riding to work

Spinning in New Pedals

Well, new for me. Remember how I had an equipment malfunction on last weekend’s 40 mile bike ride? When I got home from work on Monday Michael was swapping out my broken (and jerry-rigged) pedals for an old pair from one of his previous bikes.

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Yes, I plan on switching to clip-in pedals soon. In fact, I already have the clip-in pedals I just need to get the shoes that will fit with them. I had hoped that I would get the new shoes this winter so I could practice clipping in and out while I was on the bike trainer. But honestly, I think I just need to suck it up and do it already. I need to get over my fear and practice before the Portland Century.

I’d planned on biking to work Tuesday but woke up to rain so moved it to Wednesday. The morning was cool and very gray but dry.

The temperature was in that weird in-between where it was too cold to not wear warm clothes but once I warmed up I was too hot. I stopped by the river and took off my top jacket. I felt much better after that.

I continued on. The trail was pretty quiet and empty, not many cyclists out. The Hawthorne Bridge wasn’t crowded either.

I arrived at work in decent time, hot and sweaty. I’d parked the car a little further away to add some distance to my ride.

Morning Commute:

Time: 33 minutes

Calories Burned: 247

Distance: 6.1 Miles


As the day went on yesterday it got grayer, darker and colder. It was the first time I wore my long tights and cycling jacket on my commute home. I watched the weather turning gnarly and figured I would be riding home in the rain. Fortunately, it stayed dry.

Before I rode I  ate my banana for a snack. I’ve decided to quit bananas. They are healthy and I like them yet every time I eat a banana I am HUNGRIER than ever. It’s NOT a good pre-workout fuel for me and I realized that yesterday when my stomach was growling angrily the entire ride home. Plus my energy was in the toilet. The whole ride was a struggle–and I hadn’t even gotten to any hills yet!

I got back to Michael’s car in Sellwood and the second I hopped off the bike I thought I was going to collapse. My legs were jello. Not good. I immediately ate my little Babybel cheese snack (70 calories) to try and take the edge off my gnawing hunger while I drove home.

Afternoon Commute:

Time: 29 minutes

Calories Burned: 226

Distance: 6.1 Miles


Calories Burned:  473    |     Distance: 12.2 miles

The moment I got home I ate a snack in a frenzy. I was so famished I couldn’t think straight. Not a good place to be. Michael got home shortly after that and he suggested we have turkey burgers for dinner instead of the salmon and scallops we’d planned on. I was so hungry I immediately agreed. We had an early dinner.

Grilled asparagus as the side. I devoured every bite and felt immediately better. I also had one glass of white wine.

Instead of doing chores and running errands like I planned on doing, I got into my PJ’s and Michael and I settled in to spend the rest of the evening catching up on TV shows (The Office specifically). It was nice to just totally veg out!

QUESTION: What is your favorite pre-workout food? And what’s up with bananas?!?

One Sunny Day

I changed things up a little bit on Tuesday’s commute to work. I parked on the other side of Sellwood, to lengthen my bike ride a little bit. I knew it would only add a few extra minutes, but I was okay with that.

Because I was lengthening my ride, I didn’t stop at all. I peddled like mad and my heart rate definitely increased. At one point there was a guy right on my tail while I road through the detour around OMSI. It was rather annoying. I wanted to yell at him to pass me. I knew he was drafting off me, but I don’t know you dude, stop drafting off me. It was just creepy. I mean I’m a girl riding all alone the last thing I want is some strange guy riding my tail.

I eventually lost him because I started peddling really hard. He just made me uncomfortable. If it was Michael drafting off me, or a stranger in a race, that’s one thing.

I crossed the Hawthorne Bridge in no time at all and was on my way to work.

I somehow shaved almost 8 minutes off my time! I’m guessing it is because I didn’t stop at all and I pedaled faster than normal because I was worried about having a longer ride and being late.

Ride Stats:

Time: 30 minutes

Calories Burned: 255

Miles Biked: 5.9

Almost 6 miles! It was a great ride in, even being a little bit on the cold side. I wore my new gloves too.

They have extra gel padding on the palms, which is nice because my old gloves were losing their padding.


For lunch on Tuesday I had a Trader Joe’s frozen Indian food meal. I’ve had it for a few weeks but I didn’t realize when I bought it that it had 500 calories in it! The package was deceptive: at first glance it said 250 calories but there’s two servings in it! It wasn’t larger than the other Trader Joe’s frozen meal I bought, so I didn’t think it would be two servings.

Sneaky! I brought it for lunch on Tuesday because I could justify eating 500 calories for lunch after riding twice in one day.

It was a yummy dish but I wouldn’t buy it again simply because of the calorie count. I’ll stick with the chicken one I usually buy because it’s around 330 calories for the whole thing.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Portland. I hope my ride home is nice and easy!

QUESTION: Do you think there’s etiquette in regards to drafting? Would you ever draft a solo rider you don’t know, or am I being weird about it?