The Hulk

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Wednesday after work I went to JCPenny’s to do some shirt shopping. I had a coupon and I need some new workout shirts. I really loved the new one I got about two months ago so I wanted to get a few other pairs. Hmmm. Who knew clothes buying was going to be so difficult? I’m kinda starting to feel like The Hulk.

I tried on some workout shirts–about two months ago I was wearing a medium–and the medium was too tight! Not too tight in general, no, it was specifically too tight in the shoulders. I was having difficulty getting the shirts on. Once the Medium was on, it was loose -fitting everywhere except my shoulders and chest. In fact, the shirts were baggy but tight in the shoulders. What the hell?

As a swimmer I’ve had to deal with clothes not fitting right for some time. Once I reached my goal weight (150) and surpassed it, my body shape hasn’t really changed much. I’ve been the same for awhile and my shoulders–while broad swimmer’s shoulders–were never really a problem. I was able to wear cute blouses and shirts in a Small or Medium size–sometimes even an Extra Small depending on where I was shopping. This is the first time in a long time where clothes just weren’t fitting right.

I left the store with two workout shirts and a new blouse. After trying them on again at home I have to return one workout shirt because it was just too big! It’s like wearing a mini dress. I got home from the mall and we ran to Beaverton for an errand and then to Hopworks for dinner.

Michael thought it would be fitting in honor of the Tour de France to go there because it’s decorated with bikes. (Want to see what the professional cyclists are eating to keep from bonking? Click here!)

We sat in the bar, which was packed, and all the TVs were set to Tour de France! We got to watch the last part of the stage while we waited for dinner. It was a close one with Cavendish squeaking out a win with his old teammate right behind him!

I tried a sample of their Pale Ale but it had a funny aftertaste I didn’t like.

I decided to go with the IPA instead. It was a very strong beer, with a grapefruit flavor to it. I love grapefruit, so I was okay with that.

We ordered a Medium sized pizza: half pepperoni and black olives and half margherita.

First, I’m glad we ordered the medium. The slices were the right size. Second, the pizza wasn’t greasy at all, so that was nice.

I loved the margherita! The basil was fresh, the tomatoes were flavorful and there were cloves of roasted garlic. The crust had large sea salt on it. That was my favorite pizza. But you know what? Michael and I both agreed that after months of us making our own pizzas, we kind of prefer our own! Never thought I’d say that but it’s true!

I will say that the Hopworks margherita gave me ideas for own pizzas at home. I will be trying to recreate their version of it now. It was a good night with beer, cycling and pizza.

QUESTION: Have you noticed any changes in your body lately that you weren’t expecting?

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  1. Hi Lisa, finding clothes that fit properly when one’s body is changing is pretty frustrating, isn’t it? I’ve shrunk enough not to fit in my old clothes, but don’t want to spend a ton on new ones because I expect to shrink more, so I too am in “transition wear”. However, I see it as a small price to pay to get healthy. Have a wonderful day!

    1. When I was losing the 110 pounds I had to buy clothes every month and often times I never had a chance to wear my new clothes before I was down another size. This new change in my body is just weird!

  2. I have a kinda wonky body ratio so clothes shopping is sometimes an adventure-small chest, smallish waist, and a Sir-Mix-Alot approved booty = totally different sizes depending on where something is the most fitted. I’ve had to give up on J Crew, which makes my preppy little heart sad, but pants that fit my hips and thighs are way too big in the waist… which leads to the world getting to see what color my undies are anytime i bend over. Not so good when you’re a teacher.

    On a good shopping note I had to buy new shorts the other week cause mine were way too big, so that’s fun.

  3. I have the opposite problem. Shirts or dresses fit fine around my torso, but too loose up at the breast and shoulders. I think this is just because I’m kinda short and need to lose some pounds, get my tummy under control more than it is about my body shape.

  4. I had issues with my thighs when I first started running. And my butt. I felt like my thighs got huge and my butt disappeared!! I’m doing regular strength training now so hoping to fix that little issue!!

    I’ve ALWAYS had trouble finding things that fit me in the waist and hips. I have bigger hips and a smaller waist so it’s hard and I usually have to wear belts. It’s literally impossible for me to find a nice “gown” (read: wedding dress!) that fits me in the hips AND the chest area. Small chest + big hips = no bueno for that!

    1. You know Amber, I’ve been having issues with my thighs and butt too since I’ve been doing so many squats and cycling has been my focus. My jeans are tighter in the thighs but loose around the waist. When I was running a lot I had a pancake butt!

  5. When I was exercising on the elliptical I noticed that my legs got larger. I already have large bones and big muscular legs, so that wasn’t so great. Since I’ve switched to the stair stepper, I’ve found that my hips and legs are getting more muscular and seem to be getting smaller.
    BTW, I have problems with JC Penney’s shirts fitting in the shoulders also. I find that I sometimes have to buy larger sizes. Either they change the measurement of the sizes frequently or the manufacturers aren’t consistent (probably manufacturing inconsistency).

    1. It’s interesting to see what certain exercises do to change the body.

      Good to know about JCP’s. I’ll try Kohl’s and see what I find. When I buy jeans at Kohl’s I’m usually a size 4 but at other stores I’m a size 6. Weird!

  6. it’s amazing that even athletic clothing shopping is annoying! I went out today to find some more run shorts, and I didn’t like how any fit! ones that fit around my waist were toooo long and baggy. This darn sized world we live in.

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