Walking Dead

Another Try at Acupuncture

Remember the negative experience I had with my first acupuncture treatment? I was reluctant to give it another try but recently bought a Living Social deal for a local place and thought it was only fair to try again.

I went to the Pearl Health Center in the Pearl District downtown. My acupuncturist was named Michelle and I liked her quite a bit. She was calming, understanding and friendly. She was also a runner so that was good to hear. We went over some of the things I wanted treated–my insomnia, anxiety and stress, plus theΒ physicalΒ issues I’ve had with my IT Band and my sacrum (which I reinjured recently).

Unlike my first experience where it was a group setting, this was a private room. I was much more comfortable. She had me undress and wear a hospital gown and lay face down. There was dim light, relaxing music and she put a heat lamp near me to keep me warm. She put in the needles in and it was a comfortable, easy experience. There were only two spots that I FELT when she put the needles in and one was in my IT Band. Ouch.

She also put the Tens device on my sacrum (my lower back). It’s a nerve stimulation supposed to work out the kinks and it felt fantastic. It was like tiny electric shocks alternative with vibrations and tiny taps on my back. It felt so great. She left the room for about 40 minutes and I fell dead asleep. I don’t even remember falling asleep. She finished up the 90 minute session with stretching my lower back. She showed me a few new stretches that felt awesome and painful at the same time.

She also suggested that I try the Nike Myrtl Routine (a 12 step pelvic girdle stretch) stretches 3 times a week. I’m definitely going to check it out and incorporate what I can into my normal stretches. I will definitely take her advice because she’s a runner, and she said her sister is training for her fourth Ironman. I felt like she knew what she was talking about.

I got home, feeling groggy–like that post-massage fog–and made leftovers for dinner. Michael made guacamole to go with our dinner.

Over the weekend I had made some easy enchiladas with leftover ground turkey meat. I had two enchiladas left so I reheated that for our dinner. I’m glad we had leftovers because I felt so uninspired to fix something!

Inside the enchilada: ground turkey meat, black olives, black beans, cheese, onions. Yum! I love enchiladas and using leftovers is even better. I added a few chopped tomatoes leftover from the garden to the top.

After dinner we watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead and I played with Fat Kitty! He was on fire and full of energy! He made me laugh and I needed a good chuckle.

He is so cute I can’t take it. πŸ™‚ Oh and I made him dance to “Pumped Up Kicks.” It was hilarious. Fat Kitty kinda looked like one of the zombies from the Thriller video. Michael teased me because apparently everyone makes their cats dance? I had never done it before. It cracked me up!

QUESTION: What is your experience with acupuncture?Β 

Christmas Eve Zombie Haiku

Christmas Eve Eve

(Thursday night) Michael kindly spent hours helping me give my blog a new look. There’s still a few tweaks and fixes we need to do but for the most part the Blog Makeover is done. I think he did a great job and I LOVE the way it looks now. If you’re reading these posts in your Google Reader/RSS Feed, take a moment to check out the actual website and let me know what you think.

Since he was hard at work on the blog I ordered a deLite pizza from Papa Murphy’s and picked up some seasonal beer as well. I baked the pizza and we ate in the office while we fiddled and fixed things.

And I ate way too many of these:

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve arrived. I would have liked to sleep in but I had a tight AM schedule. I woke up early and went to the gym to get in my workout. The place was packed. It was 8:30 or so and every cardio machine was in use. I was lucky to snag a treadmill when I first got there. I guess everyone else had the same idea I had in terms of pre-holiday-food-orgies: workout so you don’t feel guilty indulging!

Unlike my rushed treadmill run on Tuesday night I took my time and didn’t increase the speed more than about 4.4 on the treadmill. I think that was a better pace for me right now. I ran my 2.5 miles without any pain and headed down to the weight machines.

The weight machines were also crowded. A preview of what January and February will be like….SIGH…I focused on the chest machines and the triceps before moving onto Abs.

I attempted to do some Plie Squats with the 15 pound weight and felt considerable discomfort in my right knee. Not good. Squats can also irritate the IT Band just like running. I decided to stop trying to do the squats for a bit to make sure my knee/IT Band is healing the way it should be. At least until I see my sports medicine doc next week and talk to him.

After the lackluster Plie Squats I focused on the Russian Twist, using the 8 pound Medicine Ball. I did some extras of those before I had to switch to stretching and using the Foam Roller.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:39

Calories Burned: 729

After the gym I had to skedaddle to the salon to get my hair cut. I am really happy with it! I saw Jodi at Woop-ti-do over in NE Portland. She’s been cutting my hair for over 2 years now and she’s the best. I won’t let anyone else touch it. It’s REALLY hard to get a good haircut when you have curly hair. Too many stylists are clueless about curly hair. They try to straighten it, cut it like it was straight–too many have tried to give me bangs: NO! NO! NO! Bangs with curly hair do not work! Ever!

Jodi cut about 4-5 inches off my hair. My blog got a makeover and I got a makeover!


(Pretty long, passed my shoulders)


After my appointment it was time to head home to relax (finally). Michael and I watched “Shutter Island” and “Christmas Vacation” while we also did some cooking (amazing recipes to follow).

Christmas Eve for my family meant we could unwrap 1 present. Michael and I each unwrapped a present from my brother Andy. Andy lives in Philly with his wife. They recently went to New York City and the gift they got me is a very cool piece of art I bet they bought on the streets in New York City! So neat!

They got Michael the second book of “The Walking Dead” series. He’s super stoked about the book. Plus Andy wrote a Zombie Haiku. πŸ˜‰

“Merry Christmas Michael!

Precious Barricade

Hold me tight,

From Zombie dreams comes morning light.”

I had a fantastic Christmas Eve. It couldn’t have been better! I will share more photos later. Happy Holidays everyone!

QUESTION: What are your Christmas Eve traditions?