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How to Eat More Protein

Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

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  1. Carrie @ Season It Already

    You probably hit all of mine, so I’m not sure if I’ll have much to add. This morning I had an Italian egg scramble I made up. With a little spinach and tomatoes, some Tuscan seasoning and some shredded part-skin mozzarella (lower in calories/fat than my usual cheddar!)

    I do nuts just about every afternoon or right before a workout if I feel like I’m “starving”! I divide them up into 100-calorie pack snack bags. I have these set for the evenings, too. Pistachios are perfect because it takes time to shell them. I got some salt & pepper ones we love from Costco.

    I’m with you on string cheese and cottage cheese. I intend to put together some antipasto skewers like this soon!

    I like to top my cottage cheese with tomatoes and make a “poorman’s caprese” or salsa and make a “salsa caprese.”

    Love to see other ideas! Thanks for posting.
    Carrie @ Season It Already recently posted..Is This Real Life?

    1. Lisa Eirene

      Love your ideas! I will try several of those. Your scramble sounds fantastic. Where do you get Tuscan seasoning?

      I like your idea of putting the nuts in little bags already measured out. Nuts are high in calories and easy to over eat. So pre-measuring is fantastic.

  2. Jess

    I’m trying to get more protein in, too! Dinners are fine (similar to yours) and lunch is leftovers. Breakfast is my high carb meal (Greek yogurt, cereal, coffee) and I always snack on fruit or rice cakes. I do need to make an effort to have more protein for my snacks! I’ve been trying to add an egg to things to up my protein but I’m not doing very well… I should try doing it again. At the local famers market I can get 15 free range eggs for $6, so I finally feel good about eating eggs again!

    1. Lisa Eirene

      I go through phases where I have hard boiled eggs as a snack and it works well. I need to pick that up again.

  3. Joy @ WhatIWeighToday

    I have been loving Siggi’s Skyr. It’s like greek yogurt. It has 100 calories per serving and 14 grams of protein. Plus, only 9 grams sugar. And, best of all, it is delicious. I love it. Vanilla is my favorite. It’s made with real vanilla and filled with little vanilla bean flecks. If I want to make it a more substantial snack I add like a tablespoon or two of unsweetened coconut flakes.
    Joy @ WhatIWeighToday recently posted..(157.4) What is Wrong with Me?

    1. Lisa Eirene

      Love the idea of unsweetened coconut. I will try that next time!

  4. Lori

    I buy unsweetened, unflavored whey protein. Then I can add it to whatever I want or make my own shakes. That way I control what goes in them.

    I also whisk liquid egg whites into oatmeal or oatbran. That really lasts me for a long time in the morning, especially if I add nut butter for a fat on top.
    Lori recently posted..Biking and tightening up

    1. Lisa Eirene

      Does the texture change when you mix in egg whites to oatmeal?

  5. Matt D.

    Those greens are probably the best source of proteins. Put it in a food processor, add something for taste and you’re done.

  6. CARLA

    Im such a fish lover but that wouldnt work for you.
    CARLA recently posted..It’s TETHERBALL time!

    1. Lisa Eirene

      I eat tons of fish. I’m not vegetarian.

  7. Beth

    I for sure have string cheese during the day. It’s hard for me to have hard boiled eggs during the day because they are smelly – and I hate bringing smelly food to work! I have these little bags of dry roasted edamame – I think the brand is Sensible Foods or something like that – they are 100 calories and that really takes the edge off – I also keep frozen edamame at the office.

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