Not Enough Miles in the Day

My mileage for last week on the bike was about 35 miles. My hope for this week is to double that. Tuesday was my bike to work day. I need to figure out something else to eat for breakfast on days I bike to work because the breakfast I currently eat sits way too heavy in my stomach. I felt like I might vomit a few times on the ride simply because I was too full. I ate two scrambled eggs and a serving of beans. Hmm, maybe just cereal in the future.

The morning was cool but I warmed up quick and had to take off my warm gloves for my regular biking gloves. My legs were slow and tired too. I was still sore from Sunday’s run I think.

It was a quiet morning without much bike traffic on the road. I rode through Sellwood and on the Springwater Corridor to downtown. I feel pretty lucky that I have such a nice commute.

There were no deer sightings this time. Other than feeling too warm and my legs were lethargic, it was an okay ride. I passed OMSI and headed across the Hawthorne Bridge.

I biked up the west side of the Esplanade, passed the Brew Fest! They were setting up the tents for it right on the waterfront. Looking forward to it this year.

Not bad for the morning! I was slow and didn’t burn a lot of calories compared to last week but it’s a good start for the week.

Morning Stats:
Time: 41 minutes
Calories Burned: 292
Distance: 7.49 miles


The day warmed up nicely and I left most of my stuff at work so I wouldn’t have to carry it home in my backpack.

It was one of those days where I kinda wanted to keep riding. I’m finding more and more afternoons like that, where I wish my commute was longer on the bike. The morning not so much–I rarely wish my commute was longer. But I’m not a morning person.

I didn’t have to wait for any boats or bridges this time. I sped along the Esplanade toward the Springwater.

The water was beautiful and glistening, the temperature was warm. It was a very comfortable riding temperature but I still wished I had left my backpack at the office entirely. I need to figure out a better way. The big backpack–light or not–makes me sweat a lot on my back.

The bike route through Sellwood is really nice and big. It’s clearly marked, with signs as well. So anyone visiting the city could easily follow the trail to the Springwater. I recommend all visitors to Portland give it a try. It’s fun!

I got the the Springwater and decided to keep going instead of getting off and going to the car. I biked a few more miles to the Johnson Creek parking lot before turning around and heading back. It was such a nice day I wanted to keep riding!

People were cooling off in the creek below me as I rode by. I saw a mixture of people on the trail: the newbie cyclists, the people on cruiser bikes, the kids on mountain bikes and the super serious cyclists with all the best gear and clothes.

I rode back to the pathway off the Springwater and biked to the car, kinda sad I was ending my bike ride.

It was a nice ride though!

Afternoon Commute Stats:
Time: 48 minutes
Calories Burned: 350
Distance: 10.3 miles

Total Distance: 17.79 miles! Love it! I need to extend my commute a bit next time.

The rest of the evening was yard work and then we made pizza. It’s been way too long since we made our homemade pizza. I picked some fresh oregano, basil and rosemary from the garden to go on our pizza.

The pizza was great. I loved the fresh herbs on the pizza and the crust was garlicky and delicious. I really wanted a third piece of pizza but I refrained and only ate two pieces. It was hard but I calculated my calories and having that third piece would have put me over for the day–even with the calories I burned exercising. So two it was.

QUESTION: When you are faced with food temptations and cravings, how do you stay strong?

Craving Fried Chikken

Fall weather has definitely arrived in Portland. Cold, damp, rainy, weather plus the trees are changing.

I love the autumn leaves. Despite the cold and rain, it’s my favorite time of year.

Yesterday was a very stressful day at work. Lots of pressure, lots of stress. Plus it was a potluck. I went for a walk at lunch to avoid the potluck and get some fresh air. I had forgotten to bring food to participate plus I knew that the mood I was in I’d make bad choices. So it was a Lean Cuisine for me, then a walk to Washington Park.

If you follow me on Twitter you saw this ridiculous statement:

I very rarely crave anything fried. Usually my cravings center around sweets and chocolate. But damn, all I wanted was a bunch of fried chicken with mashed potatoes and warm, flaky biscuits! After much debate with Michael, he finally said I should just workout 10 minutes longer after work and we’ll go get fried chicken. Yay!

I got to the gym with my swimming bag and saw that all the cardio machines were gone. Yep…the gym was one big, dark, empty space. Now I know they are doing a remodel, but….? What? I got in the pool and swam my little butt off. I usually swim 1.25 miles in about 42 minutes or so.

This time, I did that little extra mileage for a total of 1.5 miles (with 2 extra lengths for fun). It felt fantastic. I lounged in the hot tub, my muscles sore from yoga, and fantasized about the fried food I was going to be eating shortly! On my way out, I asked the front desk about the cardio machines. He said they were moved to the new floor, but turned off for a few days. However, I can use another gym nearby.

When I walked in the door at home, I immediately saw this:

Yes, that is a Costco sized bag of Halloween candy. And yes, Butterfingers are my favorites. Dammit.

Temptation is everywhere!

Michael and I headed out the door to eat at the Delta Cafe. It’s a hip cafe that serves Southern food. I’ve heard good things about it, but never eaten there. When we arrived it was almost 8pm and there was a line out the door. 🙁 There was probably at least an hour wait to eat. There was no way I’d last that long. Swimming causes me to sink into a dark, desperately hungry hole and I MUST eat now. There’s no waiting an hour for food.

The Fried Chicken plan was thwarted. 🙁

There was greasy Chinese food, pizza, burritos, or Thai food nearby. None of those sounded very good to me. We stopped at a sushi place instead, Tani’s Japanese Kitchen & Sushi Bar. We got a table immediately (thank god) and I ordered a salad to tide me over.

It was really good. I think it was cabbage and cucumber, carrots and peanuts with a rice vinegar dressing. I liked it a lot. Michael got a miso soup. He wasn’t feeling too great so he stuck with water. I had a glass of dry Riesling.

The place was cute. It seemed like a friendly neighborhood restaurant. A lot of the patrons seemed to be on first name basis with the sushi guys, so that was kind of cool.

I was in a fog of hunger so I’m not positive what we ordered…Philly Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Spicy California Roll with Crab and some specialty roll with shrimp and avocado.

The sushi was delicious. Not quite the fried chicken I was craving, but the salt content in the soy sauce seemed to satisfy a little bit of the craving.

Michael and I both agreed we ordered 1 too many rolls. Neither of us really wanted to take home the leftovers, either. I’m not a big fan of sushi the next day. It just seems wrong…

We called it a night. I was jazzed and wanting to stay up a bit later, do something, go somewhere…but Michael was sick and honestly I knew my energy level would be crashing shortly. And it did! I was suddenly exhausted from the day. The stress at work had caught up to me, and the extra hard swim finally fatigued my whole body.

We did break into that Halloween candy though. I ate 4 of the miniature Butterfingers for dessert. Just because they are bite sized, doesn’t mean they are free calories! 4 minis equaled a regular sized candy bar (and over 300 calories). Oh well.

QUESTION: Do you ever crave weird things? Do you give in?