One of the issues I’ve been having with “dieting” lately is feeling deprived. I don’t mean the “I’m denying myself food” kind of deprived. More of the, I’m not eating smart and it’s leaving me feeling unsatisfied and hungry. I wrote about this a little while ago and talked about eating more protein and healthy fats. While I do that most of the time, I find that Monday-Friday I pack my food with calories in mind. I have breakfast at home, then bring a morning snack to work (usually fruit) then I have a low calorie lunch and if it’s a gym day I have an afternoon snack.

This has left me feeling low-energy, cranky, irritable, moody AND HUNGRY. I think Michael got sick of hearing me complain about being hungry all the time so he asked me if I’d be willing to try eating “his diet” for awhile. I said maybe. I feel pretty stuck in my ways, honestly. Eating low calorie foods. I’ve gone back to eating soup or Lean Cuisine type lunches at work that never really stick with me too long. BUT they were portion controlled and I knew how many calories I was eating. Besides, it worked for me 8 years ago, right?!? So why isn’t it working now?

Probably because I’m used to eating more. After I reached goal weight and spent 6.5 years in maintenance mode, I was used to eating a little bit more. I wasn’t trying to lose weight, really. Maybe lose that fluctuation I saw but it was never more than 5 pounds.

Also, my activity level is way different NOW than it was 8 years ago when I first started working out AND of course doing 30 minutes of swimming was going to shock my body into losing a lot of weight because it wasn’t used to activity like that. Now? After 8 years of having a fairly intense workout regiment, my body is used to this. So losing is harder.

It’s not that I was unwilling to give Michael’s ideas a try, it’s really just that I can’t let go of the calorie counting. IT WORKED. For a long time. It’s easy, I know how to do it. It’s become a habit that is part of my normal every day routine. He was asking me to ignore counting calories for awhile while I just focused on eating a high protein, healthy diet of whole foods.

Sounds good in theory right?! But ignoring calories is how I gained 15 pounds on my honeymoon. That and the daily pina coladas and Bloody Mary’s… 😉

Anyways, I decided to give it a try. I was definitely in a food rut so it couldn’t hurt, right? Plus I was tired of feeling tired, hungry, cranky and unsatisfied during the week from a too-low calorie intake. (Which would inevitably lead to me eating crap at work.)



I picked up some ground chicken at the store. It came in a tube, like the breakfast sausages (think Jimmy Dean sausage). It was made of chicken thigh and breast meat and didn’t have a bunch of weird ingredients in it. I cooked it up in a skillet with grapeseed oil and some chopped onions. It cooked up exactly like lean ground turkey meat. The color, consistency and taste was pretty close to turkey, too.


The package of ground chicken had 4 servings in it, each serving 140 calories. I was getting a little more like 5 or 5.5 servings out of what I cooked up. I added some of the ground chicken to two scrambled eggs and topped it with hot sauce. It was a low calorie, high protein and VERY filling breakfast.

CALORIES: 365 total (that number includes my cup of coffee with creamer in it).


So during the week I had two different kinds of lunches: the gym days and non-gym days. Non-gym days didn’t have carbs. An example of a lunch for non-gym days was lettuce with low-calorie dressing and a fillet of blackened salmon. (Salmon blackening below, the ground chicken for breakfasts on the right.)


CALORIES: Around 400 calories (for the salad, salmon and dressing).

Gym days: Michael made me this crazy delicious salad for gym days. It was quinoa, chickpeas, kale, carrots and chicken with pesto. Having carbs on gym days was required. This was the second week of food prep:

Carrots, blanched kale, chopped red cabbage, chopped pickled beets. The quinoa was cooking, the chicken was baking. The second week Michael skipped the chickpeas and added raw spinach to the salad and I added some raw peppers. It’s a delicious salad!


This hasn’t changed much. A protein and a vegetable.

One dinner Michael made was a burger with a piece of bacon on top of a bed of lettuce with a fried egg on top, topped with some hot sauce. Talk about protein! It was absolutely delicious and filling, despite lacking any carbs.



I was still sticking with the fruit for snacks at work. Pre-gym snacks were either pre-packaged servings of hummus from Costco (they are 150 calories) with veggies or plain Greek yogurt with some fruit in it.


This is where I fall short. The sugar. I am trying REALLY hard not to indulge in candy at work and trying to skip the desserts at home. Protein shakes are dessert on gym days. This is also beneficial for days I lift weights. 🙂

Will it Work?

I’m on week 2 of this diet, with a few slip-ups due to the holidays and parties. I am trying not to beat myself up over that because for most of the week I was doing well and sticking with it. I was also limiting my sugar successfully! That’s a huge thing for me. Right now I am just trying to get through the next two weeks of holiday foods and festivities and hopefully I’ll start to see some real progress in January.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the foods I’ve been eating lately because it’s been really delicious and satisfying. So much more so than frozen meals…

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  1. Glad you are sticking with real food. One of the things I had to accept was that if I was to keep off 70+ pounds, I would have to stop eating at work (unless I brought it, I don’t eat it)

    I was moderating myself to a case of diabetes by eating all the sugary things. Plus, it kept me in a binge cycle. Getting well (weight or not) meant being tough and not being moderate (from the pages of the Refuse to Regain book).

    Now that more research is coming out about Food Addiction, how sugar works with my genetics/my brain… well, I’m super glad I made that guideline for myself.

    Good luck and eating whole, real foods will take you far.
    Karen P recently posted..Christmas Eve 2014 Story- So. Cal Style, mix up

    1. Thanks for the input Karen. Agreed. And I feel like if I don’t eat sugar, I stop craving it and can easily say “no thanks”. But once I get back into that cycle of eating sugar, it feels like it’s an addiction I can’t quit. It’s so hard! One thing I’ve found with two weeks on this “diet” was that I am very full and I snack less AND I crave sugar less.

  2. Your new “diet” looks & sounds great, and I’m glad that you found a way of eating that leaves you more satisfied! I remember eating packaged foods that made calorie counting and portion control easier. But, like you, it wasn’t satisfying anymore after a while, and I noticed that I feel a lot better when I eat simple homemade veggies and protein. The more real foods I eat, the better I feel. And, yes, the more sugar I eat, the more I crave it. I’ve pretty much limited sugar to some dark chocolate and sugar in some fruit, and I feel a lot better.
    Andrea@WellnessNotes recently posted..Workouts at Home

  3. While I love oatmeal with fixins in it, it spikes my blood sugar so much AND I find myself totally hungry in a couple hours.

    I love my protein breakfasts – but I do add some carbs – today I had leftover beef tenderloin, egg white and spinach on two tostadas – each only have 6 grams of carbs – not bad and its so filling too.

    Glad you got away from Lean Cuisines! My boss eats one Ick.
    Biz recently posted..Healthy Apple Ring Mock Buttermilk Pancakes

  4. I lost weight in December but I did it by catching a nasty gastro bug that had me so sick that I couldn’t eat for nearly 2 weeks. I wouldn’t recommend that method!

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