Me Time

I haven’t really been taking very good care of myself lately. Mostly because of the 2 months (no exaggeration) that we were all sick. Whenever I felt better, Logan or Michael would get sick and I’d take care of them, then I’d get sick…it was a vicious cycle that didn’t seem to end. Mix in there lack of sleep and I just haven’t been feeling great lately.

I’m trying to keep up with my workouts (when I’m not sick and trying to recover) because that’s one thing that I can still do for myself to stay healthy.

I had started counting down the days until I had an extra day off from work (weeks ago!) and it was literally a light at the end of the tunnel! I was almost giddy with excitement for a ME DAY.

My long weekend started Thursday night with happy hour with a friend. We met at Gold Dust Meridian, a bar I hadn’t been to in a long time but always liked–and their happy hour goes really late, which is nice!


Their food is really good and I love that the happy hour goes late. You can get cheap, good food and it’s small portions. We started with the deviled eggs and I got the Fried Brussels Sprouts. They were probably the best sprouts I’ve ever had! I seriously could have eaten three more orders of it!


Here are the Brussels Sprouts: Grana cheese, calabrian chiles, pine nuts, roasted garlic aioli. SO GOOD! Seriously. We both got the happy hour mac n’ cheese. It was a small serving, which was good, just the right amount. The mac was just ok–I prefer creamy. And we split an order of the bourbon BBQ meatballs (3 small meatballs).


All of the food was really good and it was so nice to get out and be social after basically being locked up in the house sick for two months! And it was nice to talk to a friend about all the stuff that’s been going on in our country as of late. Just talking about things made me feel a little better.

So anyways, Friday finally came. Not only was it a “me day” but the night before Logan had slept in his crib in the nursery all night by himself with no crying AND he only woke up once in the night!

I decided that I would take Logan to daycare for part of the day so I could do some stuff for myself. And I didn’t feel an ounce of guilt! (Ok, maybe I felt a slight ounce of guilt.)

I dropped Logan off at daycare and my first stop was the salon. I was in desperate need of a haircut. It had been 7+ months since I had one (I usually go every 5-6 months) and my hair has been making me crazy and making me feel frumpy because it’s such a frizzy mess I just put it in a ponytail.




She cut off about 5 inches and cleaned up the layers. I am so glad I did it!

Next up: the gym. I did some body weight exercises, free weights and weight machines. Then I did 2.75 miles on the elliptical and called it good.


After the gym I went home and took an extra long shower and ate lunch.

I was starting to feel the itch to pick up the baby from daycare. I missed him. But I had one more stop I wanted to make before getting him: pedicure! Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to go with me so I went by myself with my book and it was kind of glorious to just chill out and relax in the massaging chair while I was being pampered.


I picked up the munchkin from daycare and we spent the afternoon together cuddling and eating and playing. 🙂 It was a good day and I’m glad I took some time for myself.

Random Updates from Our Neck of the Woods

This post is entirely a mish-mash of random stuff. You’ve been warned. 🙂

The Beasts

Overall the animals have been doing really well.

In the last six months or so, Bella has been growing up and maturing. I notice it most when we go out for hikes/take her for walks. She no longer barks at strangers or other dogs. She seems curious but not fearful like she was for so long. It’s made taking her on excursions much more pleasurable. We also took down the dog/baby gate thing we’ve had up in the hallways since we got Bella. We stopped using it awhile ago and it was just getting in the way.


The hallway seems so big now…The next step: slowly allowing Bella free roam of the house while we are gone. Baby steps. 30-60 minutes at a time tops. I know she’ll get into mischief!

The kitties are entirely used to Bella. We’ve had her nearly a year and a half now (it’s crazy it’s been that long already!). I cannot imagine my life without her goofy grin and wiggle butt in it and the fact that the kitties are okay with her makes it all the better. It was touch and go for awhile. Fat Kitty still reminds Bella on occasion that he’s the Boss, but so far no incidents of note.


I will also say that it’s completely adorable when Bella takes her toys to Fat Kitty and tries to get him to play with her. He rolls his eyes and walks away but she keeps trying. It’s adorable! What I think is astounding is that Maya (skittish scaredy cat) is not bothered by Bella in the least. She’s afraid of everything, too!


House Stuff

We are about to re-start some of the house remodeling projects we’d put on the back burner for so long. I’m excited about the prospect of it being DONE soon. First up: the kitchen counters/back-splash. Then we need to do my bathroom (paint, new floors, etc). The final BIG project that we’re hoping we can accomplish this year is either the master bathroom (Michael’s bathroom) or new windows in the house.


One thing we DID accomplish was a new nightstand for my side of the bed. I’d been using a small side table for years and it was messy and unorganized and making me crazy. Michael kindly assembled the IKEA nightstand I picked out and I got to clean out the make-shift baskets and boxes I’d been using as my “nightstand.” Fat Kitty enjoyed the emptying out process:


I’m keeping the fabric box for awhile because he likes to hide in it. 😉 Anyways, it felt good to finally get organized.


Finally, I did some much needed self-care and got a haircut. I’d been growing my hair out for our entire engagement (about a year and 4 months) because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair for the wedding. I’d planned on having it down with some of it up and curled but our wedding day came with a forecast of 90+ degrees and I didn’t want my hair to melt and frizz so I ended up putting it all up.


Then we got back from our honeymoon and back into life and I just let my hair go. It got super long, down to the middle of my back and it was becoming absolutely unmanageable. It was too long, the ends were getting gnarly and it was difficult to workout with hair so long. After a swim:


You can’t tell how long it is from that above picture but trust me, it was long! And my hair is curly and thick so it gets BIG and heavy. Even though I liked having long hair, it was time to go back to the styled, cute hairstyle I had for years.

I ended up donating my hair to Locks of Love. My hairdresser said it was long enough (just barely) so I ended up cutting off a little more than I planned so I could donate it. It sure doesn’t look like much does it?


She cut 10 inches to donate! Here it is, after she was done cutting it:



Man, did it feel good to cut those locks! It feels weird to be short again but I LOVE it.

So what’s new with you?