Third Trimester – Part 2


Birth Plan

Basically my birth plan is “give birth to a healthy baby and recover.” Poking around the internet I’ve seen some pretty…elaborate birth plans. It seems silly to me. Especially considering this is not really something we can plan out. It happens when it happens, how it happens and all of it is really out of my control.

Like I said in my previous post I hadn’t really thought about it much but the childbirth classes gave me some insight and I have been giving it some more thought now. For the entire pregnancy I’ve been all about the drugs. Go into labor = give me whatever I need. No judgment towards women that want to have a natural birth, it’s all a personal choice and there is no “right” way. Once I got to the third trimester and we started taking the childbirth classes, I started to think maybe I wanted to change my plan a little bit.

The class said that the hospital I’ll give birth in does “light” epidurals. Meaning it’s not constantly on and you should still be able to feel your lower body, it just takes the edge off while you can still feel the contractions and know when to push. That sounded pretty good to me.

My current plan: try and labor at home as long as I can. Use our TENS device, different positions, massage, walking, whatever keeps me somewhat comfortable. Once I get to the hospital I’d like to take advantage of the birthing tub that is available. I want some soothing music and low lighting in the delivery room. I’m REALLY hoping to be able to labor in the squatting position if possible (the delivery bed has a squat bar attached to it) and when the time is right, use whatever medications I might need. Basically, I want to give it a try, see how it goes, and decide on medications. Will probably end up getting an epidural, but still want to take the wait and see approach. Of course all this will change if I end up having back labor (which my mom had with me and after having back spasms last summer I do NOT want to experience that again!).

Week 32

I’ve started going to chiro once a week. It seems to help a lot with the hip/SI/low back/glute issues. I had a massage this week, too!

I think I can tell when baby boy is going through a growth spurt. Throughout the pregnancy my eating habits haven’t changed too much and I haven’t had insatiable hunger very often. Every once in awhile I go through a phase where I am suddenly famished. It lasts a few days and then I go back to normal. The other night I woke up at 3am with a growling stomach and struggled to go back to sleep because I was hungry.

Had a bit of a scare, but all is good.


Symptoms this week: Just the SI issues. Peeing all the time. All the time.

Cravings: Cheesecake. 😀


Week 33

SLOWING DOWN…I am so much slower at every single thing I do now. I walk slowly, things are a struggle. It’s getting harder to do things that should be easy–which is weird! I’m still working out but it’s a lot different. I used to swim 1.25 or 1.5 miles in 45 minutes, now I swim 1 mile in 50 minutes. I’ve had to turn the resistance way down on the elliptical. I’m still lifting weights but I’m doing only weight machines. With my stretchy ligaments and feeling off balance, I don’t think free weights are a good idea. I’ve also gone from 5 workouts a week to sometimes 4. Some scheduling things have gotten in the way of working out 5 days a week and in the past I would have rearranged my schedule to make it fit but now I’m more in the “it’s ok to take an extra rest day this week” mentality. I knew I’d slow down at some point. That time has apparently come!

As for baby? I feel like he’s trying to escape! Check out this video!


Symptoms this week: Lots of pelvic pressure/pain/soreness. Feels like things are stretching and loosening. It kind of feels like a side-stitch when you run. Also having some groin discomfort, similar to a pulled muscle.

Cravings: Reese’s Pieces. Or peanut butter cup ice cream. Basically anything that is chocolate and peanut butter. The craving is intense! Reese’s Pieces used to be one of my trigger foods back in the day and haven’t eaten them in like 10 years…

Week 34

Hospital bag is about 90% packed. It has your typical things in there: clothes, underwear, nursing bra, nursing tank, toiletries. Also a sleep mask, ear plugs, a book of crossword puzzles (just in case), something to read, my glasses and contact lenses, breast pump, some massage lotion, hair ties, non-skid socks, chapstick, flip flops, and snacks. Also: Nursing PadsNipple Nursing CreamEarth Mama Bottom Spray. I also included my birth plan checklist, insurance info and legal documents from our attorney like Power of Attorney and Advance Directives.

I’ve got a few different baby outfits packed (newborn sized and one larger just in case) plus the little newborn mittens and a hat. I haven’t packed a going home outfit yet because I honestly don’t know what that should be. Something loose and comfortable, I imagine. What did you pack in your hospital bag?

Had my baby shower!


Symptoms this week: I am soooo slow. Moving slow, it takes a long time to do everything now. Having some hip and low back stuff as well as groin pain. My guess is that pain is here to stay. Swimming feels fabulous and when I do the breast stroke it feels great on my body — but the next day? I feel SO sore. Like I ran a marathon sore.

Cravings: Still craving peanut butter/chocolate combo. Insane craving!

Week 35

Put this super sexy/glamorous mattress protector on our bed! Just in case my water breaks when I’m in bed.

Baby must be having another growing spurt because I am HUNGRY again. Several days in a row now I’ve been woken up early in the morning with a growling stomach. I’m eating the same amount and yet I’m hungrier earlier than usual.

