Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek

I hate this hike.

I really do.  I hike Eagle Creek about once a year and then I remember just how much I hate that hike and vow to never do it again. The reason is not what you’re thinking.

Yet somehow I always forget how terrifying Eagle Creek is, and do it again. And mid-hike I become a terrified, quivering mess of anxiety. The reason I hate this hike? I am afraid of heights and this lovely like Gorge Gem happens to have sheer cliffs and drop offs, narrow and terrifying paths edged into the side of the cliffs and expansive views of the valley and river below. I’ll explain in a moment.

Our Sunday plans were busy ones. I got up early to go for a swim to soothe my aching hamstrings from weight lifting, and then we went to Michael’s mom’s house for brunch. I ate a lot, preparing for our afternoon hike. (One serving of a crab quiche, potatoes, fresh fruit, toast and just a few deviled eggs. There might have been a mojito or two in there too…)

It was unusually hot (nearly 80) and sunny and Michael and I drove out after brunch to The Gorge to hike Eagle Creek (directions here). We arrived at the peak of the heat of the day and the parking lots were full of eager hikers ready to get rid of their winter funk.

We packed a bunch of water and I slathered on sunscreen. There’s a 1/2 mile walk from the parking lot to the trailhead. You walk along the creek, which was fast moving this time of year, and then the trail starts to climb the side of the mountain.

The trail isn’t steep, it’s pretty gradual as you climb. For the first few miles you’re out in the open, full sunlight, then eventually you get some old growth shade.

There are a few waterfalls that you walk underneath and it’s very refreshing on a hot day.

I think around the first mile it gets scary. You’ve climbed up a ways and there’s the first very, very narrow trail that clings to the edge of the mountain. There’s even a steel cable bolted into the rock to hold onto. There is NO railing. Just a sheer drop off to the racing water and rocks below.

Do you see the steel cable on the left in the above photo? And the very narrow trail? Yeah. This is the first one like this. And it’s not the last. And my heart is pounding with fear and anxiety right about now.

The trail climbs higher and higher until all you see on the other side is a vast open space and the tops of the trees. This is the part where I get vertigo and feel like dying. Fun, right?

I didn’t get pictures of the truly terrifying part because I was trying not to die and I certainly wasn’t looking at the drop offs! My internal monologue is “I hate this, I hate this, I’m never doing this hike again.”

There’s parts of the trail like that I think 3 times? Higher and higher, scarier and scarier. Then the path winds through the trees and it’s quite enjoyable. We got to the above waterfall and turned around. And then you get to enjoy the scary parts all over again!

The butterflies LOVE Eagle Creek for some reason. Every time I’ve been I’ve seen dozens of them fluttering around. This time it was tiny purple butterflies. I couldn’t get a photo, unfortunately. There were a bunch of beautiful wildflowers too, but most of the super colorful ones were growing on the side of the cliff–not exactly where I want to take pictures.

We finally got down to a manageable height and my fear subsided. It was a hot, hot day and we were both dripping in sweat. The day was growing a little dimmer.

Not bad, huh? I burned over 1,000 calories on Sunday. Michael thinks we hiked 5-6 miles total, I think it was more like 4-5 miles. When we got home and cleaned up, we plopped our butts outside on the deck to enjoy the last little bits of the sunny day.

Dinner was bratwursts grilled outside, salad, and some pickled carrots to munch on.

I enjoyed one beer as we listened to the neighborhood kids playing in the sunshine. I also read some of my book (I started reading The Game of Thrones). It was such a nice day and a lovely end to a weekend. Dessert:

Now, the breakdown of the hike:

Good for Kids: Iffy. I saw a lot of kids on the trail but…those cliffs are pretty treacherous. Probably better for older kids.
Good for Dogs: Probably ok. Leash recommended because there are a lot of dogs there.
Cost: Pass required, or you can pay at the trailhead.
Activity Level: Medium in activity level. It’s not super strenuous and the elevation is gradual.
Scenery: Spectacular.
Verdict: Good first hike of the season because it’s not too difficult, but if you’re afraid of heights in any way I’d skip it. It’s also super crowded. Get there early.

QUESTION: Are you afraid of heights? Do you hike much? 

Three Years and Counting

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.
~ by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) ~

Michael and I are celebrating our three year anniversary. The “official” date is a little fuzzy. We were friends for months before we started dating and really we just decided on June 19th being our anniversary. It was close enough. June 19th three years ago was the night before I had surgery to remove the lump from my breast. Michael took me out to dinner to a fancy restaurant (Eleni’s Greek Restaurant in Sellwood). I got dressed up and we had our first REAL date. I was scared that the surgery would be painful, I was scared the lump would turn out to be cancer (it wasn’t), I was scared I’d have a big scar, I was scared I might not wake up. Michael was the sweetest, kindest guy and he tried to distract me from my fears and reassure me that everything was okay.

First Anniversary

For our first anniversary we spent the weekend in Stevenson, Washington. I booked us a romantic little cabin right on the Columbia River, walking distance from the Walking Man Brewery. It was a log cabin with a rustic interior and jacuzzi tub. The cabin was perfect–except for one thing. We quickly found out WHY the cabin was less than $80 a night. It was right next to the train tracks. And yes, there was a train that went by almost hourly. We should have known that when we saw the “complimentary” ear plugs by the bedside.

Either way, it was still a nice weekend. We ate breakfast on the deck next to the blooming jasmine flowers and we drove to the Maryhill Winery.

We hiked on the Columbia River and then hiked Eagle Creek and saw a deer. It was a good first anniversary.

Second Anniversary

The second anniversary was a bit better. I booked us a room at a very cute bed and breakfast in Hood River. The breakfast was delicious, our room had an amazing jacuzzi tub in it.

We ate good food, sampled beers, went wine tasting and enjoyed the gardens in the Fruit Loop.

We did several hikes in Hood River and also near Multnomah Falls.

We did a bike ride through Hood River and got to see gorgeous views of the Gorge from the trail.

Last year’s anniversary weekend was one of my favorite vacations that we’ve taken together. The weather was absolutely perfect and we did so many fun things! I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend.

Third Anniversary

So what are we doing this year for our 3rd anniversary? I have NO idea! Michael is planning it this year and it’s a surprise. I have no idea where we are going or what to pack. I love surprises! No matter what it is, it will be fun!

See ya guys later! 🙂