Feb 252014

Dang it. I don’t even play tennis! Yet, here I am nursing Tennis Elbow.

I’ve had issues in the past where my right elbow bugged me. Usually reducing weight lifting and stopping all push-ups for a week or two did the trick. This time? It was a million times worse. Radiating, throbbing, aching, burning pain around my elbow into my forearm. So bad it hurt to even touch the skin around it. I saw a doctor, even though I’d already accurately diagnosed myself, and yep tennis elbow. No weight lifting for 2 weeks, regular icing of my arm and elbow, take 2 Aleve twice a day and wear a brace on my elbow. I have a history of tendinitis in my right wrist that I saw a specialist for years ago and wore a wrist brace at work. Then it got better and I didn’t wear my wrist brace for like 4 years. Now I’m back to wearing it again as well.

I think a combination of factors lead to my injury. Weight lifting, typing at work and using my iPhone too much the last few weeks (first when we were snowed in and then the next week when I was sick). My hope is that it improves quickly because not only is it painful, it’s incredibly inconvenient being right handed and all. I’m also irritated I can’t lift weights for many weeks. Despite that, I was able to work around my elbow issue on Saturday’s workout.

photo 1-1

I did a bunch of stuff that I knew I could do without irritating my arm–squats, deadlifts, burpees, etc and then finished up with the elliptical. I did a fairly quickie workout because I knew I was going to be working my butt off later.

In the snow storm a few weeks ago a section of our fence fell down. Then the next weekend there was a huge windstorm that blew down another section of the fence. Our fence is so old it’s basically rotting. I’m not surprised it fell down. Unfortunately we aren’t in the physical or financial place to replace the entire fence because our yard is SO huge! But we needed to fix it to buy more time and to keep Bella in our yard. I tell ya, it’s been a pain in the butt going out with her every time she needs to pee! At 6 am when it’s pouring rain I don’t want to go outside in my PJs…

photo 2-1

photo 5

Fun times! Michael, one of our neighbors and I worked on fixing the fence. First we had to dig out the concrete from the original posts, two of which fell down and I think that’s why the rest of fence came down so easily. It took forever to dig around the concrete core that went down at least 3 or 4 feet. They were humongous and heavy and difficult to remove but we got it . Next Michael got new materials from the hardware store.


Bella was having a BLAST playing outside all day. From the snow to the pouring rain we haven’t done much the last few weeks so she loved being outside all afternoon. We played ball, she ran around while we fixed the fence, it was good.

photo 4
Carrying, mixing and pouring 50 pounds of concrete is exhausting. After spending about 5 hours working on this, we were both exhausted and sore. My lower back was aching, Michael’s back hurt. We both hit the wall about the same time. We finished up, cleaned up everything and decided to go out to dinner. The idea of cooking anything was too much to handle.

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photo 2

Michael had a Groupon deal for the nearby sushi restaurant that we like so we went there. I got a glass of Pinot Grigio and devoured the food, both of us famished. It was a lot of food. I regretted eating so much afterward but dammit was I hungry! Back home and in my PJs the minute I dropped my purse, I settled in the watch some TV and relax. I just started watching “The West Wing.” I’m about half way through the first season. Loving it! Then I went to bed–I knew I was going to be sore the next day and boy was I!


Sunday we got some new boards put up and then reattached the old fence. It’s a temporary fix for now. We’re not in a place right now to redo the whole fence and even though the current fence is rotting, it still works and it means Bella can go outside unsupervised and run around! Yay! It’s done. We finished just as it started pouring rain on Sunday.

Feb 042014

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about my food. I figured the new readers would be interested to see what a typical day for me in maintenance mode would look like. To be honest it doesn’t change a lot. I found things that worked and stuck with it. I try to add some variety to it here and there but honestly, this post is pretty typical of what I eat each day.


Lately I’ve been obsessed with hard-boiled eggs. I used this recipe to make perfect hard-boiled eggs and I’ve been doing a batch on Sunday nights for the upcoming week’s breakfasts. I like it because it’s a change from my normal two fried eggs and toast breakfast and it’s also pretty filling.


Breakfast lately has been 1 hard-boiled egg and a piece of gluten-free toast. Sometimes I put jam on the toast, sometimes cream cheese. Today it was a hard-boiled egg, the toast with cream cheese and a little buffalo sauce drizzled on top (don’t judge, it’s SO good). I have a glass of homemade, unsweetened iced tea with breakfast and then a cup of coffee with creamer when I get to work.

