Diet Update #2

The good news: A lot of my clothes are pretty loose and baggy! That’s a good problem the have! The bad news: I am not ready to invest in new clothes until I’m a little closer to where I want to be. So in the meantime, I’m all frump I guess.

I did break down over the weekend and buy two new pairs of jeans because the ones I have were literally falling off and a belt wasn’t helpful. I am now in a size 10 jeans. My postpartum jeans were 12’s, so it felt good to go down a size, even if i haven’t seen a big change on the scale lately.

More good news: I wrote about crashing pretty hard on my run days. Well, last time I ran during my lunch break I felt much better. I had some carbs about an hour before I ran in addition to my low carb protein drink, so about 175 calories worth. I had more energy, I didn’t feel lethargic, wasn’t starving and shaky after my run, and just generally felt much better. So obviously this is something I need to do on days I run.

Some Winning Foods:

My favorite low carb breakfast:

A “mcmuffin” without the muffin. It’s good! It’s a low calorie and low carb option for breakfast.

I tried a new lunch for work and loved it! I don’t have pictures because it honestly doesn’t look that photogenic, but it was delicious. I cooked two boneless chicken breasts in the crockpot with green chile enchilada sauce for about 4 hours then shredded the chicken and let it soak up the sauce.

I sauteed riced cauliflower with butter and seasonings. I was worried it wouldn’t reheat well, or be soggy, but it wasn’t! It was perfect. The next day at work I topped the cauliflower “rice” with the shredded chicken and a little cheese. It was delicious, low in carbs and very filling.

Another delicious dinner: I picked up a rib eye steak at Trader Joe’s the other day and Michael made a chimichurri sauce to go on top. I made a chopped salad from Trader Joe’s (it was a salad mix with kale, shredded Brussels sprouts, lettuce and cabbage) and added cauliflower and carrots.

The sauce was super good. I also had a slice of smoked Gouda with dinner (because I’m obsessed). The sauce was fantastic on the steak!

Challenges Lately:

Halloween Candy.

UGH. I was doing pretty good lately with limiting the sweets and then Halloween came and I kind of binged. I had two pieces of Halloween candy at Michael’s work Halloween Party and then a maybe three or four more later that night. I’m bummed. I haven’t had that much candy in a long time–probably last Halloween!

But to end on a happier note, here are a few kiddo pictures!

I got off work a little early and Michael dropped Logan off at my work so everyone could see him in his costume. Then we all went to Michael’s office for a Halloween party. There were a bunch of kids in costume. It was super sweet.

There was pizza and a veggie tray and fruit tray, plus tons of candy and juice boxes. (I did not eat pizza!)

Logan had a fantastic time! There were tons of kids, a craft table, a photo booth, and games. After the party we came home for dinner and bath and then went trick or treating.

Logan LOVED it! He was having so much fun walking up and down the street in the dark. LOL We went to half a dozen houses, the people we know on our street and would enjoy seeing Logan in his costume, and then headed home.

He had two small pieces of candy–the first time having candy in his life! HE LOVED IT. Haha. But, unlike his mama, he was able to self-regulate and shook his head when I offered him more. He had enough and said no. I need to take a hint from my kid. 😉

He went to bed and completely zonked out. He’d had so much fun and slept like a rock all night long. It was a pretty fantastic holiday. Can’t wait for next year!

Back to the diet — I will be weighing in next week, and crossing my fingers that the candy didn’t do too much damage…

Happy Halloween!

I have to admit, since it became October I’ve kinda been dressing Logan up like it was Halloween all month long. 🙂 Not every day, of course. But he had a few cute outfits that were Halloween themed, as well as these adorable pumpkin pants:



What can I say? We were getting in the spirit!

As for his costume, I picked it up at this giant kids resale event last month that was going on near the house. It had everything you could ever want or need for a baby or kiddo and I got a few holiday outfits and some toys and books that I’ll wrap up for Christmas. I got his costume there for $4. Perfect! Especially considering that in one month it almost didn’t fit anymore.

My little pumpkin:


Except that ever since Logan decided to crawl FOR REALS about two weeks ago, he hasn’t stopped moving and that also meant photo shoots were a bit more challenging. He would not sit still for even a second while I tried to snap his picture. 🙂



Little Man was more curious about everything going on around him, instead.



How was my Halloween weekend? Well kind of a bummer!

I had plans to go to this great Halloween party with some friends at the Davis Graveyard but unfortunately a few days before I got the bad news from the doctor that I had a head cold AND viral bronchitis and she prescribed me bed rest for three days. I kind of balked at that and asked if it was necessary and she said yes, if I wanted to get better instead of worse, I needed to be in my PJs resting for the next three days. Which, with a tiny baby, is laughable. But I followed doctor’s orders and spent Friday, Saturday, Sunday basically in bed or on the couch watching Netflix, taking care of Logan and sleeping.

Michael took care of me and picked up Pho for dinner Friday night and I think I used half a bottle of sriracha in it. And then he kindly baked me some Lactation Cookies Saturday. Being sick I had a major dip in my supply. Since he hates baking, it really meant a lot that he spent the time to make them!

On Monday I was feeling better, but not 100%, and went to work. Unfortunately Logan was getting a head cold that is apparently going to be passed around our house until the end of time. 🙁

But he was in pretty good spirits after dinner so we took him trick or treating to a few neighbor’s houses. We went to three neighbor’s houses that we knew and they were all delighted to see the little punkin! Even if we weren’t really trick or treating.



Next year he’s gonna love it!

Happy Halloween!!