A Retro Workout

When I first decided it was time to lose 100 pounds, I started with swimming.  The only exercise I did for probably the first 4 months was swimming. Then I started using the elliptical at the small gym I went to. I proceeded to spend hours upon hours on that elliptical machine. I wasn’t a runner (yet) and I didn’t lift weights much. I was strictly working my butt off on that elliptical.

Then I became a RUNNER. I completely abandoned the elliptical machine and all cardio was running or swimming (because I’d never give that up). Yes, I became obsessed with running. And training. And running races.

Last night at the gym all the treadmills were full. Instead of grumbling about not being able to run, I hopped onto a free elliptical machine.

It had been years since I worked out on one and it was nice! It felt comfortable, like “the old days.” I warmed up at Resistance 10 and did a very sweaty workout on it.

I had a great time and lost myself in the motion. It was also a good alternative to running because my hips were SORE. The Bosu Ball did me in and I didn’t think running would be a good thing yesterday.

After my time on the elliptical I did some weight lifting. It was difficult. I was sore from Tuesday’s work (I think the push-ups are the culprit) so I cut it a bit short.

I felt good as I went home. I need to do OTHER activities in the gym once in awhile to break up my routine.

Gym Stats:

Time: 1:16

Calories Burned: 645

When I got home, famished, I made Michael and I salads and steamed some cauliflower and broccoli.

Michael grilled up some steaks. My serving of steak was about 1.25 of a serving. I was so hungry! I devoured every bite.

I added some Goddess Dressing to my steamed veggies (150 calories). It’s my favorite dressing on veggies. A little bit goes a long way and the flavors are rich.

Michael realized that the Worcestershire Sauce we use (Lea and Perrins) contains High Fructose Corn Syrup! Oh no! I had no idea. I had no idea I even needed to CHECK that sort of item for HFCS. Does anyone know another brand that doesn’t contain HFCS?

QUESTION: What’s your favorite machine at the gym? How often do you mix it up?

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  1. I’ve been trying to mix up my cardio during this month because I’m not currently training for something and it’s nice to switch it up. I’ve been running 2ish times a week, and then doing the elliptical and biking for cross training. I’ve also been better about strength training more consistently and I am really loving the change!

    1. I was reminded how much I used to like the elliptical. I used to also do the stair-master. I stopped because of IT Band issues but I hope some day I can pick that up again too.

  2. Most favorite when forced to resort to a machine: Elliptical
    Least favorite EVER machine: Stairmaster

    That being said…I really prefer to do my cardio in other ways. I get way to bored on the machines. I’m trying to develop a love (or even like) of jogging but it’s slow going. I know that my endurance will build as I lose weight and that will help me to like it more (at least that’s what I am hoping for!).

    1. Why do you hate the stairmaster? I grew to LOVE it! It was such a good workout. I’d be drenched in sweat.

      I also prefer to get my cardio in other ways. I’d much rather run outside, swim or bike outside than use a machine in the gym. But winters and spring in Oregon don’t always allow outdoor activities.

  3. In general, stairs kick my butt … again, I’m hoping that it’s just an endurance thing! Our trainer had us hop on the stairmaster one night for about 5 minutes and it was torture!

    I am still about 80 lbs from my goal weight, though, so I have high hopes that I will learn to enjoy other types of exercise as I lose the weight. I have found physical discomfort to be a hard thing to “get over” in terms of exercise … pushing through the pain is a hard mental state to achieve!

    1. Yeah, pushing through pain and discomfort is a hard one to learn. For me, the best and quickest way to learn how to do that was to start running. There’s nothing like a newbie runner experiencing all the aches and pains and the desire to QUIT that makes you stronger!

  4. I mix it up every week. I go to classes, so the instructors do something different every week. The only class that is the same is boxing, since there is obviously always boxing. It does get mixed up with squats and crunches etc.

    I hate solo workouts, group classes all the way for me!

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