Turkey burgers

Shoulda Stayed in Bed

Don’t you just love staying up late because you’re reading such a good book? That’s what I did Friday night after Michael went to sleep and then Saturday morning I slept in late. I felt like I could have slept for another few hours too, but I had too much stuff to do Saturday so I got up. The sunshine from Friday was gone and in it’s place was pouring rain. Not really how I wanted to spend my Saturday! I went to the gym and lost myself on the treadmill. I ran a decent 4 miles with some intervals and felt really good about m y run.

I went back to my old weight routine with the plated machines–a bit weary of kicking my butt with the free weights like last weekend! I was sore and limping for days. But because I liked doing the free weights so much I gave in and tried the last weekend’s routine again–with LESS weight! I grabbed the 8 pound free weights and did some squats and Sumo Squats with Lateral Raise and Single Leg Arm Curls.

I finished up with a bunch of ab work–something I’ve been neglecting too much lately. It’s funny because all week I’ve been bumming out about my stomach. I felt like I’d gained 50 pounds in just my stomach area. I felt frustrated, I was stressed I couldn’t weigh myself. It all just converged into a big bummer this week. It’s amazing what HAVOC hormones can cause! I was feeling a little better on Saturday working out and doing the ab work helped my brain too.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:44

Calories Burned: 781

For lunch Michael and I made turkey burgers. It hit the spot after such an intense workout! I had a serving of Trader Joe’s White Cheddar Popcorn as my side. The burger was excellent.

Despite the good lunch, I felt like I was dragging ass all afternoon. I had a ton of stuff to do before some friends came over for an early dinner and drinks. I went to Trader Joe’s and the grocery store and then Michael and I started making the pizzas for dinner. All I wanted to do was take a nap! What is going on with me? I’m never this run down. The pizzas turned out EXCELLENT!

The secret is definitely minced garlic in the olive oil and grated Parmesan cheese on the crust. We did half pepperoni and black olives and half artichoke hearts with feta cheese. I used fresh basil from our garden too!

The next pizza was basil and sliced tomatoes and then sausage and peppers. The pizzas were a hit and they were delicious. I was glad the pizzas turned out so well for our friends. They headed off after dinner and Michael and I just chilled for the rest of the night. Being lazy and watching TV was a nice way to end the evening.

QUESTION: How do you like to spend your downtime?

Spinning in New Pedals

Well, new for me. Remember how I had an equipment malfunction on last weekend’s 40 mile bike ride? When I got home from work on Monday Michael was swapping out my broken (and jerry-rigged) pedals for an old pair from one of his previous bikes.

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Yes, I plan on switching to clip-in pedals soon. In fact, I already have the clip-in pedals I just need to get the shoes that will fit with them. I had hoped that I would get the new shoes this winter so I could practice clipping in and out while I was on the bike trainer. But honestly, I think I just need to suck it up and do it already. I need to get over my fear and practice before the Portland Century.

I’d planned on biking to work Tuesday but woke up to rain so moved it to Wednesday. The morning was cool and very gray but dry.

The temperature was in that weird in-between where it was too cold to not wear warm clothes but once I warmed up I was too hot. I stopped by the river and took off my top jacket. I felt much better after that.

I continued on. The trail was pretty quiet and empty, not many cyclists out. The Hawthorne Bridge wasn’t crowded either.

I arrived at work in decent time, hot and sweaty. I’d parked the car a little further away to add some distance to my ride.

Morning Commute:

Time: 33 minutes

Calories Burned: 247

Distance: 6.1 Miles


As the day went on yesterday it got grayer, darker and colder. It was the first time I wore my long tights and cycling jacket on my commute home. I watched the weather turning gnarly and figured I would be riding home in the rain. Fortunately, it stayed dry.

Before I rode I  ate my banana for a snack. I’ve decided to quit bananas. They are healthy and I like them yet every time I eat a banana I am HUNGRIER than ever. It’s NOT a good pre-workout fuel for me and I realized that yesterday when my stomach was growling angrily the entire ride home. Plus my energy was in the toilet. The whole ride was a struggle–and I hadn’t even gotten to any hills yet!

I got back to Michael’s car in Sellwood and the second I hopped off the bike I thought I was going to collapse. My legs were jello. Not good. I immediately ate my little Babybel cheese snack (70 calories) to try and take the edge off my gnawing hunger while I drove home.

Afternoon Commute:

Time: 29 minutes

Calories Burned: 226

Distance: 6.1 Miles


Calories Burned:  473    |     Distance: 12.2 miles

The moment I got home I ate a snack in a frenzy. I was so famished I couldn’t think straight. Not a good place to be. Michael got home shortly after that and he suggested we have turkey burgers for dinner instead of the salmon and scallops we’d planned on. I was so hungry I immediately agreed. We had an early dinner.

Grilled asparagus as the side. I devoured every bite and felt immediately better. I also had one glass of white wine.

Instead of doing chores and running errands like I planned on doing, I got into my PJ’s and Michael and I settled in to spend the rest of the evening catching up on TV shows (The Office specifically). It was nice to just totally veg out!

QUESTION: What is your favorite pre-workout food? And what’s up with bananas?!?