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How I Get Back On Track

I’m fully aware of the indulging I did in California. It was a week of healthy and unhealthy eating. I skipped meals, I ate at weird times, I ate things I normally don’t eat on a daily basis…


The only good thing was that I still worked out (even if they were shorter, “better than nothing” workouts) and I did a TON of walking. My hope is that that balanced the indulging out at least a little bit.

So what happens when I get back from vacation? I go right back into “normal mode.” I get back into the routine of the gym (or biking to work when I can) and I get back to eating healthier meals. Instead of decadent breakfasts, back to my two eggs and coffee. Instead of eating fried foods for lunch, I’m back to eating foods in the 300-500 calorie range for lunch.

Back at the Gym

Even though I worked out a bit on vacation (and even got in a run along the beach!), I never felt like I got a “good” workout. It just wasn’t the same. It felt good to have access to the weights I needed and it felt even better to get back into my pool! After one weight session:


And another day (even though I didn’t want to get out of bed and go to the gym):


Working out makes me feel better. It makes me choose healthier foods. All of it goes hand in hand.

Healthier Dinners

The first night back from California I made a salad with lettuce, sunflower seeds and tomatoes from the garden. Michael blackened salmon and I put it on top of the salad. Instead of having a glass of wine I had water.


Man, I had missed vegetables! That’s one thing that always always happens on vacation–I miss eating fresh produce on a regular basis. I eat fruit and veggies for snacks so when I don’t get that on vacation I just feel like crap.

I tried out a new recipe for pork chops over the weekend. It’s been awhile since we’ve gotten pork chops at Costco and it’s nice that we have them in the freezer again. The pork chops are so low in calories and healthy it’s hard to pass them up. Just a tip: if you get the boneless pork chops at Costco, cut them in half lengthwise because they are so huge!


The dinner was good. It was a lot like another recipe I’ve done with chicken (and chicken could easily be substituted in this recipe) but I think I liked the chicken and soy sauce recipe better. It had more “kick.” This recipe tasted good, though, don’t get me wrong. And it would be an easy one for a weeknight dinner.


I fixed some rice and steamed broccoli to go with the pork chop. I did 4 pork chops instead of the 6 that the full recipe called for so I could have some leftovers for lunches. For the leftovers I shredded the pork chops.

Another night I made Chicken Tortilla Soup. I was going into work late because I had an appointment so I had some extra time to throw things into the crockpot before leaving the house. I’m glad I did! It ended up being a crazy busy day for both of us and neither was interested in doing much when we got home.


I’ve done a few different chicken tortilla soup recipes and I think this one was my favorite so far. I added some diced home-pickled jalapenos for some extra spice. It was good!


I added some shredded white cheddar cheese (that was all I had) and a spoonful of sour cream. I had some tortilla chips on the side. It was super filling and I had SO MANY leftovers it was ridiculous. Why don’t I ever learn that every crockpot recipe should be halved and there will still be tons of leftovers? Whatever. I put half of it in a tupperware to freeze for later.

Michael also made some gluten free pancakes that were actually really good! He used the Bob’s Red Mill mix and the calories weren’t crazy. The pancakes tasted good too. I added these to the breakfast rotation.

Skipping Dessert

Michael and I only got dessert one night we were in California–the Sweet Rose Creamery (it was so good) but that doesn’t mean I need to get back into the habit of eating dessert every night now that I’m back. I decided to take a break from eating dessert whenever I can once I was home.

This is a hard one for me. I WANT to have something sweet after dinner. It’s a habit, it’s something I like and crave. When I refrain from dessert I often feel like I’m on a diet or I’m very restrictive. It feels like the opposite of “everything in moderation.” But the one thing I can say is that it’s short term. Everything in moderation will be back soon.

QUESTION: How to get back on track after vacation?

April Weigh In

The Prednisone scared me. I’d heard so many horror stories about it. Friends that had taken it for even a short period of time like 2 weeks told me of 20 pound weight gains. I didn’t feel like the Prednisone made me eat any differently than I normally would except for the fact that I was on vacation. It’s hard to divorce the two factors when I stood in front of the scale this morning.

I had to take responsibility for the part I played in whatever the scale said. Yes, I indulged on vacation. I own that.


What? That can’t be right? I lost a pound? I stepped back on the scale again.


A 2 pound difference in 5 seconds? What’s going on with my scale? I wiped it down (in case the microscopic dust was adding ounces LOL). I stepped back on the scale and the next two numbers were in the 144 range so I’m going with that. That was the consistent number.

March Weigh In                     April Weigh In

Hips: 35.5                                 Hips: 35

Waist: 32.5                               Waist: 32.5

Thighs: 18.75                          Thighs: 18.75

Biceps: 12                                Biceps: 12

Weight: 143.6                          Weight: 144.8

I realized that maybe the reason my size 4 jeans were suddenly really tight was all the salt I ate for two weeks. I was sucking down salty food in Arizona like there was no tomorrow. It’s not something I usually crave but I think it was the heat and sweating so much that I wanted salty food. It took about half a week to get over that once I got back to Oregon too. It makes sense that all that salt would cause bloating.

About a 1 pound gain in March. I’m ecstatic about that! It could have been A LOT worse. The fact that I could go on vacation AND take steroids for a week and not really gain weight means I’m doing something right! Yippee!

I own that 1 pound gain. I’m okay with it.

Last night Michael and I made a very healthy dinner. I made a salad for us to eat while we cooked.

I washed and prepped the fresh asparagus and Michael cooked them in the skillet with Grape Seed Oil. If you’ve never tried cooking veggies in Grape Seed oil, give it a try. It’s much more flavorful than olive oil and the food just tastes so much better.

I shredded fresh Parmesan cheese on the asparagus and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Michael cooked the pork chops (boneless) in the skillet with steak seasoning and he nailed it this time. They were perfectly prepared.

It was slightly more than 1 serving but I’m okay with that because it was a good protein and it filled me up.

It was a great, simple dinner. I’m glad the pork turned out well and it made me like pork chops again.

Now that I’ve faced the scale and it wasn’t as bad as I thought I’m making the vow to myself to do better in April. I’ve been lax with my calorie counting and serving sizes. It’s time to be more diligent about that.

QUESTION: Do you often gain weight on vacation?