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The Easter Bunny Brought Mimosas

The Easter Bunny Brought Mimosas

Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. Suzanne @Workout Nirvana

    Fabulous post Lisa! Sigh, I ate a LOT yesterday. Brunch was omelette, Belgian waffles, fruit, and of course a Mimosa. Later we went to our friends’ house and had fettucini with chicken and a fabulous sponge/fruit cake. I was so freaking expanded after it all! I think out of all it my favorite was my friend’s sponge cake. She is German and an expert cook/baker. Grateful for that.

    1. Lisa Eirene

      I was too stuffed to eat dinner last night! I had a few small snacks instead. I tried to be good with my food–not deny myself the food but not totally binge on it either. That cake sounds so good!

  2. Lesley Lifting Life

    We need to start a composter! That looks exciting and fun. Glad you had a nice Easter 🙂

    1. Lisa Eirene

      You should! I think it’s a great thing to do for the environment and I am so excited about the potential of our garden.

  3. Yum Yucky

    Whoa! Those delectable cinnamon buns just smacked me in the face. I wasn’t expecting that. hehe

    1. Lisa Eirene

      I hadn’t been prepared for the cinnamon buns either. No one in Michael’s family really like sweets (I’m the only one that craves dessert) so I hadn’t expected to see a dessert there yesterday. His brother brought the cinnamon buns and I knew I was doomed to eat one! 🙂

  4. Devon

    You’re a better person than I… I cannot turn down mimosas!

    1. Lisa Eirene

      It was hard! I really wanted one…

  5. steena

    You are a brave girl to post a pic of yourself in swimcap, or maybe that’s just a silly fear of mine! I’ve not looked inthe mirror with a swimcap on, I don’t wanna know! 🙂 You look great, big smile, total happiness!
    Glad your Easter was a good one!

    1. Lisa Eirene

      Ah, I don’t mind how I look in a swim cap!

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