How to Deal With Cravings


This may surprise you but my advice on how to deal with cravings is to EAT what you are craving.

That kind of sounds like the opposite of what you should do if you’re trying to lose weight. When it comes to weight loss, the simple equation is eat less and move more. It’s really that simple. It took me a long time to come around to realizing that but once I did it made the process easier. I no longer felt like I was fumbling around trying to figure out what the magical secret was to weight loss. I discovered it and it worked. I COULD lose weight. Eat less, move more.

This is not to say that cravings weren’t the bane of my weight loss journey. Boy were they ever! When you’re used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want, in large portions, the idea of denying cravings is ridiculous. Why would I? I’m craving a big piece of chocolate cheesecake. I’m going to drive to the grocery store at 8pm at night and buy it. In fact, since I’m there, why not buy a few more pieces for tomorrow so I won’t have to come back?

Moderation, moderation, moderation.

The trick with giving in to cravings is to do so in moderation. If there is something I’m craving, I eat it, but sometimes just having a bite or two of whatever it is I am obsessing about it enough. Half the time I give in to the craving and feel like I didn’t really need or want it.

As a former binge eater, resisting the cravings was really hard. I remember many many evenings where I knew I had some kind of dessert in my freezer and my brain would fixate on it. I’d try to distract myself, I would do other things; I did a lot of crafts and scrap-booking as a way of keeping my hands busy. But there would still be that little voice in the back of my head…You have ice cream sandwiches in the freezer…You have ice cream sandwiches in the freezer…you can just have one. One won’t ruin your day for calories…

I bet you understand that! I’d give in and have one and in the early days when I wasn’t quite in control of my food and binges yet, I’d have another, and then another. And then my day was blown. I ate too many calories. I’d feel despondent and hate myself, and regret eating even one.

Then something changed. I LOST WEIGHT. Seeing progress on the scale boosted my mood and my motivation in ways I never expected. Suddenly I didn’t want to sabotage myself! I wanted to be successful. I wanted to keep seeing a smaller number on that scale each week! Finding this motivation helped me resist the binge eating demons. It didn’t come to me immediately and it took work, but once I got there it got easier to resist the donuts at work or the chocolate cake at a potluck.

The point is, for me, if I deny myself something I’m craving I can only hold out for so long. Then it’s days and days of obsession building up in my mind and that leads to a binge.

Know the difference between a CRAVING and a HABIT.

This is something that went hand in hand with my binge eating. It might surprise you but a lot of the bingeing I did was because of a HABIT. I “always” ate ice cream when I watched movies on the couch. I “always” ordered a pizza to be delivered on Friday nights. When I started working at my job a few years ago I gained some weight because of the truly horrible Candy Room in my office. It was actually a room of candy. And I got into the habit of always having some candy after lunch. Or when I was bored. It became so ingrained that I wouldn’t even think about it, it wasn’t even something I wanted some days but habit made me walk into that room and rummage.

Stupid. What a stupid waste of calories. This brought me to another realization: if it doesn’t taste good, spit it out! Don’t just eat something to eat something. So many times I’d be standing in the candy room, trying to decide what to eat and nothing looked appealing; I’d end up eating something I didn’t even want because it was a HABIT.  Sometimes going cold turkey is just what is needed to get some clarity.

When you shouldn’t give in…

You shouldn’t give in to a craving if you are emotionally distressed. This is a big pitfall. Emotional stress, a bad day–emotional eating can lead to binges and then self-loathing. We’ve all gotten stuck in that cycle! This is not the time to experiment with eating your cravings in moderation. With that stress weighing on your mind, it will get harder to think rationally.

Another time you shouldn’t give in to a craving is in the first stages of your weight loss journey. It takes time for good habits to click and become something you can fall back on. The “everything in moderation” didn’t actually work for me for a good six-eight months in the beginning of my weight loss. I didn’t trust myself to stop after a few bites and so I didn’t give in to the cravings. It made me stronger! Give yourself some time to get used to the healthy eating lifestyle. Then slowly reintroduce some of those lavish things. See how you do.


Of course everyone is different and not every method always works for everyone. It works for me because I know I will crave some chocolate at the end of the evening. The most satisfying, delicious dinner is not complete in my mind without a dessert. So I leave myself some calories at the end of the day for that dessert! I’m currently eating Hershey’s Kisses as my dessert. At first I was worried about having something like that in the house. In the old days it was a big binge-trigger! A big bag of candy! EAT IT ALL. I’m finding that having to unwrap each individual kiss slows me down. I’m eating less of them and I take my time. And I enjoy my half dozen little chocolates.

What about you? How do you deal with cravings?

110 Pounds Mission Statement

110 Pounds and Counting is dedicated to supporting people in their weight loss efforts. I freely share my life with my readers here because I want to inspire people to join me in a journey to be healthy. I envision this website as a safe, fun, familiar place for readers to get new ideas on weight loss, weight loss maintenance, and fitness. I want my readers to look forward to my posts and to contribute their own opinions and ideas.

My Mission Statement

Life is meant for living, not dieting. I don’t like the word diet and I’m not on a diet. Reading my blog you will see me eat salads, lots of fruit, veggies from my garden, healthy meals AND the “fun stuff.” I never pass up a chance to eat dessert or Mexican food but over the years of losing and maintaining my weight I’ve learned how to enjoy those treats in moderation.

I EARNED that pizza, man!

I want to live a long and healthy life but I’m not going to deny myself things in order to weigh a certain number. Life is less about that number on the scale for me now after keeping off 100 pounds for three years. I’m an ex-obese person, ex-vegetarian trying to learn how to eliminate processed food from my life. I eat simply and I love it.

I work out because I love it. I have had my struggles, my injuries and criticisms but in the end I do it because it makes my body feel good. I write about the activities I do to inspire others to try things like biking, hiking and swimming.

Four Principles of 110 Pounds

SUPPORT. I didn’t blog my weight loss progress. I did it all on my own and I know how hard it is. When I began this blog I didn’t have much direction and simply shared stories about how I lost over 100 pounds. Over time the blog has evolved and I grew to love sharing my life with my readers. I share these things because I want to show that losing weight and keeping it off can be done–and it can be fun too!

INFORM. I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer. I lost my weight on my own without programs, drugs or doctors. I may not have a degree in these topics but I think my own personal experience speaks for itself. My goal is to simply inform my readers what worked for me. Take what you will from my site and tailor it to your life (and if you have concerns about losing weight, talk to your doctor first).

ENTERTAIN. My hope is that my writing style and quality will continue to evolve and improve. I want people to enjoy what they read here. I’m pretty honest about things. I will share my happy times, my sad times, things that frustrate me with this whole journey, and memories of my struggles to lose the weight. I hope my readers can empathize (and maybe even laugh once in awhile). What I love about other blogs that I read is the connection I feel like I have with the writer. I hope my readers can feel that here, too.

RESPECT. I’m passionate about everything in my life, and I admit that fervor can sometimes get me into trouble–especially if it’s something I feel very strongly about.  I love passionate, healthy discussion and debate. I welcome other opinions, paths and ideas because life is all about sharing and learning. I speak my mind, no matter how unpopular it may be, and I do get some shrapnel as a result. I work hard to treat my readers with respect and I ask for the same respect from my readers. Personal attacks against me or other people on my blog will not be tolerated.


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...."In a timely manner...."

Finally, please take away from this that you are not alone. I used to be depressed and unhappy with my weight. I felt trapped and like I would never be healthy or fit. I’m living proof that that is not true–that something can ALWAYS be done to improve things!

QUESTION: Have you ever made a personal mission statement about goals, vision and missions?