Down a Dark Alley, Across the Train Tracks…

….to Clarklewis I go.

Thursday night Michael and I went to Clarklewis for happy hour after work. I’m liking these Thursday night Date Nights. It’s nice to sit across the table from each other and talk. Since ourΒ  kitchen is under construction we don’t usually sit across from each other for meals (which sucks).

I’ve heard about Clarklewis for years but haven’t been. My foodie brother went and said it was good. I’m really glad we finally made it there.

The restaurant is in the waterfront industrial area next to the train tracks. It’s a super modern place and I loved the decor and atmosphere. That might have been the best part of the experience!

The place was big and happy hour was pretty full but we got a table and it was an intimate table.

Happy Hour was really cheap, too. I love being able to experience nicer, more expensive restaurants for Happy Hour prices. It’s a great way to have a nice dinner out without breaking the bank.

I can’t wait to go back this summer when they open the garage-door walls and have outdoor seating.

Now the FOOD. Good stuff. Michael and I split everything–saving money AND calories!

I ordered the house white. I think it was a Pinot Gris. It was very dry and not sweet at all but it went really well with the rest of the food we ordered. First up: the salad with sherry vinaigrette.Β  It was a little dry.

Plus a meat and olive plate.

I don’t think a meat and olive plate is a good judge of a restaurant because it really doesn’t take much skill to do that. I did LOVE the pickled onions though. I am totally craving those now.

Next we split the Parmesan balls. I don’t know what they were called now. They were light, airy and small. I liked them. The lemon zest in it was refreshing. It made me crave Meriwether’s risotto balls.

The winner of the night was the Mac n’ Cheese with taleggio cheese and breadcrumbs. Loved it! It was cream and flavorful. I’ve never had that cheese before and it was tasty–similar to white cheddar. We split that and then split the small wood fire grilled hamburger with blue cheese.

I loved how smokey it was. The butter lettuce and pickled onions were fantastic.

It was a good night. Romantic dinner for two. Then this morning Michael woke me up with news of a Tsunami warning in Oregon. Um what? The footage of the earthquake in Japan is devastating. I hope they are all okay there. Thinking of Amanda in Okinawa!

I also hope there isn’t too much damage on the Oregon Coast. It’s a beautiful place and I’d be really sad if the landscape changed in any way. Lots of happy memories at the beach…

QUESTION: How often do you have a Date Night? And have you ever seen a Tsunami?


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  1. My mother-in-law is probably hoping this means more glass floats coming ashore. (Ok, I’ve said enough)

    We had our jaws on the floor last night watching the bridge footage. Chris was yelling and pointing until the dog came running. It was one of the most unbelievable things I’ve ever seen since watching the towers fall. I really hope that the worst is over.

    I’m so grateful we have a giant bluff between us and the ocean.

    Your dinner looks wonderful. We’ve also made a date night effort lately. Tonight we’re going to a dive bar that serves exotic burgers (elk, bison, ostrich, alligator, bear). I believe I’ll be sticking with beef, but Chris might be adventurous. We’re bringing a friend so it’s really a plus one situation, but that’s ok.

    (Loved yesterday’s post too.)

    1. Watching the footage in Japan was shocking. I have no idea how I’m supposed to get any work done today! I hope everyone is okay over there. Natural disasters are scary and riveting at the same time. It’s totally cheesy but the movie “Dante’s Peak” is one of my favorites. I guess part of the reason is because I’ve always lived in the Northwest…living so close to Mount St. Helens makes things like volcanoes VERY REAL.

      As for your date night tonight: seriously try the bison burger. You will love it! I ate them as a kid (my uncle was a hunter) and they are really good.

  2. we LOVE clarklewis!! (I think Jason even likes it better than Ten 01)…

    Jason woke me up at midnight, telling me about the quake and the tsunami warning for Multnomah County (which would come up Columbia River to Willamette) and … I have been awake all night. I have an overactive imagination and had (unrealistic) visions of our river flooding into our yard.

    I have a non-sleep hangover. Jason is working from home today, we’re going to sushi lunch then I think I will take a nap!

    1. I wondered last night if you’d been to Clarklewis! I need to pick your brain on other restaurants Michael and I should try. It was a fun place.

      Oh you poor thing! I’m glad I got a good night sleep. I’m an anxious person too. And a friend just told me that what we should be worried about now are those Nuclear plants that could blow and send radiation in the air. Jesus….talk about stress! But not going to think about it until it’s necessary to…

  3. I’m so in awe over everything that has happened. Such tragedies.

    And for date nights – we haven’t had one just the 2 of us in too long. We love to go out somewhere once a week usually though. Love Groupons for that!

    1. It is just tragic. So many sad images.

      I love Groupon too. It’s a great way to go out without spending as much money. I have a few Groupons I’m looking forward to using.

  4. The television footage is heartbreaking and almost surreal. One article I read about it this morning equivocated it to a footage from the winner of an Special Effects Oscar. Very Hollywood in how it happened, but so very tragic.

    We have date night/afternoon every Saturday. We’re trying to be better about not just “local dinner and a movie” and getting into Atlanta for an actual meal, but we’re good about talking ourselves out of it.

  5. We are on tsunami warning here in NZ too. We lived right next to the beach so we are REALLY hoping nothing comes of the warning. I need to check the civil defence website for an update!

  6. I love that rock!!! Went on a drive from Seattle down the coast and could not get past that rock and the little town that it resides in. One of my favorite places!

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