elliptical workout

A Retro Workout

When I first decided it was time to lose 100 pounds, I started with swimming.  The only exercise I did for probably the first 4 months was swimming. Then I started using the elliptical at the small gym I went to. I proceeded to spend hours upon hours on that elliptical machine. I wasn’t a runner (yet) and I didn’t lift weights much. I was strictly working my butt off on that elliptical.

Then I became a RUNNER. I completely abandoned the elliptical machine and all cardio was running or swimming (because I’d never give that up). Yes, I became obsessed with running. And training. And running races.

Last night at the gym all the treadmills were full. Instead of grumbling about not being able to run, I hopped onto a free elliptical machine.

It had been years since I worked out on one and it was nice! It felt comfortable, like “the old days.” I warmed up at Resistance 10 and did a very sweaty workout on it.

I had a great time and lost myself in the motion. It was also a good alternative to running because my hips were SORE. The Bosu Ball did me in and I didn’t think running would be a good thing yesterday.

After my time on the elliptical I did some weight lifting. It was difficult. I was sore from Tuesday’s work (I think the push-ups are the culprit) so I cut it a bit short.

I felt good as I went home. I need to do OTHER activities in the gym once in awhile to break up my routine.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:16

Calories Burned: 645

When I got home, famished, I made Michael and I salads and steamed some cauliflower and broccoli.

Michael grilled up some steaks. My serving of steak was about 1.25 of a serving. I was so hungry! I devoured every bite.

I added some Goddess Dressing to my steamed veggies (150 calories). It’s my favorite dressing on veggies. A little bit goes a long way and the flavors are rich.

Michael realized that the Worcestershire Sauce we use (Lea and Perrins) contains High Fructose Corn Syrup! Oh no! I had no idea. I had no idea I even needed to CHECK that sort of item for HFCS. Does anyone know another brand that doesn’t contain HFCS?

QUESTION: What’s your favorite machine at the gym? How often do you mix it up?