After making it 8 months without getting sick, I started to feel like I was getting a bad head cold this week. 🙁 Doing the nasal rinse, drinking EmergenC and crossing my fingers it doesn’t get too bad. I think I managed to fend off getting a full-blown cold but the bone-tired exhaustion plagued me ALL week. It was seriously all I could do to get out of bed and go to work (and then try and stay awake!).


Symptoms this week: I’m not sure if he’s dropped yet but several people have said it looks like he has. I’m peeing a lot more frequently. I’ve been feeling extra extra tired lately. Not much else.

Cravings: Still craving Reese’s Pieces like mad.

Week 36

Still working out but slowing down. I think I might be done lifting weights. I switched to weight machines instead of free weights awhile ago but I’m finding that when I do lift weights and do squats I am way more sore these days. My guess is that it’s ligaments loosening. So I’m pretty much down to swimming twice a week and doing the elliptical twice a week and that’s it for now! Which I am ok with. Reducing the frequency and intensity of my workouts feels right for my body right now.

I am getting looks at the gym when I go. Not in a negative way, just looks. People stare at my bump. I have gotten some comments–all positive. An older guy in the pool complimented me and said he was “very impressed” that I was swimming, said I looked close to my due date and wished me luck. It was sweet.


Symptoms this week: Just really tired and feeling big! It’s hard to move around!

Cravings: I’ve been craving BBQ for awhile and we finally went and got some for Valentine’s Day!


Doctor Appointment

At 36 weeks we had our OB appointment (last one was a month ago) and the appointments are now going to be more frequent. We heard the heart beat and she did an ultrasound to check position. He’s face down and head down and very low in my pelvis. He was kicking during the ultrasound but we didn’t get a good look at his face because of his position, which was kind of a bummer! The doctor said he seemed to be very long, and just under 6 pounds rights now. Michael was a very long, thin baby when he was born so it sounds like this boy might take after his daddy!


My heart rate was 110/72, everything else was checking out normally. She did a cervical check and I’m not really dilated much but I’m 50% effaced. She said she’d be surprised if we made it to my due date. I’m not sure that doctors can predict that exactly, but who knows! He may come early!

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14 thoughts on “Third Trimester – Part 2”

  1. Both your pics made me laugh!

    The meme about leggings being pants at 9 months pregnant is pretty accurate. I felt the same way, haha. I think I only wore leggings and maternity tights from 36 weeks until I gave birth. Then I wore leggings and flip-flops home from the hospital.

    The picture about the bladder hugging baby was also pretty funny because my daughter used to creepy massage my bladder with her fingers when it was full-ish (because a pregnant lady’s bladder is full with like a teaspoon of pee). After I gave birth, she used to do the same creepy finger massage motion on my shoulder when I’d carry her!

    I’m soooo excited for you Lisa! 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you!! We didn’t have much of a birth plan, but since I wanted to go natural, I asked that no one would air the idea of an epidural unless I asked for it first, and we also added that if we did end up with a c-section, we would do skin-to-skin afterwards anyway (unless either the baby or I were in distress, of course).

    1. At the hospital I’ll go to they do skin to skin with c-sections but instead of immediately like vaginal birth it’s within 3-5 minutes (per the childbirth class we took). They do their best to do it as soon as possible, which is good.

      Did you end up avoiding the epidural?

  3. I have to admit that the women who have elaborate birth plans are typically type A people who plan everything. One woman I worked with planned it down to the last week. Friday, last day of work – Saturday – have the baby. The following Saturday, start workouts. Gah.

    It’s all unpredictable and I love your “have a plan but go with the flow” approach. It will come out one way or another, and all that’s necessary is that you and the baby are healthy! 😀 Eeek – getting so close!
    Biz recently posted..Chicken Cilantro Wonton Soup

    1. I used to be SO type A. This pregnancy has either mellowed that out, or made me just lazy and not care. LOL I haven’t figured that out yet. I mean, when we go on vacation I plan everything. I do research on hotels, best places to stay close to things we want to do, make a list of things we want to do, make a list of restaurants we want to try, etc. Michael makes fun of my lists. But surprisingly, this pregnancy has me pretty list-free!

  4. A little late to reply, but just had to pipe in and tell you that you look great, but very ready to have a baby! With all your plans in place and things pretty much ready to go, all that’s left is trying to get as much rest as you can. How long are you planning to work? As for what to wear home, I have to say I took my roomiest sweatpants and one of hubby’s button-up shirts. I didn’t look very glamorous, but I was sure comfy. Should have asked my mom not to take any pictures below the waist, though – I look like a slob! Good luck these last few weeks and can’t wait to hear how everything goes!

    1. Thank you! That’s very sweet. 🙂

      I plan on working up until the end. Whenever that happens to be!

      We got our crib mattress last night so now the nursery is completely finished and that’s a relief. Thanks for the tips on the clothes. Comfy sounds best to me.

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