Total Calories Today: 331

Morning Snack

My mid-morning snack doesn’t change much. It’s usually an apple. I find that satisfies my sweet tooth and curbs the hunger between meals. The fruit changes with season. In winter it’s either satsuma oranges or apples. Summertime is fresh, seasonal berries.

Total Calories Today: 70-80 calories depending on the size of the apple


Lunch during the week is routinely leftovers or my old stand-by meals: salad, soup and crackers, leftovers from dinner the night before, sometimes frozen meals when I’m in a rush (the Trader Joe’s Indian food lunches are fantastic!).

Today for lunch I brought a salad. I’ve been craving veggies and while the house is currently low on vegetable options, I made it work. I had a mixture of green leaf lettuce, spinach, roasted sunflower seeds, red onion and broccoli. I topped it with half of a can of tuna fish.


Because this isn’t super filling, although the tuna helps, I added a string cheese to my lunch. I had a few pieces of candy, too.

Total Calories Today: 400

Afternoon Snack

This is a pre-gym snack. I’ve tried a whole lot of different things to figure out what works best. I need something to take the edge off my hunger without filling me up too much so I can hit the gym after work. Pre-swim snack is usually some plain Greek yogurt with raisins or fresh berries.

Other snacks have been 1 graham cracker with peanut butter on it, or hummus with raw veggies. These seem to be my go-to snack because everything else I’ve tried failed. Bananas are TERRIBLE–they leave me a starving, shaking mess.



This day I had a graham cracker with half a serving of crunchy peanut butter and topped it with a few Craisins. I had about 1/3 of an Almond Milk to wash it down. It was a little higher in calories than I normally have for a pre-gym snack.

Total Calories Today: 220


Dinner was a quickie-type meal. We don’t eat a ton of pasta but lately we’ve been having it more often because it’s quick and easy and we found some gluten free pasta that actually tastes really good. I measured out the dry penne with a kitchen scale so there were two exact servings–which was weird because even though the servings were correct, when everything was cooked it seemed more like three servings of food instead.

While the penne was cooking, I browned some leftover spicy pork sausage in the skillet and then added two handfuls of baby spinach to it until it was wilted. Then I added Four Cheese Pasta Sauce from a jar (totally not creative but did the trick for a fast dinner). I poured the al dente penne into the skillet with a teeny bit of the pasta water to cut the pasta sauce and mixed it all together.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the jarred sauce but at least it was so mild that I didn’t really notice it. The flavors of the spicy sausage and spinach were what I tasted primarily. I’d make this easy dish again but I’d probably use a red sauce next time.

Total Calories Today: Around 650 


Dessert is a must for me. I TRY and limit it to 200 calories or less but sometimes I splurge. We have a freakin’ huge bag of M&M’s from Costco that we’ve been working through. That was dessert for me!

A serving size is 1/4 of a cup. I always measure it out. It’s easy to eat much more than a serving when you just grab a handful.

Total Calories Today: 230


Michael joined me for a workout at the Warrior Room! He bought the Groupon and even though he’s been doing kettle bells on his own at home for years, I think it’s great he checked it out. He got some tips on his form and he LOVED the gym! I’m happy to turn him on to something fun and new.


It was weird working out together. While we do activities together, we don’t really workout together. He cycles (and is faster than me) with me and we hike together (I’m faster than him) and that’s about it.


Total Calories Burned Today: 539!

The Totals

It was a decent day of eating for me. My calories for each meal in this post is pretty standard for most days, just the type of food varies from day to day. So how was the total breakdown?

Calorie Goal for the day: 1700

Calories eaten for the day: 1901

Calories burned for the day: 539

Calorie Total After The Gym: 1362

I’ll admit that I probably ate healthier on this day because I was taking pictures of everything. Where would I have gone “wrong”? Probably having random bites of candy at work after lunch. That has been my downfall for a long time. It’s hard to resist the candy when it’s right in front of you. Chewing gum helps me a lot. Overall I’m happy with the calories for the day. If I want to lose any weight, I need to take a look at the carbs and sugar I’m eating AND create more of a deficit in my calories. Even 50-100 calories can make a big difference!

How are your eats lately?