The Reluctant Ride

I wasn’t really feeling like biking to work this week. In fact, Tuesday night I was secretly hoping it would rain on Wednesday so I could push the ride to Thursday. I don’t know why I wasn’t feeling like it, but Wednesday morning I still didn’t really want to ride. I did it anyway. I knew I’d feel better if I did it, plus I have to take advantage of what little sunshine we have right now. Plus I really have to prepare for the Gorge Ride. It’s not far away and I am no where NEAR ready to do 40 miles of hills!

I left my extra jacket in the car and it was pretty cold when I started out on the bike. I warmed up quickly though, so that was good. I rode passed the above church. Not religious but I love old fashioned churches. It’s so cute!

The trail was a ghost town Wednesday morning. There were very few runners and cyclists out there with me. One guy rode by me and said Good Morning, which was nice. Since Michael wasn’t riding to work Wednesday (he did on Tuesday), he lent me his winter cycling gloves. They were REALLY nice! My hands weren’t cold at all.

The Hawthorne Bridge was pleasant and uncrowded as well. I had a lovely ride despite my reluctance!

I arrived at work in only 30 minutes and it took me about 5 minutes to lock my bike up.

Morning Commute:
Time: 35 minutes
Calories Burned: 245
Mileage: 5.7

Afternoon Commute:

Once again I took the Morrison Bridge out of downtown and went up Water Avenue, passed OMSI and onto the Springwater Trail.

There’s a lot of construction around where I ride right now. There’s also a lot of big scary construction trucks and weird detours. I’m being a lot more cautious because a few times I’ve wondered if those guys in the trucks can see the cyclists.

The ride home was hard. It was especially warm out, my back hurt, my backpack was heavy, my bike shorts don’t have great padding, and my legs felt like lead. Not only that, I almost got CREAMED by a jerky cyclist that decided he was in too much of a hurry to respect common courtesy. Ugh. It’s jerks like that that give cyclists a bad name. He came “THIS CLOSE” to plowing into me head first. Ugh.

I arrived back to the car in Sellwood after a ride in the sunshine. At least I had that! I’m glad I rode even though the ride home was brutal.

Afternoon Commute:
Time: 27 minutes
Calories Burned:  227
Mileage: 5.7

When I got home I had a snack of CRACK IN A CAN.

Seriously. This stuff is addicting. I think I chowed down two servings before heading outside to work in the yard. Michael and I spent a good hour and a half in the garden and then made dinner.

Dinner was baked acorn squash, steamed cauliflower with Goddess Dressing and pork chops. It was healthy and filling.

I collapsed into bed last night and fell asleep INSTANTLY–which never happens to me. I slept like a rock, completely exhausted.

QUESTION: Is your city a safe city? Do you feel safe running or cycling alone? What safety measures do you take?


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  1. Unfortunately my city is not very safe for biking and running. There are certain areas and some trails in town, but I wish that there was something that was withing walking distance to my house. I definitely do not feel safe running by myself near my house. There are a just a lot of creeper people and too many people let their dogs run free (husband has had to run like heck to get away from them so it just freaks me out). Our city is working right now on making it a more pedestrian safe city so I’m really hoping all the plans go through so we will be able to move about town much easier (especially for biking because we have no bike lanes and narrow roads!).
    Amber Starr @ Love, Laugh, Live Well recently posted..Travel Bug Has Bitten

    1. That’s scary! Luckily I haven’t encountered any scary dogs. I am definitely lucky that my neighborhood is relatively safe. The traffic on the other hand, is not as safe.

      That’s cool that your city is as least trying to make it better.

      1. In all honesty our town is quite safe compared to most, but there are just a few really shady characters that live nearby and houses are somewhat sparse. I’m just paranoid that no one would see if something happened because there are not many people around.

        Yeah, the new transportation system would be great! I really hope that the city decides to adopt it. 🙂
        Amber Starr @ Love, Laugh, Live Well recently posted..Travel Bug Has Bitten

  2. Good for you for riding even when you didn’t feel like it. Sometimes that is the hardest part of the exercise itself!!! My city is not great for biking. I do ride- usually with a friend. We have to worry about encounters with dogs. I will ride alone- but I won’t run alone. I guess I feel like I can “get away” faster on my bike than on my feet. We live in a safe area-you just never know though! One thing I plan on doing once I am able to ride again is riding to the store, getting groceries for dinner and riding home. I love having a “destination”.
    Oh-do you have a recipe for the baked acorn squash? It looks so good!!!!!

    1. I plan on biking to the store this summer whenever I have to pick up “just a few things.” The store isn’t far from the house and it’s silly to drive.

      For the squash: I cut it in half, scoop out the guts and seeds. Then put them face down in a pan with water. I baked the squash about 50 minutes at 400 degrees and they were done. Then I just scrape out the squash. It’s really easy.

  3. Our small town is not really a cycle town. There is a bike path, but most motorist think bikers should not be on the roads, even when the roads are designated bike lanes. I had someone yell out the window to me to get on the sidewalk. Guess I am supposed to cream a pedestrian rather than in a bike lane?? I just am always hype aware, so I trust no car or other biker. I ride alone a lot, too.
    Lori recently posted..Throwdown at Golden Corral

    1. Well that’s just rude! I’m surprised. It’s definitely not safer for a cyclist to ride on the sidewalk! Might as well just walk if you’re gonna do that…

  4. I feel safe running in LA day or night (at a reasonable time, of course). If I run after dark or at dusk, I wear reflectors on my wrist. I had a close call last fall with a distracted driver. I always take my iPod, but I keep the volume low enough to hear traffic and people around me. I wear a Road ID on my shoes. On long runs (2 or more hrs), I might take my cell phone and some money just in case. I also let my fiance know how long I should be out. He knows my usual routes since he runs too.

    The only thing I worry about is car traffic. I don’t even get catcalls or harassed on the street by men. I’ve heard some women say this happens to them. I considered moving last year, but knowing that my neighborhood had some good running routes and was pretty safe kept me in the same place.
    cindylu recently posted..Super 12 encounter

    1. I’m glad you feel safe. It would suck if you didn’t. It kind of restricts things. I’ve never had catcalls from cars, that I remember, but I’d like to think I would be flattered. LOL

  5. My city isn’t the safest, by a long shot. A rapist was reported last summer (I think?) and since then, I haven’t run early in the morning or after dark by myself. I wish I could. I love walking in the evenings since it’s so HOT here all summer.

    Btw, those pork chops look DELISH! And I haven’t had acorn squash in far too long!
    Jennifer recently posted..Work it- Weekly Weigh-in

    1. That is definitely scary. I’ve taken self-defense classes in my personal life and I’ve taken one required for where I work. I feel like I’m pretty good shape. If nothing else–I could certainly run away pretty fast. When I run outside I make sure my head phones are really low so I can still hear everything around me. I carry a phone, Road ID, pepper spray. My neighborhood is really safe thankfully.

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