Rained Out

Our engagement photo shoot was canceled, again. I knew the weather wasn’t going to be great but as Saturday got closer and closer, there were weather advisories out that it was going to be a truly nasty weekend. Apparently the typhoon that had been in Japan had made it’s way to Oregon and the weather reports promised 4 inches of rain and a windstorm on the day we planned on doing the photos. Awesome, huh?



It’s kind of hard to tell but the above pictures were the wind storm and pouring rain at our house. Wish the photos could have done the storm justice, but my wind chime might illustrate it better than the trees. It was truly nasty outside. We could HEAR the wind while we were inside and I’m pretty sure our yard is now one big puddle.

Normally I’d just move the pictures inside. We had a few ideas for some indoor locations but in all honesty, I had my heart set on a few iconic Portland shots and was really disappointed that I wouldn’t be getting those pictures. So rescheduled again. The only upside to this cancellation is that maybe in a few weeks when we try again the leaves will have changed (and maybe Bella can be in the photos too!).

Friday afternoon Michael I went caterering-tasting (stay tuned!) and then got massages. It was so so so needed. We were both big knots of stress and ready to pop.ย Self-care, people, self-care. I hadn’t realized just how stressed out I was until 20 minutes into the massage and I fell dead asleep.

Anyway, instead of getting glammed up, we spent the weekend preparing to bring Bella home (doggy proofing things, cleaning, etc) and catching up on TV show. We finally finished the last few episodes of Dexter (not quite sure I liked it) teetering back and forth between mocking the dialogue and plot points and enjoying some of the suspense. Fat Kitty wasn’t into it either. ๐Ÿ™‚


I basically took it easy most of Saturday and Sunday. I was pretty sore from Saturday’s weight lifting session and that in combination with the nasty storm outside, didn’t make me too motivated to do much.


Dinner Saturday night was good–an old familiar. Michael seared some scallops in brown butter and garlic and we did Brussels Sprouts with bacon and brown rice. It was around 600 calories total (plus the two glasses of Sauvignon Blanc wine I had–another 200 calories).


Then on Sunday we met some friends for dinner. We met them at the Sunshine Tavern in SE Portland. Apparently the chef opened another popular restaurant here, Lincoln, and was also on Top Chef Masters recently.


Michael got the burger–which according to reviews was one of their specialties. Unfortunately, he said it wasn’t the greatest burger he’s ever had. It was overdone and just nothing special. Disappointing. I ordered the pork terrine banh mi sandwich.

The fries were superb. I don’t know if they were cooked in duck fat or something else but they were perfectly crispy, perfectly salty and excellently flavored. It was incredible. The sandwich? It was pretty good. It was a tad on the dry side but the pork belly was excellent and I liked the flavors of the veggies in it.

The space was cool — open and modern — and they had a shuffleboard in the middle of it that you could use. The restaurant had a cool vibe. I’d be willing to go back and try some other things on the menu, but overall I wasn’t wow’ed.

How was your weekend? Hope you all were drier than us!

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  1. That was a crazy weekend. It wasn’t quite as bad in Hood River, you should have joined us for the Hops Fest. I like your review of the Sunshine Tavern, because I have been trying to decide if I want to go. Her stuff at Lincoln looks pretty amazing, and that space is pretty cool. Sounds like I will skip Sunshine Tavern and go straight for Lincoln. Or your house for scallops and brussels sprouts, that looked pretty impressive too. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Amy recently posted..Gรผero

  2. Seattle was crazy! Areas like Kent were flooded. Some lost power. We were pretty lucky, had big puddles but no power outage. =D

    Sorry about the cancellation of your pix. I’m glad that you were able to reschedule.

    Hope all is well.

  3. I feel your pain! Our photos were rained our, wait for it, 4 weekends in a row! The one weekend it wasn’t raining the photographer had a wedding. The wait for better weather will be worth it, promise!

  4. I know how you feel. We had a beach wedding and it bucketed down. Needless to say there wasn’t much opportunity for outdoor photos. In the end it was kind of romantic though.

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