Sweat Monster and a Date Night

Last night was my first time trying the new, fancy gym on the way home from work. It worked out really–I was there, changed, and on a treadmill by 5:20.

It was more crowded than the weekend, but I was still able to choose from a few different treadmills. I did my 1.5 mile jog (4.0-4.2 pace) in 22:10.

After the jog, I focused on weight lifting. Since I knew how to use most of the machines it was a lot faster.

I don’t know exactly why I was so sweaty during the workout because I don’t think I worked out any harder than normal. It was strange.

I mixed things up a little bit and worked in my Hip Strengthening exercise in between my weight lifting. Usually I save it for the end of the workout.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:19

Calories Burned: 600

Activities: Treadmill, weights

It was a good, sweaty workout. I hurried home to clean up before my DATE!

I have to say, I kinda like having a Date Night in the middle of the week. It breaks up the monotony of the work week. Michael and I tried to go to the Delta Cafe last week but the wait was too long. We figured a Tuesday night would be better.

The wait wasn’t much longer than 10 minutes this time, so that was good. We got seated. It was a packed restaurant. The decor was funky (typical Portland).

I ordered a Widmer Hefeweizen.

I had been craving fried chicken for about a week. Which was a super weird craving for me. I rarely crave fried food. So the decision of what to order was basically made before I walked in the door.

Everything on the menu sounded good. I could pick two side dishes to go with my chicken. I ordered the Mac n’ Cheese and Coleslaw. Despite it being crazy packed and only one waiter, we got our food fairly quickly.

I loved the mac n’ cheese. It was flavorful, gooey but it was also light too.

It didn’t feel gluttonous. The coleslaw was also delicious. Creamy and not spicy like some that I’ve had.

The fried chicken was just okay. After a week of cravings and build up, it wasn’t quite what I’d imagined.

The chicken was a tad on the dry side. The good part was that it wasn’t greasy at all.

Michael and I got into a debate about Food Remorse. I was talking about how after I satisfy my cravings I often regret eating the food. It’s something I struggle with for sure. Michael reminded me that I work out so that I can eat things I love to eat. I have to be reminded sometimes that there’s a reason I work out. πŸ˜‰

Then we got into a debate about the new laws requiring restaurants to post calorie counts. I said I was VERY excited about it because it would make the eating-out experience so much more fun for me. It would take out the guessing game, the anxiety, the guilt. Michael disagrees and thinks it’s un-American and just proves the viewpoint that as Americans we are NOT free, we don’t have freedom like we think we do, and the government is Big Brother controlling everything we do.

I still feel like the nutritional information is a good thing. Even if it’s government interfering, I want to have the information. It’s true that knowledge is power. Despite the fact that I KNEW that fried chicken wasn’t the healthiest thing I could have ordered on the menu, 90% of the time I do make good choices and I want those good choices in black and white. I want numbers.

QUESTION: Do you ever have food remorse? What’s your take on the laws about restaurants posting nutritional information?

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  1. I didn’t go as far as saying that Big Brother is controlling everything we do.

    I said that you know which items are high in calories before you walk into the restaurant and it’s not the restaurant’s responsibility to inform you of this, it’s the consumer’s responsibility.

    1. I didn’t mean to skew you as a conspiracy nut. I just think giving people information is good. They can still make poor choices and order that 1500 calorie burger, but who does it hurt giving them information before hand?

  2. I do struggle with food remorse big time. I think I need to plan better because if I know I’m going to have something and then I get it, I don’t feel guilty. But when I say tonight is free and end up eating way too much of everything, I feel so guilty/bloated the next day and it makes me want to restrict, which is never the answer.

    I also like that restaurants will start posting their stats. I think the restaurant industry is largely to blame for the obesity crisis, and its very easy to turn a blind eye when the nutritional information isn’t available. I think if anything, its going to force restaurants to offer some healthier/lighter options so the nutritional stats aren’t so appalling – so it’ll work out well for everyone because you don’t HAVE to look at them if you don’t want to!

    1. I agree Beth! I feel like restaurant eating is tricky no matter what. I can go in, think I’m making a good choice ordering a healthy salad, and later find out that salad was 1400 calories. It really DOES make a difference being aware. I want to be aware before I order.

  3. I suffer from food remorse greatly. I will also crave something and then finally eat it, only to feel bloated and have an upset stomach. Those are items that I have vivid memories of the taste, but won’t eat again.
    Nutritional information is available for most restaurants, if you want it. I find it amusing that those that don’t post any nutritional information (like Cracker Barrel) are places that you know the tastier items they are known for are off the charts in calories, fat, and sodium.

  4. Hi Lisa-I too suffer from food remorse. Especially if I know it is bad food but sometimes we just have to do it or else it’ll build into something crazy. ie you crave a reeses candy bar. You eat and apple with peanut butter and it doesn’t cut it and then you wind up eating the reeses candy bar ANYWAY. I HATE when I do that.

    And I am glad that they are forcing the restaurants to do that. Not all do that here in Seattle and when they finally do, it amazes me how many calories things are. I will still eat the same thing, however, I will adjust the other meals to balance it out instead of hoovering. I don’t know if you guys have specialty’s bakery there in OR but here in WA they have the BEST choc chip cookies. Unfortunately those cookies at 600 cal each so it stops me from eating TWO. =)

    I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Jess! You make a good point about cravings…I learned a long time ago that I need to just give in to those cravings cause eating other things instead of it won’t work. πŸ˜‰

  5. OMG – My dad is going to want to adopt Michael between the golfing and now this! I had the EXACT same conversation with my dad last spring. He was beside himself over the calorie posting with the exact same argument as Michael. What I made him finally admit is that he didn’t want to know. He wanted to remain ignorant, and the menus were going to hinder his ignorance. There ya go.

  6. In the UK we don’t have anything that says a restaurant HAS to provide the NV of every dish they serve but I will go to places that do as it means I can treat the family and know that I can keep a check on what I am eating as well. Lets face it a salad when in a restaurant isn’t always as low cal as you think but making the family eat leaves every time we go out isn’t going to make me any friends either!

  7. I am completely in support of restaurants posting nutritional info! Also, I disagree that you know what’s bad before going in there…I’m a firm believer that a restaurant has this magical way to stuff 500 more calories than you think possible into ANYTHING (evidenced by looking at multiple menues w/ info online)…..that makes it very hard to estimate correctly.

    I’m not totally sure it’s the governments place to regulate that, but on the other hand, they already regulate plenty of other things concerning restaurants and keeping their clients healthy, so maybe this isn’t much different? Im’ not sure…..but personally, I’d still love it πŸ™‚

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