Candy Room at Work

Baby Steps

I’m feeling pretty good about myself right now. I am now on Day 3 of no candy at work! Remember I wrote about The Candy Room in my office? The insane amount of candy, chocolate, sweets, munchies have been the bane of my existence for my work life. I can control WHAT I have in my house and what I eat at home. I cannot control the food that is in the office. And honestly, the temptation to graze is really strong, especially since I walk into The Candy Room at least a dozen times a day to use the printer in that room. It’s the most obnoxious thing ever and before I know it, I’ve added about 300 calories to my day.

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Tuesday I left the office and had successfully avoided eating ANY candy. There was even a fresh stock of those Pucker Pals that I adore–kinda like Sour Patch Kids. Mmmmm. I resisted! Instead, I ate the food I brought to work, chewed a bunch of gum and then headed to the gym.

I can’t say I was feeling super motivated to workout. My body was actually rather sore from snowshoeing over the weekend AND the massages Michael and I got on Monday night. But I hit the elliptical and got my sweat on, following up with about 30 minutes of weight lifting.

Gym Stats:
Time: 1:28
Calories Burned: 734

I got home and Michael and I made dinner together. We had pork chops from Costco and this time we cut them in half lengthwise so they were a normal sized portion. The pork chops were perfect and not dried out.

I steamed some cauliflower and carrots, topped them with Goddess Dressing and gave myself a scoop of cottage cheese too.

The “No Candy At Work” edict wasn’t something I decided to do. I just got so busy at work that I honestly forgot to eat any. And then I felt really good about NOT eating any and decided to keep it going. I don’t know how long I’ll do it. I’d love to erase the “habit” of snacking at work. Maybe this will do the trick. This is not to say that I didn’t have some dessert. I had a small bowl of ice cream at home and I still had over 400 calories left over for the day. 😀

Michael seems to be doing alright. He’s keeping busy around the house and seems to be in good spirits. I’m glad. Hopefully he finds a job soon, or at the very least gets some leads. The cats are loving having him home! Fat Kitty and Maya are being super social–especially Maya! She’s such a scaredy cat and hides all the time but she’s been spending time with Michael when he’s home! It’s fantastic. Look at my babies:

I might be impartial, but dang, they are adorable little monkeys!! Fat Kitty has been glued to my side since we got home from Bend. He definitely missed his momma.

QUESTION: What foods are hard for you to resist? Have you ever given them up?

Sugar Detox

Even before Michael and I discussed starting the Four Hour Body Diet, I had already decided I wanted to try and break my candy habit.

The candy habit is solely at work. I don’t really keep desserts, candy or treats in my house beyond a few “safe” things (like the 90 calorie Rice Krispie Treats, or 100 calorie Kudos Bars). I’ve gotten into the habit of over-indulging in sweets at work.

If you are a new reader, here’s the scoop: my office has a CANDY ROOM. An entire room dedicated to things to snack on. It’s the worst. I hate it. I have a strong resolve and can pass up snacks and sweets at home but at work it’s in my face 9 hours a day, tempting me. You see photos of it HERE.

Right now it is stocked with the usuals PLUS Easter Candy in spades. It’s ridiculous. And I’ve gotten into the habit of eating candy every day at work. It’s time to break that. Not only is it a bad habit to have, it’s also unhealthy. Especially considering that sugar is my enemy when it comes to weight loss.

Therefore, I decided that the last week of April would be sugar free. Partly to break the habit of snacking at work, and partly to prepare myself for the Low Carb/No Sugar diet Michael and I are going on.

  • For this week I will refrain from eating things from the Candy Room.
  • If I am craving something sweet, I’ll eat some fruit. (Since the Four Hour Body Diet says no fruit, I have to eat all the stuff I currently have this week.)
  • Chewing gum is okay in my book if I’m craving “candy.”

So how did I do on Day One? I did GREAT. I resisted the temptation to have some Easter candy at work. Even after lunch when I usually have some candy I did not! I had some gum and went for a walk.

Monday afternoon around 3:30 when I often eat some more candy, I did have a serving of cashews with my celery sticks but I stayed strong and didn’t have ANY candy or chocolate. I went home Monday feeling like a total success. It was very empowering.

I hope that I can get through the rest of the week without incident!

QUESTION: Have you ever tried to detox from sugar? How did you do? What tricks do you have?