Strike a Pose

The weekend it finally happened! After cancelling and rescheduling three times, the weather gods smiled on us and gave us a GREAT day for photos. All week long, my photographer Christi and I were both obsessively checking the weather for Saturday. We got so lucky! Clear skies, no clouds, no rain, sunshine. It was slightly cold but tolerable.

My day started with an early morning gym session. I did my weights workout and then finished up with some work on the elliptical. My yoga class was cancelled the night before, which was disappointing, but my body wasn’t feeling tight or sore from the run I did instead. I was happy to get some elliptical time in.


After that I had just enough time to clean up, dry my hair and get to the salon to have my hair done. I went to Novare Salon in Sellwood. It was my first time there and my stylist was super nice. I liked the place a lot. Then it was back home where my friend Star was meeting me to do my makeup. I so appreciate her doing my makeup for the photo shoot. She does a GREAT job and she even spent the day with us to touch it up.


We met Christi and her “assistant” Stu at Cathedral Park in St. John’s. I love this park. It’s so gorgeous and photogenic. The St. John’s Bridge is very gothic looking and iconic to Portland.

Towards the end of our shoot at Cathedral Park, an elderly woman came over to watch and chatted with Star. Then she came up to me and it was like a scene out of a movie where a smartly-dressed stranger tells the future to the main character–she gave me many blessings and said just watching us together she could tell we’d make it. It was so sweet. Then she said something else, that they say marriage is 50-50 but she thinks it’s 100%. Each partner should give 100% and not 50%, or it won’t work. I liked that. Her sweet words brought tears to my eyes. I could tell she was a little lonely, maybe remembering her late husband. I thanked her and she walked on with her dog.


These photos were the ones Star took with her iPhone. We should have the real pictures sometime next week. And I’ll share those then! I saw some on her camera and they looked so good. I cannot wait to get them. We plan on using the best one (and I think I know which one that is already) for our save-the-dates.

We did a few more location shots: the waterfront, Kennedy School and then in downtown Portland under the Portland sign:

Christi and Stu were awesome. It was so cool to spend the day with friends. They made a very awkward experience fun. I have to admit, it’s very weird to try and look natural and un-posed when someone is taking pictures of you!

Bella came with us and she was a champ! It was a really long day with lots of weird experiences for her and she did great. She didn’t bark at all the strangers and she even sat still once in awhile for pictures. 😉


As “payment” for our photos and makeup, I took everyone out to dinner. We went to Hoda’s in SE Portland for some excellent Middle Eastern food. It was quite the spread! I ate way too much really good food.

Anyways, it was a fantastic weekend and I’m so happy we got our pictures done! Finally!

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