Tour de Portland

Sunday morning I skipped the pool and watched some of the Tour de France. I’m glad that the cheater Contador isn’t doing well!

I like watching the Tour de France. It’s pretty inspiring and VERY humbling. I’m humbled by their speeds and skills. I could never do that. I struggled in June to bike 85 miles. Did you read that Lori biked over 350 miles in June? I’m so impressed!

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My hope is that July is a big biking month. I need the practice before the Portland Century!Β After lunch on Sunday we set out for the day. It was warming up but still a tad overcast.Β We biked from our house through neighborhoods and got to the Springwater Trail. Michael had mapped out a 40 mile loop on Google Maps. We headed West toward downtown.

I was feeling good. A little sore from Saturday’s workout but more sore from the gardening I did! My back felt really tender.Β I lead us passed Oak’s Park to the Esplanade and Michael drafted me. I stopped to see the Waterfront Blues Festival on the other side of the river. It was a sea of people!

We biked up the ramp next to the Steel Bridge and rode by the Rose Garden.

There was a goofy bike crossing–the first I’ve seen like this–where the cyclists have their own light and bike diagonally through the intersection. It was cool.

We biked by the max and passed the Rose Quarter to get to North Williams Street. The bike lane was wide and safe.

We biked up Williams and then stopped on Killingsworth to get some snacks: I got an iced tea and sucked it down in 2 seconds, Michael got a soda. I also had a GU.

We needed to get back to Williams and the bike lane ended. It was super sketchy and terrifying. We were clearly in a part of town that was NOT biker friendly. A car came inches from hitting Michael! πŸ™

We got off this street and took some back streets until we could loop around to Marine Drive.

Marine Drive was much safer. Until we stopped to have another GU and water. I also wanted to stretch my back. I unclipped my right foot and then lost my balance. I was still clipped in on the left and struggled to get out and I FELL.

I hit the pavement — OF COURSE I had an audience too– and when I got up I was shaking from adrenaline.Β Scraped my knee, scraped my elbow, bruised my butt cheek, got road rash on my leg and scratched my bike. UGH!!!!

Not fun. I stretched and then we biked East on Marine Drive. The day had warmed up significantly and I was glad I wasn’t wearing long sleeves. We stopped a lot for water and stretches.

Marine Drive was nice and the mountain looked gorgeous. We biked to the I-205 bike path and headed South.Β There were a few huge hills we had to tackle on the way home. I was losing steam, growing tired. My butt hurt from the crash. My legs were NOT good on the hills either. I really struggled for some reason, while Michael zipped up them like they were nothin’.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful. About 5 miles from home I mentioned to Michael that we should get burgers for dinner. I didn’t have to twist his arm. He burned 2500+ calories or so?

Ride Stats:
Time: 3:44
Distance: 38 Miles
Calories Burned: 1788

We split a protein shake post-ride, cleaned up and went out for burgers.

QUESTION: What was the most active thing you did this weekend?

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  1. I did a half marathon! So fun.
    We’re planning to do some more bike serious riding this summer now that the half is all done-although post-half Josh was talking about how maybe he could do a marathon… goodness!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you fell. BUT, in my experience, I was so terrified of falling/crashing/scratching my bike that I really couldn’t enjoy myself. Once I finally did crash (on the side of a main highway with a HUGE audience) it changed my whole mindset toward cycling. Yes, it hurt and yes, I scratched my beautiful Bianchi but it made me into a much more relaxed bicyclist and made it much more fun.

  3. Ouch! I am so sorry you fell! I have not fallen yet (knock on wood) Your ride looked awesome! I am riding tonight with my husband. I am still working my distance back up since I had surgery- I am hoping for 20 tonight.

  4. Great ride and lovely pictures! A lot of our rides weave between street riding and path riding and I definitely prefer the paths!

    Sorry to hear about the fall, but at least it was a topple over and not a crash. It’s better to get that first clip shoe fall over with LOL.

    The main reason I get in so many miles is that I basically do 2 things – lifting and biking. I don’t the other things that you do like running and hiking. I use my bike to get around to places, too, like yogurt, coffee, breakfast, visiting my folks. Functional riding racks up the miles.

    1. Man I am still sore from the fall. Glad it wasn’t a crash either.

      I knew you did biking and weights and that makes sense for the high mileage. If I didn’t run, or swim, I’d bike more. And if the weather would cooperate I could commute to work more than once a week!!! πŸ™

  5. Ouch! You poor thing! Good attitude on seeing it as something to get over with.

    We walked the Pearl on Sunday and maybe picked out our new couch before driving out to Dundee for a BBQ. Not a huge exercise day (and Hot Lips for lunch. My plan is sooo blown).

  6. 1700 calories?1 Holy crap where you avging like 25mph?! πŸ˜›

    For the record, in the Tour De France, if you are winning, you’re taking drugs so anyone in the front is pretty much cheating right now. The wife and I watched a special where they interviewed some not so popular cyclists in the TDF and they pretty much said everyone was doing it. They said the way you could tell those that take drugs were the ones in the front. He said if you don’t take steroids you can not compete, period. Pretty sad state Cycling is in these days.

    On that note, still glad Contador isn’t winning!

    Sorry about the knee!

    1. I’m not sure what the speed was. I’d have to guess 10-15 mph. But Portland has a LOT of hills. My heart rate can get pretty high.

      It’s a shame that the cycling world is being tainted by drugs because now that’s all people think about. πŸ™

  7. Yeah its weird how cycling is the center of attention when it come to steroids.

    I’m heading to Vermont (Barnet/ST Johnsbury) on the 15th. I guess I’ll get to revisit some of those monster hills up in the north east!

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