December Goals

December…the month of mistletoe, hot cocoa, chilly days and roaring fires in the fireplace. I am so happy that the Christmas Tree Experiment last year worked well! It was the first year I’d ever had a tree with my kitties. They were super curious about it but didn’t destroy it, or eat it, or climb it like I feared they would. That means we can now be a Christmas tree house!

November Goals Recap

1. Continue weight lifting consistently. Try new things with weights. Yes! Thanks to Suzanne!

2. Do another Sugar Detox in preparation for the holidays. Minimum: 1 week long. Not really. I last about a day and a half on the sugar detox. 

3. Spin Class! Yes! I took a few spin classes and really, really enjoyed them.


I’m so glad that I was able to go to the Spin Class and see what it was about. I think it’s a great workout and I am really looking forward to working on my cycling fitness this winter. Too often it’s easy to just say “it’s winter, I just won’t cycle.” And then Spring comes and I have to start from scratch on the bike. My goal this Spring is to start early commuting to work on the bike and maintain it all summer long. I think Spin will help with that goal.

So what should I do for the last month of 2011?

December Goals

1. Work through the healthy recipes I’ve been collecting.

2. Take more Spin Classes.

3. Maintain my current weight during the holiday season.

4. Take some yoga classes more regularly.


Liking the Spin Class makes it much easier to go. The class also came at a time when I was having issues with running again. I think running less, biking more and fitting in some yoga will help.

QUESTION: What are your goals for December?

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  1. Ugh. Not looking forward to this month. Thanks to my knee injury, I’ll be exercising less, and thanks to the holidays, I know I’ll be eating more. My goal for December is to be very mindful in between the splurges and be as active as I can with my injury.
    Leah @ L4L recently posted..Thanksgiving Weekend

    1. I’m sorry about your knee. Learn from my injury though! Increase (or start) your weight lifting routine! That’s what I did when I couldn’t run for 2 months last year. I switched to weight lifting, lost 5 pounds within 1 month and fell in love with it. I also kept swimming. I skipped the running and elliptical for months until I was healed.

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