t always be there when we need it. I wrote a post that I’ll share soon about the attention I got as I lost weight. It was definitely encouraging and motivating but once that was gone, I had to find it within in myself to keep going.

  4. It is great that you share your fitness with your family!

    My parents are super supportive. My mum doesn’t exercise, so she is in awe of what I do. My dad has always liked to work out (he used to cycle to work, a 52km round trip, every day for over 10 years) and is happy that we share an interest now, even though I prefer classes and free weights to cycling.

  5. Unfortunately, the people I wish were the most supportive aren’t anywhere near as much as I think they should be. And the people I never would have thought of when I started (the bloggers) have stepped up and blown my mind with their support.

    Also, I have a friend who is basically the area’s resident snake wrangler. She has several venomous snakes in her care in her home as well as several non-venomous and other reptiles. (Yes, she has permits and such to do this legally.) She’s also a brilliant artist and one of the people who have given me so much support in many parts of my life. 🙂
    Deb recently posted..Monday Day 374

    1. Wow that sounds like quite the story! I’ve never met a snake wrangler. 🙂 Glad she’s helping you out. Also, I agree. The bloggers and twitter people I’ve befriended are amazingly supportive and positive!

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