November Goals

Ah November….the beginning of the food orgy that doesn’t end until after my birthday in January! It’s the start of three months worth of holiday parties, potlucks, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas parties, Christmas dinners, New Year’s Eve. I really wish that they would have spread out the holidays. Why can’t Thanksgiving be in August? I vote for a change in the calender! Who’s with me?

October was a decent month. I made simple goals I knew I could accomplish because of all the traveling I had planned. Why set myself up for failure, right?

October Goals:

1. Reign in my eating after this traveling is over. Get back on track! I did okay in this department. 

2. Get back to consistent weight lifting. Yes, I did.

3. Try a Spin class at the gym. Sort of. I’m going the last week of October so technically November. 🙂

The end of October brings my favorite holiday–Halloween! The last few years Michael and I would stay home, watch scary movies, I’d make something fancy for dinner, and we’d pass out candy to the adorable kids in the neighborhood. This year we did something a little different. We went over to my friend Star’s house for dinner.

Star had a bunch of friends over for dinner–Navajo Wishing Soup. She makes the base and then we all take turns adding in handfuls of veggies and rice while we all make a wish for the New Year. I love the Wishing Soup and it’s a fun little tradition to do.

While the soup was cooking we had some fun with these:

And then we did some exercises in positive thinking. First we all wrote down some things we want to banish from our lives–things like negativity, insecurity, work problems, health issues–whatever has been plaguing us this year that we want to get rid of from our lives.

Then we each took turns burning the piece of paper. Be gone from our lives negativity! Be gone!

After the banishing we meditated on positive things we want to bring into our lives. I had lots of meditating to do.

Then dinner was ready. The soup was fantastic, and full of our wishes. I brought a green salad and had some of that, and a few deviled eggs. It was a really nice holiday. Goodbye October!

With November here I am faced with a few facts:

  1. There’s no avoiding The Food Months, so I have to just be strong about it and try and make BETTER choices and
  2. It’s also The Rain Months. That means my activities are limited to inside. I’m just not gonna bike or run in the rain. No thanks!

Fitness should be fun, not a soggy, wet, miserable mess! No thank you! So for November I’m taking my goals inside.

November Goals

1. Continue weight lifting consistently. Try new things with weights.

2. Do another Sugar Detox in preparation for the holidays. Minimum: 1 week long.

3. Spin Class!

Bring it on November!

QUESTION: What are your goals for the month of November?

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  1. I think you’ll really like Spin Class. I love it, and I’m not even in cycling shape like you are. Find a teacher you like, and I think you’ll be hooked!

  2. Did you take the Spin class yet? What did you think? I love road biking (as you know) :), but am not a huge fan of spin classes. I will keep trying them. Maybe if I find the right instructor who plays music I love- I would enjoy it more.

    For November… I plan to keep tracking, lose these last 6 pounds and try to cook some different recipes. I am in a recipe rut.
    Jill recently posted..Stubborn 10 Update

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