It’s Been Awhile…

I’ve sort of fallen out of the habit of writing about my food here. My blog started out as a food journal because that was all I really knew about the “healthy living blog” world at the time. Lately I’ve been doing so much more writing about other things I haven’t done one of these in awhile. Once in awhile it’s good to check in. This post is one day’s worth of eating. The foods here are pretty typical of a day for me.


I made an omelet for myself for the very first time. I’ve tried to do it before but those attempts usually ended up being scrambled eggs. This time I used a smaller pan and it worked great. I sprinkled just a tiny bit of shredded Colby Jack cheese on one side and added some black beans on it, let it cook a little and then folded it over.

I topped the omelet with half an avocado and a serving of sour cream. It was delicious and I was really proud of myself for being successful. I don’t eat a lot of omelets because there are usually too big and have too much cheese in it. Mine was just right.

When I got to work, I had one cup of black coffee with two servings of coffee creamer.

Calories:  About 400


My morning snack was an apple. I ate it around 11 am. I slice the apple into a bunch of pieces because it takes me a long time to eat it that way.

Calories: About 70


For lunch I brought soup that my friend Star made. It was a vegetable and potato soup that was creamy but she did not use any dairy in it. She told me how she made the soup but now I don’t remember.

I measured out a serving of Wheat Thins to go with my soup. I also had a piece of chocolate after lunch from the Candy Room at work.

Calories: About 375


For my pre-workout snack I had a Chobani Greek yogurt. I had the vanilla because it’s my favorite flavor. It’s not as sweet as the ones with fruit in it and with Greek yogurt I just need a little taste of sweet.

Calories: 120 


For dinner Michael and I made a “throw it all together” dinner. First I sauteed kale and onions in the skillet with a little Grape Seed oil and chicken broth. When it was cooked down Michael added two bratwursts sliced into small pieces into the skillet.

While that was cooking, I made dinner salads–green leaf lettuce for me and spinach for Michael, topped with raw broccoli, a little bit of shredded cheese and a serving of croutons. I also added some cottage cheese to my salad after I took the photo.

Calories: About 600


For dessert that night we had ice cream! It was the last of the ice cream we had in the freezer, a lower calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

I topped mine with a little bit of the hot fudge sauce that I love! It’s from Wax Orchards and it’s 45 calories a serving. It’s rich and delicious and made from fruit instead of chemicals. It’s also diabetic friendly, but it doesn’t taste fake. It’s my favorite “light” treat.

Calories: About 225


I warmed up on the treadmill before Spin class. It was a really good class, even though it was a substitute teacher that I didn’t really like much (she sang along with the music…um….). The routine was difficult and I loved the challenge. Here was the  workout:

  • 30 seconds of fast pedaling with difficult resistance then 15 seconds “flat road” no resistance recovery. Repeated four times.
  • 30 seconds of pedaling with difficult resistance, then 15 seconds of “flat road”. Repeated four times and increasing resistance each time until we were at a “10” in resistance.
  • Standing climb intervals with seated climbs, hardest resistance we can take.


The class was difficult and I loved that I was able to do it! My legs felt like jello after the class.

Calories Burned: 685


So that was my day.  That was a typical day for me when I work out. If it was a rest day, I’d skip the afternoon snack. What are my numbers? 1790 worth of food with 685 calories burned in the gym. Dinners are usually more in the 700-800 calorie range but it was just one of those nights where we didn’t have anything defrosted and needed to go to the store for more produce. What I strive for is to eat between 1600-1900 calories a day, the higher days are when I work out.


QUESTION: Do you like food blogs that are in diary form (I ate XYZ)? What do yo like to read the most on blogs? 

Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

10 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile…”

    1. I was shocked that I successfully made that omelette and that I was able to recreate it another day. I was pretty proud of myself, to be honest.

      My Thursday is great so far because it’s my Friday!

  1. Well, I love food and food blogs 😀

    I actually like to see what other people eat, particularly maintainers – and there are very few maintainers that blog food.

    I do sometimes have to remove blogs from my reader because they can be triggering for me in some way – either that I can’t believe someone can eat as much as they do and be so tiny or the eating seems very disordered (to me) and I don’t want to watch that happen.
    Lori recently posted..Stage 2 of Fit Female

    1. I like seeing what other people eat too and you’re right–not many maintainers document that. I stopped doing it because I felt like it was boring. And I eat the same food all the time. How many posts can I write about my chicken and broccoli dinner? 🙂

      I agree with some of the bloggers that seem disordered. There’s one that I really want to like because I’ve been reading her for a long time and used to like her but she eats an insane amount of junk food, processed food and fast food. It’s not quite a “trigger” for me but I feel like it’s bordering on the binge eating I used to do. So far I can take a step back and not associate it with my old habits, but of course there are days when I’m not as strong!

  2. I like to see what people eat. I like to see a typical day- especially for a maintainer. It gives me good ideas when I can’t think of anything.
    I am an omelet maker! Sometimes they turn into scrambled eggs too- but usually I make beautiful omelets! I prefer egg white omelets….
    Jill recently posted..Grenada

      1. I will try to explain… hold your pan and swirl it around once the egg starts cooking. Then I use a spatula to kind of push down the sides a little to make room for uncooked egg. I then swirl again. I continue to repeat this process until the egg has mostly set. Then I “try” and flip the omelet with the spatula. I am not daring enough or I don’t use enough oil to flip it in the air. I let it cook for a minute and then I add my toppings and fold it over. I read about it once- I will look for the link. I hope this didn’t confuse you even more!!! 🙂
        Jill recently posted..Grenada

  3. I gave up on omelets a long time ago- I just scramble it all together and call it good… lol. I have thought about buying one of those fancy omelet pans though on occasion.
    Deb recently posted..Day 178 & 179

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