If It’s Not Working…

…Change it!

If something isn’t working in your life, fitness or diet, change it. There is no shame in admitting that something isn’t right for you or your body. The fun part of life is figuring out what does work.

I didn’t really bounce around doing a ton of “diets” to lose the weight. I chose one thing that worked for me and I stuck with it. Last year, Michael and I tried the Slow Carb Diet and it worked wonders for him. He lost 25 pounds on it (10 of those were the first week!) but I disliked the diet and stopped. Not only was I not losing weight, I didn’t feel great on it and I wasn’t happy being denied fruit.

Veganism and vegetarianism is another one, and it isn’t for everyone. For some people, that diet can make them really sick. For others, eating meat might not agree with their bodies. There is nothing wrong with changing things up. If a particular diet you’ve chosen to try isn’t working when you should be seeing some results, it’s time to rethink it.

“Stay committed to your decisions,
but stay flexible in your approach.”
— Tony Robbins

I think the ability to be flexible and willing to try new things is a sign of high intelligence. Be smart. If you aren’t seeing progress, find something that works! And keep trying!

Another example for me:  what worked for me when I wanted to lose weight was eating a lot of processed food. It was portion controlled and I knew exactly how many calories I was consuming. This was good for someone who previously had zero willpower and zero portion control. I had to learn. But once I lost the weight and kept it off for awhile, I had to make some changes. My body didn’t feel great when I ate processed foods. I wanted to eat healthier so I tried to eliminate the pre-packaged junk.


It works with fitness too. Too often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and stop seeing results. Maybe the weight slows down, maybe the muscle definition isn’t there anymore. Changing things up in the gym does WONDERS for plateaus. Sometimes it’s nice to check in with a professional, as well. Paying for one session with a personal trainer is a good idea to check in. Am I doing the moves right? Is my form proper? Should I change this activity to something else?

Recently, I decided something else wasn’t working for me. With Michael’s job loss we no longer eat breakfast together in the mornings. I have to admit, I kinda liked our routine and it was a rude awakening (literally) to do it all by myself. I was definitely spoiled before. Michael would start making breakfast while I was in the shower and dressing for work. Then we’d eat together. It helped me A LOT because I am less than functional in the morning. Now I am back to being on my own and I reverted back to eating “quick” breakfasts. Oatmeal with some fruit, or toast and two fried eggs. The quick breakfasts I was fixing for myself were not satisfying.

(Plain Greek Yogurt, half a banana, agave syrup)

Eating breakfast full of protein (scrambled eggs and turkey sausage) plus the high fiber (black beans) was a brilliant breakfast! I’d be full until almost 11am. Now? I got to work at 8 and my stomach felt hollow by 9:15. I was miserable. I was so hungry I felt nauseous. Time to change it back to what worked.

Changing my breakfast back to the high protein diet meant I had to get up earlier than normal so I had time to make breakfast. It had to be done.

“Absorb what is useful, discard what is not,
add what is uniquely your own.”
— Bruce Lee

So how do you do with changes?

QUESTION: Do you get stuck in a rut or are you open to changing?

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  1. That’s a great quote about being flexible in your approach.

    That banana, yogurt, agave breakfast is a nightmare in the sugar dept. I’m totally convinced that protein in the morning is the sure way to go, probably for most people even if they don’t have blood sugar issues.

    I recently figured out (10 lbs later) that variety and experimenting with foods is not good for me. I need to keep it routine and simple to get the weight off. Otherwise, there are just too many triggers for me.

    I am a pretty quick changer though, which I think can be misinterpreted as not being committed but as long as your committed to the bigger goal then you’re good. I told Chris for MONTHS that he’d feel better if he worked out in the evenings, and the other night after he got off the bike he was so proud of himself and flaunted it, and I was like “Duh, I told you.” Some people just need to come around to it themselves.

    1. Yes, the banana yogurt breakfast lasted about 2 days in my world and then I was over it. I learned last year that bananas make me hungrier but for some reason I thought the plain greek yogurt would combat that? It did not. 😛

      It’s great that you discovered what works. I’m like you, experimenting with foods isn’t good. I like the comfort of knowing the calorie count and serving sizes of foods. So eating a similar, consistent diet works for me. Switching things up a lot leads to chaos!

      Good for Chris! (I think that’s also a guy thing.) 🙂

  2. Question: Did you consider telling Michael that you missed the breakfast together routine? You said he lost his job. Is he doing something else that precludes his getting up and fixing/sharing breakfast you?

    If not, why not admit that you miss this time together to start the day?
    deb roby recently posted..#25 Celebrating Play

    1. Good question, I have not. He gets up shortly after I leave for work. I guess I feel like I should just be self-sufficient and do it myself. Even if I do miss the time…

  3. Food ruts can work for me as they help me to stay the same. With that said- I need to lose about 4 more pounds so I do need to change some things up if I want to make that happen. I have a breakfast that works really well for keeping me satisfied all morning. I need to find a lunch that has the same effect. I love to have salads- but I end up feeling really hungry shortly thereafter. I think I might try to have a breakfast type lunch. Your egg with turkey sausage sounds good.
    Jill recently posted..Happy Anniversary to Us!

    1. I get that. And that worked for me while I was losing. I ate turkey sandwiches and a serving of wheat thins every day for lunch for almost 2 years. I was so burned out by the time I changed it up!

      I like salads for lunch but they often don’t fill me up. I need to add a lot of protein to them–tuna, chicken or hardboiled eggs…

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