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Thanks for so many great comments and observations on Monday’s post. I wanted to share a few of the highlights and great suggestions.

Lori mentioned something she’s termed “food creep” –the snacking, nibbling, gradual act of eating more and more and not noticing until it’s too late (i.e. weight gain). 

Beth said she’s also experiencing something similar and is getting “back to basics” (good plan). 

Alex had a GREAT tip for holiday parties: use a small plate. It’s a fantastic suggestion that slipped my mind. My advice would also be in tandem of the small-plate-at-parties-plan and that’s not to stand next to the buffet/snack table during the party. It’s really easy to just mindlessly munch while you’re talking to people and not even notice OR enjoy the food!

You might want to check out this post that is similar to mine in it’s message, Dry December. It’s a great post, timely and I agree with it. The writer is limiting her alcohol intake to once or twice a week instead of every day. I’ve been doing something similar since the day after Thanksgiving. Since then I’ve had 1 beer and that’s it. I didn’t miss it, either.

I’m hoping the plan I’ve been doing for a few weeks now will show some results on the scale. That damn skirt is too tight, yet ironically the jeans I have that are a size 2 (Target vanity sizing, so probably a 4 or 6 in reality) are literally falling off my body. So how is the skirt tight and the jeans are loose?

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Last night I was at the gym doing my physical therapy exercises, elliptical and the weight machines (I try to mix it up with the free weights, machines and kettlebells) and I noticed something:

Almost everyone I walked by in the weight room was simply sitting on the machines, not working out, playing with their phones.


I wanted to say, “Don’t you know you’re just wasting your time in the gym when you could be working out?” and “You aren’t really burning calories sitting there!”

Don’t get me wrong, I sometimes do that too–changing the music on Pandora, answer a text here and there, get lost on Twitter while I’m on the elliptical…but I try my hardest not to make that a habit. When I’m in the gym, I want to spend as little time as possible to burn the calorie count I’m looking for. Meaning, I know I can burn between 550-700 calories in 1 hour doing cardio and kettlebell exercises.  So why would I spend 90 minutes doing the same thing but taking lots of breaks to play with my phone?

I don’t mean this to be preachy or judgmental, just a friendly reminder. KEEP YOUR HEART RATE UP!


In related news, I did squats on the bosu ball per my physical therapist. If you’ve never tried it, give it a try the next time you’re at the gym. It’s surprisingly harder than it looks.

My gym session was pretty good. I liked the calorie number and went home famished. Michael made his amazing homemade meatballs and a puttanesca sauce over Barilla shells pasta. Unfortunately, my camera is on the fritz and I had to send it in to be fixed (I’m going through withdrawals not having my Canon DSLR around) but thankfully it’s still under warranty. Anyway, I used my old camera to take photos of the beautiful, picture-perfect dinner and of COURSE the photos didn’t turn out. 🙁

The sauce was fantastic and spicy as hell. He used a jar of Trader Joe’s vodka red sauce as a base and added chopped Kalamata olives and lots of red pepper flakes. It’s an easy sauce to make and tastes so good. It would definitely impress a dinner guest.

I miss my camera. 🙁

QUESTION: How do you feel about the “playing on the phone” topic?

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  1. I don’t have a gym membership so the phone thing doesn’t bother me in the gym. The distracted driver I’m blabbing on my phone or not watching the road because I’m texting someone is a whole other subject. It really gets me riled >:(
    Marc recently posted..12th Video Weigh-in

  2. I almost got into it with a chick at the gym once who had been sitting on a machine for EVER, just talking on the phone. She’d do like 5 half-assed reps and then just sit there for like 5 minutes in between. When I asked if I could work in, she gave me this icy glare and said “I will be” (BTW a great blog post idea for you would be a collection of everyone’s horrible gym encounters!)

    So yeah, it pisses me off when all the treadmills are taken or I have to wait to use a machine and there are people are just slogging around talking on the phone. In the pool, the lap lanes are for people swimming laps only. If you’re going to just lay there on your back and float, you go in the open-swim area. It should be like this in the weightroom/gym too. (Although it’d be impossible to enforce.)
    Marie recently posted..sloppy seconds

    1. I actually DID get into it with a chick. She sat on a machine for seriously 15 min and NEVER used it. She was just talking on the phone. I got sick of waiting and finally asked if I could use it. She said she was using it. I became a bit of a bitch and said sarcastically and loudly, “REALLY? Coz it looks like you’re just sitting there talking on the phone.” She ignored me, put her phone in the crook of her neck to keep talking and then half-assed using the machine. It was rage-inducing. Some people should just STAY HOME. Good god.

      Good idea on blog post. Thanks! My list is long. LOL I agree 100% about the pool. Since I’m a swimmer I am often annoyed with how people ignore the etiquette.

  3. I don’t take my phone in the gym! If I knew how to operate my new smart phone I might have a reason to, but I think I will continue leaving it in the car.

  4. Ugggggh. People on their phones are so frustrating. So are the chit chatters. People that walk super slow on the treadmill so they can chit chat with their friend next to them. I’m not at the gym to socialize or play with my phone. I get my workout done and get the heck out of there 🙂

    1. I’m so with you! I don’t want to chit chat, I just want to get a good workout in. And messing with the phone just slows my heart rate. Which is doesn’t burn calories. 🙂

  5. I feel the same way about the phones! I don’t even take my phone to the gym. If someone is on a phone and using a bench or equipment I need they will be asked to move. And I have a way of asking something so you are actually being told, but it sounds polite (its a gift) and they will usually move. Drives me nuts. That and sitting on stuff watching the TV. Drives me around the bend. I can do a full body weights workout in 30 minutes because I don’t muck around.


  6. Our gyms have signs all over and on the machines that say they are a No Cell Phone Zone – you may want to talk to the manager of your gym about making that a rule. When I’m there most people I don’t really see people on the phone (obviously they are listening to music but not having a conversation). The only call I’ll pick up is from my husband – and I usually just pick up and say “is this an emergency or can I call you back I’m at the gym?” I see many people do the same.

    1. I wish our gym had signs like that. But honestly, even if they did they wouldn’t enforce it. 🙁 The pool also has signs that kids under 14 can’t be in the pool without their parent. Kids are in there all the time.

  7. I don’t really care if people are PLAYING on their phones while they’re at the gym, as long as they’re not in my way. It’s their waste of time and money. However… if they are TALKING on their phone, that irritates me to no end, especially because they usually have to talk really loud to hear themselves over the gym music, and that invades my auditory bubble!! I wish 2h Hr had a cell phone policy.
    Tiffany recently posted..Weigh-In Wednesday Dec. 5

    1. Well my point of the post was that these people who are using the exercise machines essentially as couches are wasting their time and not getting their heart rate up to burn anything!

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