fresh veggies

April Weigh In

The Prednisone scared me. I’d heard so many horror stories about it. Friends that had taken it for even a short period of time like 2 weeks told me of 20 pound weight gains. I didn’t feel like the Prednisone made me eat any differently than I normally would except for the fact that I was on vacation. It’s hard to divorce the two factors when I stood in front of the scale this morning.

I had to take responsibility for the part I played in whatever the scale said. Yes, I indulged on vacation. I own that.


What? That can’t be right? I lost a pound? I stepped back on the scale again.


A 2 pound difference in 5 seconds? What’s going on with my scale? I wiped it down (in case the microscopic dust was adding ounces LOL). I stepped back on the scale and the next two numbers were in the 144 range so I’m going with that. That was the consistent number.

March Weigh In                     April Weigh In

Hips: 35.5                                 Hips: 35

Waist: 32.5                               Waist: 32.5

Thighs: 18.75                          Thighs: 18.75

Biceps: 12                                Biceps: 12

Weight: 143.6                          Weight: 144.8

I realized that maybe the reason my size 4 jeans were suddenly really tight was all the salt I ate for two weeks. I was sucking down salty food in Arizona like there was no tomorrow. It’s not something I usually crave but I think it was the heat and sweating so much that I wanted salty food. It took about half a week to get over that once I got back to Oregon too. It makes sense that all that salt would cause bloating.

About a 1 pound gain in March. I’m ecstatic about that! It could have been A LOT worse. The fact that I could go on vacation AND take steroids for a week and not really gain weight means I’m doing something right! Yippee!

I own that 1 pound gain. I’m okay with it.

Last night Michael and I made a very healthy dinner. I made a salad for us to eat while we cooked.

I washed and prepped the fresh asparagus and Michael cooked them in the skillet with Grape Seed Oil. If you’ve never tried cooking veggies in Grape Seed oil, give it a try. It’s much more flavorful than olive oil and the food just tastes so much better.

I shredded fresh Parmesan cheese on the asparagus and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Michael cooked the pork chops (boneless) in the skillet with steak seasoning and he nailed it this time. They were perfectly prepared.

It was slightly more than 1 serving but I’m okay with that because it was a good protein and it filled me up.

It was a great, simple dinner. I’m glad the pork turned out well and it made me like pork chops again.

Now that I’ve faced the scale and it wasn’t as bad as I thought I’m making the vow to myself to do better in April. I’ve been lax with my calorie counting and serving sizes. It’s time to be more diligent about that.

QUESTION: Do you often gain weight on vacation?


Foam Roller is Killing Me

I woke up surprisingly sore from yesterday’s run! It’s been ages since I was sore from a run, honestly I’m baffled. Perhaps it’s because I hadn’t run for a week? I was so busy biking, swimming and doing other things.

Last night I did the Foam Roller on my quads, shins, and IT Band. Oooof does that hurt! 🙁 But it helps. I did the Foam Roller again this morning when I woke up.

Michael and I went to a friend’s house for dinner last night. It was wonderful! They picked up pizza and she made a fantastic salad all from their garden. I ate three tiny pieces of pizza from the miniature pizza they got (they also got a regular sized pepperoni pizza) and 2 Mirror Pond Pale Ales.

Their garden is really impressive. They have rows and rows of veggies in raised beds. I got one picture but it was rather dark.

They sent us home with tons of fresh lettuce and spinach! I can’t wait to eat it.


The bag is so big, our fridge is full. 🙂

They also have their own chickens! They get fresh eggs daily. She sent us home with a bunch!

Fresh Eggs

I grew up getting fresh eggs from aunts that had farms and love fresh eggs! Michael and I have been warming up to the idea of someday having our own chickens. According to various friends that have a chicken coop, they say it’s really easy and low maintenance.

Our friend is pregnant so after dinner she decided she wanted ice cream. It was rather humorous! She got fixated on going to Dairy Queen. I got out my iphone but it didn’t have any Dairy Queens nearby. We went to Burgerville instead. Everyone else got a shake of some sort (I’ve previously discussed their awesome shakes). I ordered their vanilla ice cream cone. Supposedly it’s 250 calories. I am skeptical!

Ice Cream

It was absolutely heavenly! It was thick and creamy and tasted like butter. 🙂

QUESTION: Are you good at gardening? Do you compost or have a chicken coop?