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We Like Pi

Sunday was another lovely, clear-blue sky day and miraculously rain-free. The fall colors were all around in Portland and the air was crisp. I love sweater weather! Sunday morning I slept in and then went to the pool. My upper back was sore from Saturday’s weight session but I still got in a good session.

Sunday evening Michael and I headed over to East Burn to meet up with some friends for Pub Quiz. East Burn has been a restaurant I’ve really wanted to try for awhile now. It’s a popular place with a reputation for good food and craft beers.

The menu was pretty impressive. So many enticing choices! Lobster Mac n’ Cheese? Wild Boar Stroganoff? Tempura Brie? Sign me up!

We got settled in downstairs and ordered some happy hour food to share while we waited for our friends to come.

Michael and I shared our choices. We were both famished but I think I can say objectively that despite that fact, the food was good. The first were the Elk Sliders. They were small (about three bites) but packed with flavor. The meat was mild in taste, chewier than beef burgers, and the tomato aioli sauce was delectable. I loved the sauce and wished there was a little bit more of it. I ate one slider and half of the grilled cheese sandwich:

The sandwich was great; gooey with melted fontina and salty from the bacon.

Michael was still hungry after our bite-sized snacks so he ordered us the Grover Mac n’ Cheese. It came with tomatoes and bacon. I had a few bites of it. I liked the mac n’ cheese but I prefer it gooey instead of creamy. He ate the rest of it and I ate the pear and spinach salad.

I adored the salad! It was simple spinach with chopped pears and pine nuts but every single bite was better than the one before. Their balsamic vinaigrette dressing was tangy and tart.

We had some time to kill before the Pub Quiz started so our friends played some skeeball.

Finally it was time to play ShanRock’s Triviology! Our team of 5 was named “We Like Pi” (although I argued it should be “pie”) and we didn’t do half bad! This time the trivia was much more challenging than the last time we all got together to play. The movie trivia section was really obscure–and we even had a movie buff and filmmaker on our team! There was also a section on musicals. As many of you know from my rants on twitter, I despise musicals, but two of our friends knew some of the answers to that so we got a few points.

Thanks to Greg, we got one answer right that none of other teams got and we got bonus points for it. It was something like…what book was published in 1865 that has a character in it that shares the debut album title of a 1994 pop punk band? Think you know the answer to that? We were all baffled and then Greg came up with “Cheshire Cat”–the book being Alice in Wonderland and the band Blink 182! Who knew?! Bonus points!

We came in second place! Not too shabby if you ask me. Especially since the questions were more challenging than we were expecting. I happily pulled out a few right answers from nowhere and we worked well as a team.

I used to go to Shannon’s Shanrock Trivia nights a lot and she’s a great host. She’s funny and keeps the game moving along. There’s less chaos than some other pub trivia nights I’ve been to. It’s important for the pub trivia guru to actually have a good voice that people can hear over the bar hum and noise! If you’re a Portlander looking for something FUN and nearly free, I highly suggest Shanrock Trivia. Check out the website for all the locations!

QUESTION: What real Seattle band was featured as the rockers Citizen Dick in Cameron Crowe’s film singles?




Thursday night I had the pleasure of meeting up with Carbzilla! Tiffany took the train from Seattle to see some friends and a play and invited me along.

After work I had a quickie dinner at home of leftovers and then met her at a bar downtown for a pre-show drink.

We met at The Gilt Club in downtown Portland. I’ve been wanting to try the place for a long time but was rather intimidated by their menu. Just to give you an idea of their menu items:

  • Chicken liver toast with olio verde, arugula, and onion agrodolce
  • Duck liver mousse with cherries, pistachios, and pancetta
  • Elk tartar with duck fat french fries, duo of mustards, herb salad
  • Pan seared foie gras!

I don’t know if I’m that brave yet! Maybe someday. Tiffany ordered the Burrata: a ball of cheese with basil seed, basil puree, petite flower salad, grilled bread.

It was a very attractive presentation. We were both expecting the cheese to be warm, but it was ice cold. The flavor was super mild. Neither of us were too enthused about the seeds in the gelatin–that was a little weird.

I had a few pieces of the crunchy bread with the cheese spread.

For my adult beverage I ordered the Laura Palmer. Not just because I like lemon and it sounded yummy but the name was just awesome. Who Killed Laura Palmer!


But tasty!

After drinks we headed to Portland Center Stage for OPUS. I’ve walked by the theatre a million times but I’ve never been inside. Now I want to see tons more plays here! What a beautiful theatre.

Portland Center Stage

“Ex-violist Michael Hollinger trades in his bow for a pen in this a tart and witty chamber piece about the politics and passions that threaten a classical string quartet. In front of an audience they’re pitch perfect but behind the scenes the Lazara string quartet is coming unstrung- all on the eve of their first televised performance for the President of the United States. There’s sex, there’s drugs, there’s…chamber music, but the real rewards lie in Hollinger’s insights into the balancing act of drudgery, machination and volatile genius that make a seemingly effortless performance possible.”

It sounded intriguing when Tiffany invited me and I said yes.

It was such a good play! I had an amazing time.  The place was packed. I never noticed that I sat for 100 minutes without an intermission. It was an engrossing story, the acting was convincing and I felt every range of emotion they inspired. I laughed, I cried a bit, I felt sad for the imploding relationships.

There was a moment at the crescendo where the entire audience gasped in unison. It was a really powerful play and I had such a good time! It reminded me how much I like doing things like this. I need to do more in the arts like I used to.

Funny, I see now how much my life because about TRAINING and RACING. Running, training for Hood to Coast, training on the bike, thinking about a triathlon…all fun things but totally time consuming. Fitness can take over your life and it’s easy to let other hobbies go by the wayside. I need to remedy that.

I had a great Girl’s Night. Michael went out with a friend for pizza, Keno and the Blazer game. I think my night was better! 😉

QUESTION: Do you go to plays very often?