Caesar salad

Sizzle Pie

I can’t remember the last time I bought my lunch downtown when I was at work. It’s definitely a rare thing and if I tried to think really hard, I’d guess it was last summer when I was on the Slow Carb diet and I needed some non-carb food to add to my salad because I was famished. I think I bought some chicken from a Greek food cart. The memory is foggy because it really is a rare thing to splurge on. For one, I don’t want to use the calories. Second, it’s too expensive to eat out for lunch!

With Michael being home unemployed right now I thought it would be a nice thing for us to get together for a lunch date. About once a week I have an hour lunch and we made a date. Michael came downtown and picked me up from the office and we walked over to Sizzle Pie for lunch.

Sizzle Pie is a pizza joint in the old Rocco’s Pizza across the street from Powell’s Books. Apparently the pizzas are named after metal bands but I have no idea about that!

The walls were painted a flat black and the jukebox in the corner was playing music you wouldn’t normally hear in a restaurant but it was a cool vibe.

I got the Ol’ Dirty pizza. It was a pizza with ricotta, truffle oil (my new favorite thing), a few slices of salami and pepperoncinis. I got the lunch special–a slice and a salad. I definitely could have survived on just the slice but the salad just sounded really good to me.

And I was glad I got it. I ordered the “Caligula” Caesar salad with vegan dressing. I’m not vegan, but I LOVED the salad dressing. It was so tasty!

We sat at the bar facing the street and chatted while we ate our slices and sipped our Coke Zeros. The corner is super busy–10th and Burnside–and it’s a good spot for people watching.

The pizza was decent for a “by the slice” kind of joint.  It was no Apizza Scholl’s but it’s a good spot to grab a quick lunch after browsing Powell’s Books for hours. I definitely went over my calories for lunch but it was a nice splurge. It was nice hanging out with Michael for lunch and taking a little break from work, too.

It was a nice, sunny day after days of pouring rain and windy weather. I want to hold onto hope that spring is almost here. I am finally seeing some evidence that spring has arrived!

Maya Update: Maya went to the vet recently and had her incisions checked from the previous week’s extractions. One has healed completely and another one is still healing. She’s got some more antibiotics to take and is still on wet food. Hopefully she’ll be back on the regular food soon.

She’s getting easier to catch and dare I say–she’s actually enjoying it! She often lets me pet her and hold her now without being “squirmy kitty”!

All in all, it was a good day with my man, my kitties and good food.

QUESTION: Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods yet? 

Something Different This Week

Michael and I both agreed that last week’s breakfast were a huge gut-bomb. In order to get 30+ grams of protein in for breakfast like the diet plan instructs, we were eating 3 egg white, 1 egg scrambled plus multiple turkey sausage links or bacon and black beans. It was huge and sat heavy (not in a good way) for hours.

This week we are trying something different. A few times this week we are having 2 scrambled eggs and we’ll split a steak. It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t. We ate 2.5 ounces of steak (grass-fed from Trader Joe’s) and that got us to the 30+ grams of protein we needed without making us feel sick!



2.5 ounces of steak

2 scrambled eggs

Salsa and sour cream

Coffee w/creamer (thank goodness!)

Calories:   360     |    Carbs: 8g     |     Protein: 39g   |     Fiber 0g



Original Babybel Cheese

I figured this would be okay to eat on the diet because it has zero sugar and zero carbs in it. I kind of wished I had some almonds or cashews to go with the cheese but I’d forgotten them at home.

Calories:   70     |    Carbs: 0g     |     Protein: 5g   |     Fiber 0g



Caesar Salad with

Blackened chicken (1/2 breast)


1/2 an avocado

Michael totally nailed the blackened chicken breast and it was so delicious with the Caesar salad!  I should have brought some more veggies to go on the salad to try and increase my fiber intake for the day but I didn’t think about it (and honestly my salad was so big I don’t know that I needed more food).

Calories:   425     |    Carbs: 25g     |     Protein: 26g   |     Fiber 11g



1/2 Lamb Steak

Green Beans

Cucumber, Tomato, Mozzarella Salad

I made us a salad of chopped cucumber, sliced Roma tomato and the last slice of fresh mozzarella cubed up. Add a little salt and pepper, oil and balsamic and that was it! Easy and so tasty!

I hadn’t planned on having steak twice in one day, but the way our leftovers worked out that’s what we did. Since Michael and I ended up splitting the lamb steak Sunday night, we had to split the other one Monday night too. Poor planning on our part but it was a good dinner. The lamb turned out even better than it was on Sunday night. Dinner was really low in calories but it filled me up just enough. In retrospect, I should have also steamed some broccoli to go along with the steak and beans. Next time!

Calories:   400     |    Carbs: 22g     |     Protein: 29g   |     Fiber 8g

I’m finding it difficult to really find any motivation to stay on this much longer. I just feel “blah” about the whole thing. Had I lost some weight like Michael did last week? This week might be another story. But I’m trying to stay on it to support Michael.


Calories:   1,605     |    Carbs: 82g     |     Protein: 113g   |     Fiber 19g


QUESTION: How do you not lose steam on a diet? For some reason this one doesn’t appeal to me, but the counting calories worked really well.