My recent Saturday morning workouts was one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. I felt strong, happy and pain-free during the entire workout. There wasn’t a single moment where I was bored, or lost steam, or felt tired and slow. It was one of those workouts that you don’t want it to end because it was so dang good! First, I did something new on the elliptical. Instead of the same ol’ same ol’ routine (manual with 10-12 resistance), I did intervals. It was so much fun! The machine went from Incline 4 with 6 Resistance to Incline 10 with 12 Resistance. I did that for about 45 minutes and burned more calories than I do when I us do a straight 60 minutes.

Then my run was the kind of run where I could have gone forever. I hated that I had to stop when I did. Even if I could DO more, I had to listen to my body and take it slow. Adding too much mileage too soon is how I’ve gotten into trouble in the past. My 1.38 mile run was fast and FUN. That’s the best part. I felt so good! And so bummed when I stopped.

After my run, I spent a good 40 minutes doing a circuit routine with free weights and full-body exercises. I increased the free weight amounts and I felt strong while I lifted. See that above photo? My butt seems to have entirely disappeared! I have no idea where it went. Talking with Suzanne later that day, she suggested that I need to increase the weight that I’m lifting even more. I also need to look at what I’m eating and I might¬†need to change that up a bit.

Time: 1:41
Calories Burned: 875

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get caught up on our DVR’ed shows. We’ve been so busy lately we’re about three weeks behind on everything! Then we made dinner together.

I was craving fajitas and guacamole so that’s what we made. I didn’t want to eat tortillas though, so I made us salads. I prepped all the ingredients while Michael made the guacamole.

If you want to try some amazing guacamole, try Michael’s recipe. It’s delicious and spicy. The secret: TONS of garlic and some jalapenos. We don’t add salt to the guacamole at all because the tortilla chips are pretty salty themselves.

I had some ulterior motives for suggesting fajita salads for dinner. Not only was I craving Mexican food, but I wanted to use up some stuff from the pantry. My last visit to World Market produced this:

It was time to use it up. Michael wasn’t too enthused about using the fajita sauce. His stance: he could make the same flavors with spices and it wouldn’t be some pre-packaged crap. Yes, I know…I’m trying to get away from the processed foods and we totally didn’t NEED this stuff to make yummy fajitas, but sometimes I’m weak and I give in to impulse shopping! I can’t help it!

For the veggies we used one small yellow onion and a sliced up yellow pepper. The sauce thickened up in the skillet and when it was ready I topped the salads with the fajita mixture. It smelled pretty good. I topped the salads with the guacamole and some sour cream.

How was the fajita mix? It was just okay. My first bite of the salad and I said “Wow this is really salty!” and then “And it’s really sweet too.” There was way too much sodium in the mixture. I think Michael was right, as much as I hate to admit it! We could have made the same flavors ourselves without using the processed food and without having a TON of salt in our fajitas.

I’m not saying that dinner was awful in any way. The salt was more than *I* like but the dinner was still really delicious. We had some of the sauce leftover and I just dumped it out. In the future we’ll just use our own spices. Lesson learned!

QUESTION: Do you use a lot of prepackaged items and sauces when you cook?

Super Romantic Dinner for Two

….with guacamole too!

We made beef fajitas for dinner. I marinaded the steak overnight and it was more flavorful that way. Flank steak is a good cut for fajitas.

I gave myself another Valentine’s Day gift yesterday (besides loving myself). I ordered another jar of FUDGE!

One for me and one for a friend. I cannot wait to enjoy a little fudge….:)¬† I ate a little too much of the guacamole last night which prevented me from wanting dessert. I know, travesty!

Michael said some really sweet and romantic things last night. (Hugs!)

I chopped up the black olives, fresh tomato (for the fajitas and the guacamole) and cut the red peppers.

Michael chopped the jalapenos, onions and minced the garlic. Then he cooked the streak and veggies while I munched on guacamole. We listened to the John Coltrane station on Pandora and chatted about our days.

I was feeling pretty good; a tad worn out from the day but alright. As the night progressed I started to feel worse: tired, I was coughing a lot more. I just didn’t feel great by the time I went to bed.

I ate one fajita: one small tortilla with all the fixings. I knew that one was enough because of all the chips and guacamole I was eating. Dinner was good and I was stuffed.

By the time I woke up Tuesday morning my cold was firmly sitting in my chest, I’d been up all night coughing and I had completely lost my voice. Not exactly how I wanted to start my day. I called in sick at work and made an appointment with a doctor. If it’s bronchitis I want to get it taken care of asap. I’m back to having ZERO appetite. I slept in until 11am this morning and still haven’t eaten anything other than a few strawberries. Nothing sounds appealing and my stomach is telling me I don’t want food. This sucks.

Michael finished reading the “4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss and asked me to read it. It claims to be an “uncommon guide to rapid fat-loss, incredible sex and becoming superhuman.” I’m trying to read the book with an open mind but it’s really hard for me because it seems gimmicky. It feels like a “lose weight fast” scam to me. The writer isn’t a doctor or nutritionist. He’s just a writer. I also feel like he clogs the book with a bunch of numbers and science but I don’t feel like I can trust any of those numbers or the science behind it because I don’t know who this guy is….?

He also claims that people should be doing the bare minimum of exercise in order to lose a lot of weight. That also rubs me the wrong way. I feel like I’m living proof that hard work WORKS. Michael claims that the book doesn’t diminish what I did but it really does feel like the book does. Maybe I’m just being defensive and overly sensitive?

There are some things in the book that I do agree with. He says to eat more protein and more fiber (good), to stop eating “white” food (bread, rice, potatoes, etc). But then he turns around and says there’s NO REASON to eat fruit at all. That if I missed eating fruit, I could eat some on my “Binge Day” (another thing I didn’t like, calling a Cheat Day a Binge Day) but that I didn’t need to be eating the fruit. I’m sorry but I love fruit and it’s good for me. Sure there might be a lot of sugar in fruit but I believe it is healthy sugar.

Here’s a few chapter titles: “How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days.” (Haven’t read the chapter yet but it makes me mad considering I’m a good swimmer but it took me a few years to build up my stamina and skill.) “Going from 5k to 50K in 12 Weeks.” That sounds like an injury waiting to happen.

One thing that stuck with me after reading the first few chapters was this statement:

“Even if you are predisposed to being overweight, you’re not predestined to be fat.”

I like that. It’s implying personal responsibility to the idea of being overweight. That is very true in my case. My body type, genes and family history does not mean I should just settle with being overweight or fat. For a long time I “settled” and said that I was just destined to be fat. It was in my genes. I’d “tried” everything (I really hadn’t tried at all). I’m proof that that isn’t true at all.

I’m going to continue reading the book to give it a fair try. Once Michael’s back and head cold get better he plans on trying the book’s diet/exercise program. I’ll support him and if there’s positive results I promised him I’d give it a try. Right now it’s just a wait and see thing.

QUESTION: What did you have for dinner last night? Anything special? And have you read this book?