Jan 272014


I haven’t seen a number that big in a LONG time. 951 calories burned! Holy Smokes!

We did our warm-up and then got right into it. Saturday was a day of new things at the Warrior Room. We started with a workout where we did pushups for 20 seconds and then a plank for 20 seconds, rest, repeat 8 times. Yes 8 times! It was a hard start to the day but I got through it.

We moved onto the station workout. One station was a deadlift, goblet squat and another kind of squat (I can never remember the name). We did that 6 reps, 6 reps, 3 reps then repeat. The next station was a bent over row with the kettle bell, lat raises, and jumping jack planks. The next station was hammer curls with kettle bells and triceps. Finally there was a one-handed swing station with a few other moves. It was hard work! I was feeling it with just one time around the stations.


Then it was time for a run.

It was a bitter cold morning but sunny and blue-skied. The big group broke up into two teams to do a “snake run.” I’ve described this before: you run in a single file line, the last person does a sprint to the front and so on. It’s really challenging but for me with my knees–sprinting is not wise. Thankfully Ashley told me to just go run outside at my own pace. Wise idea. We did the run every 20 minutes to break up the kettle bell workouts. I ended up run/walking about 1 mile total.

We did a few different sets of abs and honestly that felt like a bit of a break from the super intense stuff we were doing before. After the abs we did a routine similar to the pushup-plank one. This time it was squat jumps for 20 seconds then holding a squat for 10 seconds–repeat 8 times. Ouch! My thighs were BURNING after three rounds. I wasn’t sure I could make it to 8, but I did with taking it easy and going a little slower during my 20 second set.

There was a few other station workouts and another ab sets and then we did something I’ve only heard about before: the Turkish Getup. Michael talks about this move a lot. It’s part of his kettle bell routine at home. He’s been telling me how challenging it is for years but I never tried it. It was fun but HARD. Mostly hard because it was the end of the workout and I was spent. My arm was shaking as I tried to hold myself up.



The Turkish Getup seems like a very efficient move to me. It works your entire body and relies on strength AND balance. I think I did ok. The part that was hard for me (other than holding myself up) was the move to get your leg under your body to get ready to stand up. That is gonna take a lot of practice I think!

Later that night, I had some friends over for dinner and a little crafting. It was time to send the save-the-date postcards. Well, according to bridal website calendars I was months behind on this but oh well. I don’t know that save-the-dates necessarily need to go out a year in advance. Plus, most people who are invited already know the date. :)

Michael created out postcard with photoshop. He did a fantastic job and I love the way it looks. We mailed a few test postcards to see how they’d hold up in the mail. They did ok. Most of the “test” ones held up, one or two were  a little torn. I searched for the heaviest paper/postcard paper I could find and couldn’t find anything heavier than what I got.


Michael printed out all the postcards and I invited my bridesmaids over for dinner (bribe) and to help address and stamp the cards. I was so glad they helped! I think hand-cramping would have set in around postcard #40….


Michael made his amazing mac n’ cheese, my cousin Anna brought some white wine and we got started! We ate dinner (so good) and then cleaned up before starting the postcards. Anna was smart bringing white wine instead of red! But we got lucky, no spills or anything. :) It was fun and having Erika and Anna there to help me we were done with the post cards pretty quickly. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and just hanging out. I was happy to have the company AND to cross one more thing off the to-do list.

Dec 182013

You can check out the first half of my review here. I was half way through my 8 pack groupon deal. I’ve enjoyed the classes I’d taken thus far. They are a really good workout, thoroughly butt-kicking and the camaraderie is kinda nice.


Here is the final review:

The Fifth Class – “1/2 Isolation, 1/2 Tabata”

I like this format of class because it’s a little bit of everything. It was a fairly small class, about 6 of us. We alternated with the isolation routines then tabata, then isolation, then tabata and finally abs and cooldown.

For the isolation we worked on this routine:

2 arm kettlebell swing

1 arm kettlebell swing

2 kettlebell swing 

The second round of isolation workouts later in the class were:

Deadlifts with kettlebell

Alternating lunges with 2 kettlebells

Rack squats with 2 kettlebells (see the photo example below)


Like I said before, the tabata portion of the class is the fast burst of exercise for 20 seconds, balls-to-the-wall, then 10 seconds of rest and REPEAT! An example of a tabata portion:

Mountain climbers

High knees

Complex burpees (see the example below)


We also did something new to me. I don’t know what the workout was called but we grabbed a plate weight and stood in a wide squat position, kept our core straight and unmoving and then swung it between our legs then up to a neutral arm position. Then we did jumping squats holding the plate weight against our chest. It was hard!


Even though I’d taken this type of class previously, it was still hard work. My heart rate was really high and I was dripping in sweat! It was a great workout.


The ab workout at the end was 100 Double Sit-Ups and 100 Bicycle Crunches. Boy do your abs starting BURNING after you do a few! Ouch ouch!

The Sixth Class – “Warrior Workout”

Why did I sign up for this killer class a second time? I don’t know. But I’m glad I did! It was a killer workout! This time we did partner drills. I was paired with a very nice girl who was very understanding that I was slower than most of the people in the class. The first set of drills we had to do was 20 pushups where we high-five each other after each one, then 20 tricep dips and 20 burpees. It was timed. Then the class did a circuit workout.

The first station was wall-sits holding a kettlebell. The second station was using the boxes we normally jump on to do pushups. The third station was the one-armed kettlebell swing. The last station was chest press or clean and press with a kettlebell. I REALLY liked the circuit. You knew that you only had to be at that station for a little while then you got to move on.

photo 1

The workout was a good one but a killer, too. I was starting to fizzle out towards the end. The next day I went to yoga class and I am so glad I did. It really felt good to stretch the sore muscles and I found that I was sore in places I never expected to be!

The Seventh Class – “The Seventh Ring Of Hell”

I really planned on taking the Tabata class but it just didn’t seem to work out with my schedule. I hope to give it a try in January. So I took another 1/2 and 1/2 class and was surprised that it wasn’t that class. No it wasn’t the 7th Ring of Hell, but it felt like it. I guess it was “Teacher’s Choice” night because we did something different.

There were just three of us in the class so the instructor gave each of us individual workouts. I worked harder in that class than in any of the others. I had to stop to rest several times. There were a lot of chest presses, overhead press, squats, push-ups and kettlebell swings. But I also got to practice with the Battle Ropes!


Never heard of battle ropes? Check out this video to get a good idea. The ropes are so much fun and it is a REALLY intense workout. Your heart rate gets really high and you will definitely feel sore the next day.


If you see battle ropes at your gym, give them a try. I guarantee you’ll have fun!

The Eighth Class – “Fundamentals”

I like the “fundamentals” class because it’s kind of an entry-level type class. It is doable for most people. You don’t have to be advanced, or know a lot about kettlebells in order to get a good workout done.

This particular class it was a lot of squats, squat jumps, chest press, shoulder press, see-saw shoulder press, and pushups. I was dripping in sweat!!


I’m also really enjoying the progress I’m seeing. I feel stronger, I am stronger, and I’m seeing a physical difference. My triceps are STILL  a trouble area. Maybe it always will be. But my biceps and delts are doing better!


The instructor, Ashley, made me go up in weight on the kettlebells at this class. I had been using two 15 pound kettlebells for that workout and she said I could do heavier and she was right. I struggled, but I could do most of it. It was a good reminder NOT TO GET STUCK AND COMFORTABLE, otherwise I won’t see progress!