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Even before Michael and I discussed starting the Four Hour Body Diet, I had already decided I wanted to try and break my candy habit.

The candy habit is solely at work. I don’t really keep desserts, candy or treats in my house beyond a few “safe” things (like the 90 calorie Rice Krispie Treats, or 100 calorie Kudos Bars). I’ve gotten into the habit of over-indulging in sweets at work.

If you are a new reader, here’s the scoop: my office has a CANDY ROOM. An entire room dedicated to things to snack on. It’s the worst. I hate it. I have a strong resolve and can pass up snacks and sweets at home but at work it’s in my face 9 hours a day, tempting me. You see photos of it HERE.

Right now it is stocked with the usuals PLUS Easter Candy in spades. It’s ridiculous. And I’ve gotten into the habit of eating candy every day at work. It’s time to break that. Not only is it a bad habit to have, it’s also unhealthy. Especially considering that sugar is my enemy when it comes to weight loss.

Therefore, I decided that the last week of April would be sugar free. Partly to break the habit of snacking at work, and partly to prepare myself for the Low Carb/No Sugar diet Michael and I are going on.

  • For this week I will refrain from eating things from the Candy Room.
  • If I am craving something sweet, I’ll eat some fruit. (Since the Four Hour Body Diet says no fruit, I have to eat all the stuff I currently have this week.)
  • Chewing gum is okay in my book if I’m craving “candy.”

So how did I do on Day One? I did GREAT. I resisted the temptation to have some Easter candy at work. Even after lunch when I usually have some candy I did not! I had some gum and went for a walk.

Monday afternoon around 3:30 when I often eat some more candy, I did have a serving of cashews with my celery sticks but I stayed strong and didn’t have ANY candy or chocolate. I went home Monday feeling like a total success. It was very empowering.

I hope that I can get through the rest of the week without incident!

QUESTION: Have you ever tried to detox from sugar? How did you do? What tricks do you have?



Author: Lisa Eirene

About Lisa Eirene Lisa lost 110 pounds through calorie counting and exercise. She swims, bikes, runs, hikes and is enjoying life in Portland, Oregon. Her weight loss story has been featured in First Magazine, Yahoo Health, Woman's Day and

13 thoughts on “Sugar Detox”

  1. Are you kidding?? do you seriously have a space reserved for candy where you work?

    I’m torn between boosting you for a job in my company (where sadly such a wonder doesn’t exist), and moving where you live to apply for “Candy Room Chief Officer “.

    I’ve never gone on a sugar detox but I find that when I eat bread for lunch, I have less desire to eat candy/junk. I’ve also recently discovered that blue cheese has an incredible effect on pushing away cravings. I just ask the salad lady to sprinkle a tbsp or two on top of my bowl, and voilà, I can’t touch anything until dinner. Strong coffee and water also help!

    1. I kid you not about the Candy Room. It’s alive and well in my office and I hate it!

      That’s really interesting about the blue cheese. I wonder why that works? I have noticed that if I eat less bread I crave sugar less.

  2. The protein and the fat in blue cheese will keep you satiated, unlike sugar which makes your blood sugar go up and down.

    I really think giving up sugar is going to make a big difference for you. Moodwise, you might be all over the place during the detox but hang in there. I think giving up fruit is ridiculous so if you have to have some, don’t look at it as a failure. Sugar is HUGE.

    So proud of you! I would die if I worked in an office with a candy room.

    1. I am very curious to see if I feel differently not eating candy. I do notice dips and spikes when I eat sugar. So far my mood is okay. I don’t feel much different. Yet.

  3. Wow that would tempt me SOOOO much. I have trouble with just the occasional treats that come into my office – but a whole ROOM? That’s torture.

    I’ve never really done a sugar detox – I’ll be curious to hear how it goes for you!

    1. I AM tempted! All the time! And I was getting into the habit of eating stuff every day. That’s why I need to break that habit. Eventually I’ll got back to allowing myself to eat desserts at home but I am really trying hard to break the work snacking habit.

  4. I’ve heard about those places, but the one I heard about only dispensed the free candy on Fridays! When the candy was gone there was no more until the next Friday.
    I’m actually pretty good around candy. I refuse to eat cheap chocolates and can’t eat hard or chewy candies. It’s just very specific things that give me fits. If there were Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Almond M&M’s, Smarties, or Jellied candy (like orange slices); I would be hard pressed not to eat them all to get rid of them and the temptation. The kids have candy from Halloween (and all holidays since) still here and I haven’t eaten a bite. I filled their eggs for school with a non-candy item and wish that other parents would do the same!

  5. Lisa,
    the first 1 to 3 days I had an extra fruit and no alcohol at all. I read every single label to seek out and avoid hidden sugar. I had to et all processed sugar out of my food for a frue detox.


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