tapering phantom pains

Haunted By Phantoms

Monday was a decent day for a Monday. I met my good friend Star to get pedicures. It was so needed. The pampering (and vibrating chair) felt great. I got my toes done in hot pink–not my usual color but I thought I’d do something different for a change. After our pedicures we went back to the house and Michael and I made her dinner. We’ve been telling her about our favorite steak dinner for awhile now and she was dying to try it.

Yep, it’s our steak with caramelized onions and Gorgonzola cheese. As a side we baked zucchini strips with a little grapeseed oil, salt, pepper and topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

Dinner was a success. Star said it was the BEST steak she’s ever had in her entire life. Fat Kitty was dying for a bite.

He was so persistent! He doesn’t really like people food (except fish and shrimp) but he thinks he does.


I marinated the steak all day long: Worcestershire sauce, balsamic, salt, pepper, splash of soy sauce, freshly sliced garlic, fresh rosemary from the garden and onion powder. So good!

Remember how it’s taper week and I was going to avoid dessert and alcohol? Yeah, that didn’t happen on Monday. The car trouble Michael was having this weekend was not good news and we were both mentally and physically tired. There’s no excuse for me giving in. Michael was going to drink wine no matter what because of the bad news but I could have said no. I didn’t. I had half a glass of red wine with dinner. I didn’t have seconds though. Then I had dessert. Major fail.

I had one of the Trader Joe’s mini ice cream cones. It was 70 calories and I only had one, so there wasn’t calorie damage done for my day. But I am disappointed that I gave in to two of my vices when I’m supposed to be avoiding them this week. The only good news to report: I did not eat any chocolate or candy at work. At all!

Mr. Goofball was back at it. He wanted tons of attention (I think it’s because Star spoils him so much πŸ™‚ ). He was full of it all night.

So what are these phantoms I’m talking about? Phantoms pains–the worst part of Tapering. I hate them so much. My mind can convince me that I am totally injured for no reason. My lower back has been bugging me. Not enough to really be anything, more of like a dull ache. It feels like cramps–but not the right time for them. I don’t know what’s up with that. Is it real? Is it in my head? Am I totally injured and going to be ruined for Sunday’s race? UGH!

I had dreams all night of injured body parts. One specifically was a dream about how I saw a doctor and she said my hips were the problem. I tossed and turned all night, waking up feeling uncomfortable in the lower back and hips. I was hoping I’d wake up cured but I didn’t. The ache is still there and it’s stressing me out. I’m using the foam roller like mad and stretching a lot. I think I’ll try to hit a yoga class this week too.

QUESTION: What do you do about phantom pains?