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It was finally time for a new battery in my heart rate monitor. For most of this year I’ve had a little battery sign on my watch and I kept procrastinating on getting the battery replaced because the idea of being without it for long didn’t appeal to me.

There was also another issue: I needed my HRM to stay waterproof and replacing the battery meant it wouldn’t be waterproof. I found a solution. This place could replace the battery AND make it waterproof again. Score! So that meant that my workouts for the next week or two will be naked


That meant I had to just guess on my calories burned at the gym. The good news: my routines are pretty standard and I burn a consistent amount so it was okay. I ran a great 4 miles on the treadmill (which was good because I’d been sore and limping for days because of lunges).

I don’t really rely on the calories that the machines tell me I burned because they are usually off. Now I don’t really have a choice. After my run I worked on abs and triceps (kickbacks).

My workout was sweaty and productive but it felt weird not knowing what my heart rate was, or how many calories I was burning. Several times I looked at my wrist to check my heart rate and then felt like a dork because I saw this:

No watch. Grrr.

Workout Stats:
Time: 1:42
Calories Burned: 500? 

Despite not having my HRM I enjoyed my workout and went home in a fairly good mood. When I got home I saw this:

A fire in the fireplace! I love that. It’s the best part of Fall. For dinner we had pork chops and steamed broccoli.

After dinner I wanted dessert but nothing appealed to me. I didn’t really want chocolate or candy, I just wanted something carby and sweet. So I toasted an English muffin with cinnamon and a little sugar/splenda blend.

It definitely satisfied my craving for sweet and carby. It was nice relaxing next to the fire.

QUESTION: Do you workout “naked” without your heart rate monitor or garmin devices?

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  1. For a while there, every single workout I did was using either my Polar, Garmin, or both. Now, I try to use my Polar when I work out at the gym, and only use my Garmin for races and not just every day runs. I find I get too focused on my pace/heart rate and it kind of takes the joy out of working out for me. Sometimes though, like this morning when I wore my Polar, it helped me a lot because my heart was POUNDING even though I didn’t feel like I was working that hard for part of it. It helps to know what your body is doing for sure!

    1. A little part of me DID just enjoy running and not focusing on how many calories I burned. There are many times where I’ll feel really good about my run and then check the calories and feel deflated. Like if I hadn’t burned a certain amount, the run somehow wasn’t good enough??

  2. I always work out without a device but not becuase I want to but because I can’t find one here in France. I have tried ordering them off of amazon but they say they are no available in to ship to my address. 🙁
    I can’t wait to move home and buy one right away!
    Samantha recently posted..Do Thursday- Fontainebleau Castle

  3. I don’t work out with anything anymore. I used to have a heart rate monitor, but I stopped wearing it a couple years ago. I had one of those GoWear Fit things, which I really liked, but then I just decided I didn’t need it anymore. I ballpark calories burned now and I probably am pretty close.

    I miss our fireplace! We had one in our old house and I loved it!
    Lori recently posted..May I rant for a minute?

  4. I go “naked”… I sort of use the HRM built into the machines at the gym but I don’t follow it very well. Just kind of peek at it when I get going good and again towards the end of things.

    For a while I did seriously considering buying one that would track calories burned and all that though.
    Deb recently posted..Day 13 – 243.5

    1. The machines can be a good guide for estimating. I prefer using my HRM over those because it’s more accurate, and it means I’m not stuck in the gym…I could go for a bike ride/hike/run outside and know how many calories I burned.

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