Bella’s First Run


I’m so proud of Bella! And of me, too, honestly.

I got up at 6am and went for a run. It was pitch-black outside; I couldn’t even see the moon. It wasn’t even 40 degrees out. I am so not a morning person and as I laid in my warm bed in the dark with my kitty purring next to me, I contemplated skipping it. But I got my tired butt out of bed and did it.

This was Bella’s first run. I had reservations. She’s still learning how to walk properly on a leash and not pull (the face harness helps but hasn’t fixed the issue). Bella is also really fast and I worried that once she started running I’d struggle to keep up with her. The potential for injury was high.

It was a lot darker than I was expecting it to be. I also planned on going to the nearby track to run but the lights were off so I stuck to the streets that had lights. It was too dark to run anywhere else.

Bella and I set off and I warmed up fairly quickly. I was wearing layers and that helped. The cold air kind of hurt my lungs and that was not fun! But I am so glad I got out there and went for a run!


I didn’t have a ton of time to devote to the run but something was better than nothing! We got back to the house and I gave Bella breakfast. She seemed really happy that she got to run. Hopefully that helps her being in the crate while I am at work.


Depending on weather, I will try and go for a run with her once a week. I will definitely be switching that run to after work, though! It was not fun running in the dark and cold. I did it because I had to pick Michael up from the airport after work.

We went out to dinner at The Gilt Club because I had a soon expiring Groupon and I wanted to catch up about his trip and tell him about our week. I started with my favorite drink from The Gilt Club — Tracy’s First Kiss. It’s vodka, cucumber, lime and basil. Love it!


I love The Gilt Club. It’s such a cool vibe in there. They play trippy trance music and the low lighting and red leather booths and red walls make it very intimate and romantic. So in the spirit of romance, we got an appetizer of pork rinds. πŸ™‚


I’ve never had pork rinds before. They were odd. They were kind of like eating those popcorn bubble things you use to pack breakable things. I also felt like they were way too salty. So I wasn’t a fan. Michael ordered a burger for dinner and I got the gnocchi with tomatoes, sage and spicy sausage.

My dish was amazing! The gnocchi was homemade and perfectly soft. The sausage was spicy and had a little crunch to it. Before I knew it the dish was gone and I wanted more and more.

After dinner we went home and Bella was SO excited to see Michael! I wondered if she’d remember him or bark and freak out, but she didn’t. She remembered him and was ecstatic to see him. She ran down the hallway, slipping and sliding like a cartoon dog on the hardwood floors and then hopped up and down like a bunny. It was so adorable; I should have filmed it. πŸ™‚

QUESTION: Are you a runner with a dog? Any tips?

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    1. I totally understand! That was one of the issues we discussed before getting a dog. We wanted a small(ish) dog that had longer legs so the dog could run with me or go hiking. Too short legs wouldn’t work. I think Bella is the perfect mix of breeds for that!

  1. We take Pixie out for a stand on a harness occasionally. She really wants to be outside and will dash out if we aren’t careful, but if we put a leash on there, she won’t move. She used to be an outdoor cat when she was a stray and still wants to be out there. We live on a busy road, though.

    I have tried pork rinds before and I think they just taste weird. I’ll take the bacon instead.
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    1. I got Fat Kitty a harness and leash when I first got him. He was homeless too and wants to be outside so badly but I lived on a really busy street (now I live where there have been coyote sightings). He didn’t do too well on the leash. He wouldn’t walk around! Just roll around on the ground. πŸ™‚

      I agree, bacon over pork rinds any day.

  2. It amused me that a restaurant served pork rinds as an appetizer! It looks like it was the size of a deck of cards, were they served that large? And did they serve it with a sauce?

      1. They are commonly sold with potato chips in the stores in the south, but BBQ fundraisers in this area frequently make their own fresh too. I’m guessing they over salted them, because the one’s I’ve had don’t really have that much salt. I was an adult the first time I tried them. While I’ve never seen them served in a restaurant, I could see them being prepared fresh in an upscale restaurant.

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