Electric Shock Treatment

If you’ve never tried a TENS Device you are missing out, baby.

I’ve experienced TENS a few times, at chiropractic appointments and also recently when I had acupuncture again. It’s a little device that sends electrical stimulation to the muscles. It can be used for joint pain (arthritis), chronic injury and muscle soreness.

“Transcutaneous (trans-q-tain-e-us) electrical nerve stimulation (stih-mew-la-shun) is a pain control treatment. It is often called TENS for short. A TENS unit is a portable, pocket-sized, battery-powered device. The TENS unit uses mild, safe electrical signals to help control pain.”

Michael recently purchased a device for us to use at home. He bought it for his back. After testing, treatments and X-rays he found out he has scoliosis which is messing up his back muscles. The tens treatment should help. At the very least, provide some relief from the pain he’s experiencing.

I for one am totally excited about using the device to work out aches and pains. This little device will do wonders for both of us. For example, we both work desk jobs in front of a computer and as a result we both have huge knots in our shoulders. Even massage therapy hasn’t gotten those knots out. I think this will help. After my acupuncture appointment where she used the tens device I felt like a million bucks. My aches and pains were gone.

How it works is that you put the sticky patches on your skin in the area to treat and plug the electrodes into the patches.

Then turn the device on and slowly increase the number until it’s comfortable. Here’s a guide of where to put the electrodes:

Last Friday night I sat next to the fireplace with Michael and we watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I used the TENS device on my leg. I’ve been running a lot more lately and I noticed my knee was starting to have issues again. I just chilled and let it do it’s work. It feels weird. It’s a pulsating, vibrating sensation.

My muscles twitched like a beating heart until I turned it down a little bit. It was bizarre to look down and see my leg muscles pulsating but cool too. I hope to see some progress in our differing pains.

After the relaxing electrical stimulation we made a homey dinner of New York Strip steak with some Gorgonzola cheese on top. I steamed some broccoli to go with dinner. The steak was pretty big so we split it.

I made a salad with half a serving of Craisins, chopped cashews and yellow peppers. A glass of Sangiovese complimented the steak nicely.

There’s nothing better than good food, a fire in the fireplace, romantic partner to watch a movie with and….electric shock therapy. Winning!

QUESTION: Have you ever used a TENS device? What did you think?

Common Ground

Our original plan for Date Night was the OMSI After Dark Halloween edition. It turned out it was about three times the normal cost of OMSI After Dark so we decided to pass. Instead, I whipped out my Groupon coupons and planned an alternative evening.

The first stop was the Siam Society on NE Alberta. It’s a Thai restaurant that I haven’t been to in ages, but remembered liking.

It was a cool, warehouse-type building with exposed cement walls and floors and dim lighting. The music was trendy, quiet trance and mood music. We were seated in a romantic corner of the restaurant and I ordered a glass of Sokol Blosser Pinot Gris wine. Pinot Gris goes well with spicy Thai food.

We had $40 to spend on dinner. Michael wanted the  Pulled Pork Spring Rolls. (I kinda wanted the spicy green beans but we got this instead.) The spring rolls came with braised pork and wrapped with hazelnuts and vegetables. The dipping sauce was very sweet–maybe plum sauce?

We ordered two entrees. The Pad Thai:

Pad Thai is kind of a must-have when I go to a Thai restaurant. I also order the Yellow Curry dish. It came with lots of veggie including green beans, potatoes and squash and flavorful spices (coriander, tumeric, cumin and curry). I put the jasmine rice into the dish to soak up some of the sauce. I loved the yellow curry dish.

I ate way too much, yet we barely made a dent in the amount of food on the plate! The “After” shot looked oddly just like the above shot. I love having leftovers for lunch! We had some time to kill before our next destination so we stopped next door to get a treat.

Michael got a donut and I decided I just wanted two donut holes. I was honestly too stuffed from dinner.

It was the perfect, small treat.

After dinner we drove to the nearby Common Ground Wellness Center. You might remember me writing about it at the beginning of this year. I bought the Groupon last time for Michael’s birthday to help his back injury. Well he recently hurt his back again so I made us reservations for the center again.

There’s no photography or phones allowed in the center, which is fine with me! An hour to completely disconnect sounds good to me.

This time I brought my new bikini! Yep, the one I bought over the summer and only wore in my backyard. I figured this was the perfect time to take it out. It was so liberating being able to wear it.

The night was dark and frigid. The patio was dark and only lit by Christmas lights. The steam rose from the hot tub and made it hard to see. It was romantic and relaxing. I laid back in the hot salt water and chilled. It felt amazing.

QUESTION: How often do you do Date Night with your partner? What do you do?